I don’t understand why you suddenly got fired up when you said ‘meat help’

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB), Mansur Yavaş, presented the three-year activity report during the meeting of the city council. Regarding the meat aid provided by the municipality, Yavaş said, “We also published it because we provided aid to YKS, you don’t speak for him. We keep saying we’re doing internet help, you don’t tell it. We give stationery and milk, you say nothing. I don’t understand why you suddenly got fired up when you talked about helping meat,” he said.


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The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB), Mansur Yavaş, presented the three-year activity report of the municipality today at the meeting of the municipal council.

Yavaş said, “Now let me tell you this meat help, friends are very angry with me, why are you posting Sinan Bey or something like that. We also posted it because we helped YKS, you don’t talk to him, we keep saying we provide internet help, you don’t tell him, you don’t say anything, we give stationery and dairy help, why don’t you say anything?” I do not understand. There is no name, it is not clear to whom it was given,” he said.

Yavaş gave the following information in his presentation with tables:

“Planned in 2021 and implemented in 2022;

– First payments of 24 million 79 thousand 200 lira, 100 lira per person, to Başkent cards of 240 thousand 792 families

Second payments of 24 million 666 thousand 900 lira, including 100 lira meat aid per person, were paid to the Başkent cards of 246 thousand 669 families.

A third payment of 25 million 160,000 900 lira, 100 lira per person for meat, was paid to Başkent cards of -251,000 609 families.

Slow, regarding the meat aid, said:

“Now let me tell you about this meat aid, my friends are very angry with me because of Mr. Sinan or something, why are you posting it. We also released it because we provided YKS help. There is no name, it is not known to whom it was given. After making this decision and distributing it, I will tell you the first email that came to me: ‘Mayor, I wanted my 3 year old daughter’s meatballs for 3 months and I couldn’t give them away, God bless her. Let me tell you the e-mail about natural gas; “Mr. President, we were able to buy natural gas with 20, 30 liras of the money we have in our pocket. I was able to get 200 lira once in my life, but now that you have invested 500 lira, my children will warm up,” he says. For the first time in Turkey, we provided this help.

Information on natural gas aid is as follows:

“To start in November 2021;

First installments of 91 million 448 thousand liras, -182 thousand 896 liras for our family, 500 liras per person,

-Second payments of 97 million 967 thousand 700 liras in total, -195 thousand 934 liras, 500 liras per person, to our family,

101 million 813 thousand third payments in total, of which 203 thousand 626 lire per person, 500 lire per person

104 million 606 thousand fourth natural gas aid in total, 500 lira per person, for our family with 209 thousand 212 lira.

Yavaş spoke as follows regarding the natural gas aid provided:

“We did natural gas aid for three months, let me tell you why we did it for three months. Baskent Gaz did not give us the list of registered families on social assistance and their average. When he didn’t, we said we should invest 2,100 liras of coal silver as much as possible. However, we got an error like this; You give a ton of coal, it burns a ton of coal for 1 month, but if you give 1500 lira of natural gas, it burns it for 3 months. We did not perform the fourth assist, as their average was reported to us as 1350-1500-1800. They can’t use the money that their bills have gone up in any other way. It remained in their hands, they had to pay on the next month’s bills. That’s why we have problems with Başkent Gaz.

Yavaş shared the following water aid data:

“The evolution of the price per cubic meter of water;

2005-2018 (average) 1 lira 60 hundred dollars = 23.5 liras

60 hundred dollars in March 2022

Average difference of 300 million lire per year”

Mansur Yavaş said:

“We see that the simit is thrown: the municipality has increased the water supply. The number is in the middle, my friends, there is a breakdown. We can give the transcript to the friend who wants it. In 2005-2018, people sold their vital water needs for 23.5 liras in today’s currency. What happened to these parts? The garbage went to the projects. How many liras did you charge between 2015 and 2017, you keep saying, raise and raise…he found an average of $1.29 for a while. It’s more than 20 lire, right? The average has been $1 since 2002. So you sold a bus ticket for $1. Unfortunately, your number in all the things citizens are forced to do is very high.

“We see the needs of citizens. Where do they spend it? What are their previous needs? At least we have data to detect them,” Yavaş said; He shared Başkent Kart spending data, which is provided by ABB to financially challenged citizens, as follows:

“To date, in total, at Capital Cards;

-264 million 366 thousand lire general need

-23 million 834 thousand 850 education liras

-65 million 398 thousand 700 liras of coal

-295 million 682 thousand 500 lire of natural gas

-73 million 937 thousand 900 lira meat support

A total of 723 million 219 thousand 950 liras of support was granted, and the number of citizens who received each support exceeded 250 thousand. (PHOENIX)

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