Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu received a statement from his lawyer about President Erdoğan’s decision to “speak carefully”

President Erdoğan’s lawyer, Hüseyin Aydın, issued a statement after Kılıçdaroğlu’s decision to “be more careful in the next proceeding” in President Erdoğan’s lawsuit with a TL 1 million compensation claim.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s lawyer, Hüseyin Aydın, regarding the court’s “preservative injunction” decision against Kılıçdaroğlu in Erdoğan’s one million lira moral compensation lawsuit against CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu for ” violation of his personal rights,” said, “We care about this decision and we find it very appropriate from a legal standpoint.” mentioned.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Aydın recalled that Kılıçdaroğlu has been using expressions targeting President Erdoğan’s personal rights for some time. Given these explanations, Aydın said that there is a strong possibility that Kılıçdaroğlu will use similar expressions in the future, and recalled that Article 24 of the Civil Code grants “the right to apply to the court in order to prevent this possibility in the future for people whose personal rights have been violated”. .

“We don’t have to be content or silent about personal rights, systematic attacks.” Aydın continued his remarks as follows:

“We also have autonomy in the exercise of a right recognized by law. We have made such a request, given the nature of the incident and the nature of this systematic attack. We believe that this decision of acceptance made by the court is also correct. In our opinion, in this case, both article 24 of the Civil Code “We are of the opinion that the conditions of the article and the conditions concerning the measure in the Code of civil procedure have been fulfilled. In fact, the court assessed it in this way and issued an injunction order to warn the defendant Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. We care about this decision and find it very correct from a legal point of view.

Stating that this is the first time they are seeking an interim injunction in the context of moral compensation and human rights violations, Aydın said, “There is no privilege given to our president in These cases. Whatever the procedure, it is followed in these cases too.” he said.

“Everyone uses their legal rights”
Drawing attention to the reflections of the courts’ decision against politicians, especially Kılıçdaroğlu, in these cases, Aydın said:

“It is not possible to say that there has been an improvement to the point of being dragged into the law in general. consistently held by the same people, and the trend of attacking human rights continues. It’s both political and political. It’s both unfortunate in terms of law. If the court has ruled that a action is unjustified and is of the nature of an infringement of human rights, anyone who respects the law must comply with it and not continue these expressions and behaviors after the court decision. law requires it, but there’s an optimistic attitude about it. It’s impossible to say that’s the case. It’s almost as if our president’s personal rights are being ignored. Our president’s tendency to not not respect the personal rights of our president, even at a level minimum water, continues more and more in some sections.

Emphasizing that President Erdogan uses the legal rights available to him like any other citizen, Aydın said: “The fact that he uses these legal rights cannot be interpreted as a lack of respect for the freedom of thought and expression or as a removal from politics. Because all the leaders of political parties in Turkey, when it comes to human rights abuses, they also use their legal rights, sue for moral damages and file a criminal complaint. mentioned.

Aydın pointed out that while everyone uses their legal rights when it comes to human rights abuses, there is no legal or moral explanation for President Erdoğan’s use of his legal rights in the same situations.

“President Erdogan’s attitude should be an example for everyone”
Expressing that President Erdoğan did not attack anyone’s personal rights when expressing his thoughts, Aydın said, “He is a person whose personal rights are systematically violated.

Although he is the leader of a political party, the President always expresses his thoughts and opinions while respecting the law and respecting the personal rights of others. We want this attitude of our president to be an example for everyone,” he said.

Stating that there were 41 lawsuits filed by President Erdoğan against Kılıçdaroğlu before July 15, 2016, which were finalized, Aydın said that after July 15, Erdoğan dropped 27 of those lawsuits to ensure a climate of reconciliation in politics, and 8 of them were concluded in favor of President Erdoğan. He recalled that 6 cases had been dismissed.

Aydın said that Kılıçdaroğlu filed 8 finalized lawsuits against President Erdoğan, 3 of which he dropped after July 15, and 5 of them that Erdoğan was right.

Considering the finalized cases, Aydın said that President Erdoğan was right in most of the cases which were concluded by entering into the merits of the case, except for the cases which resulted in a waiver, and drew the Attention to the fact that in the cases that Kılıçdaroğlu brought against Erdoğan, no case was won by seizing the merits.

“President Erdogan was right in most of them”
Recalling that they filed moral damages lawsuits against Kılıçdaroğlu and many politicians, especially after the easing of the political climate returned to the past some time after July 15, 2016, Aydın noted that among the 17 lawsuits brought against Kılıçdaroğlu after 2017, there are no cases that were finalized after the Supreme Court phase.

Stating that some of these cases are in the local court, some are in the appeal stage and some are in the Supreme Court, Aydın said that 4 of these 17 cases have not yet been decided by the local court, 4 of them were partially accepted and moral compensation was awarded against Kılıçdaroğlu, and one of them was rejected. He said that on the 7th, the decisions issued by the local court in favor of President Erdoğan were upheld by the regional appeal court, while the decision to accept moral compensation was overturned by the regional court of ‘call.

Aydın said that in most lawsuits filed after 2017, President Erdoğan was right when looking at the merits of the case.

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