LAST MINUTE… Burak Elmas: “They will experience what we have experienced”

Galatasaray president Burak Elmas made a statement during the club’s regular board meeting in April. Elmas’ word titles are as follows:

“As Atilla İlhan said, ‘breakups are also included in love.’ Today I am here for the last time. Because the deceased are always lovers. About 9 months ago I gave a speech of thanks in this spiritual hall. Today I give my last speech.


I guarantee it. Be that as it may, we will not allow the last ordinary general meeting to inflict a wound on the future that is difficult to repair, and pose a problem in front of Galatasaray. It happened. Now we have to look ahead. Because, indeed, Galatasaray is going through a very, very critical period.

The values ​​and family integrity, which are the most important elements of Galatasaray, have long been under threat. Our Chairman of the Board presented some important slides today. We see that it is necessary to fight realizing the dangerous situation in which Galatasaray finds himself, feeling in the heart, not in the mouth.


Metin Öztürk and Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, together with their precious friends, have put their hands under the stone. I guarantee you they will go through what we went through. It is not an individual situation. Those who have made Galatasaray a weekend entertainment for themselves, who blame Galatasaray for flourishing rather than going forward together, who take revenge on people through Galatasaray, who see the Galatasaray family as a tool rather than as their values ​​keep doing this to them.

Among these people, you will all see ordinary people, regardless of the president or the board of directors. I have a very important request from you. Whoever is elected on April 30, may he serve Galatasaray with the support of the majority, so as not to be defeated by the voices of minorities. Let them fulfill their mandate. Let’s review according to the subject, not the person. It is very important for the future of Galatasaray.


I also want to talk about the research commission. Our Chairman of the Board has created a commission. The purpose of this commission is not a witch hunt, not to detect corruption or theft, but to detect the mistakes that brought Galatasaray here financially and to ensure that they are not made again by people of Galatasaray, and that Galatasaray does not come to such a situation again. Let’s not put people, personal fights first, let’s not act by deflecting problems onto people.

After the ordinary general meeting, we heard the decision of the members in full transparency and did the necessary. We have transparently opened up all of Galatasaray’s communication channels to all our candidates and teams, being aware that these communication channels are not those of management but those of Galatasaray. We do our best for a selection process worthy of Galatasaray by allowing them to make the necessary explanations inside the club and the stadium. The management and president of Galatasaray will continue to represent until April 30. After that, we will hand over the leadership to the new management and the president.

This is a special board meeting. The distinguished candidates will introduce themselves and their teams. They will surely criticize our time. It’s very natural. So that they can make these criticisms comfortably and avoid mutual questions and answers, with your permission, we will leave the Council meeting when my speech is finished.


I would like to thank my colleagues that I work with, my young friend whose name you don’t know but who serves Galatasaray in the background, and all my teammates who fight problems in the branches without expecting appreciation or getting note. I would like to thank all the chairs of the board of directors who have supported our unification efforts during our mandate and have worked in harmony with management in inter-institutional communication.

Now Galatasaray have to fight on the inside which is more important than the outside I think. Will Galatasaray defend his family structure, his values, values ​​mentioned but not lived? Will Galatasaray represent the future of Galatasaray sharing on Galatasaray, and the battle to win the power of Galatasaray for the future? Galatasaray cannot achieve this unity without engaging in this battle of ideas and taking a common decision. In order to support our new administrations, we as Galatasaray must fight this battle of ideas within ourselves.

Thank you all for the respect, patience and support you have shown us. In our final couch talk, I bid you farewell with respect and reverence. Thank you all.”

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