Last minute: declaration of Minister Koca’s 3rd dose of BioNTech! It starts from today

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca issued a written statement after the scientific committee meeting. Minister Koca, “Starting tomorrow (Thursday, November 4), a booster dose will be applied to those who have an mRNA vaccine, depending on their risk groups.” used the sentences.


The Coronavirus Scientific Committee met online under the chairmanship of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. Minister Koca, in a written statement after the meeting, said, “I would like to call our healthcare workers. During the past few days, I have given you information on issues that concern you most closely. I will follow these questions until the result is received. With the instruction that I have given to the provincial health directorates of our 81 provinces in recent days, I have requested that the overtime and working hours that we encounter in practice be maintained in accordance with our legal regulations and under humanitarian conditions. I follow the situation closely with the information I receive from the provincial directors of health and the heads of hospitals in the various provinces. In the broadest sense, our efforts to improve the personal rights of our healthcare workers continue. We are closely monitoring all regulations and see that we will achieve results in order to provide our healthcare staff, who have grown with great effort, the best they deserve and the best we can.

“The day you’ve been waiting for is coming”

Referring to the work to be done on assistants, Health Minister Koca said: “We are carrying out further extensive studies which organize the training of specialist assistants, as well as the work we have started on working conditions. We deal with the subject in all its aspects. We will refer to the ideas, experiences and opinions of all parties. I consider each contribution that will contribute to the common spirit on each issue to be dealt with with a pluralistic approach, which is extremely valuable. I think that specialization students who receive better education and work under better conditions will be one of the important measures of our level of development. I had previously announced the good news that new members would join this large family of healthcare professionals. In this regard, you will soon learn good news. My young brothers, who are eagerly waiting to join us, I would like to tell you that the day you have been waiting for is approaching. We will only place ourselves based on the results of the interview-free KPSS exam,” he said.


Highlighting the need for Turkovac volunteers to obtain emergency use authorization prior to mass production, Koca said, “The pride of our country, our indigenous Turkovac vaccine, still needs volunteers to start production. massive. Our own vaccine is our own strength. In order to realize this power, healthy citizens between the ages of 18 and 59 who have been vaccinated for two doses can voluntarily apply to our nearest municipal hospital for the booster dose, they can volunteer on enabiz. ​​​​​​or the e-nabiz mobile application. Volunteer, let’s have our own vaccine,” he said.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca pointed out that they made some important decisions at the scientific committee meeting held today and said:

To list these decisions, it was decided that it would be appropriate to give a booster dose by prioritizing the risk groups to people who received the mRNA vaccine and were up to 6 months after the 2nd dose. These groups are citizens over the age of 60, those aged 18-60 and those with chronic illnesses, those working in high-risk professions, especially health professionals. It was stressed once again that it is extremely important that our fellow citizens over 60 and pregnant women are fully vaccinated. Vaccines for our elderly citizens and pregnant women should not be missing. The status of random testing for the epidemic in schools was assessed. The continuation of screenings in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education appeared to be an important indicator of the evolution of the epidemic. Current vaccination status was also assessed. The ratio of people vaccinated for 1 dose to the general population is 67%, and the rate of those vaccinated for 2 doses is 59%. In order to provide social immunity, this rate should be increased above 70%. Measures should not be abandoned until the epidemic is over and social immunity is achieved.

Written statement by Minister Koca:

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