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Minister Varank said that the second cooperation today was between Hepsiburada and the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, and said that they have started a new study on geographical indications with this cooperation.

Stating that GI products will be brought to the fore at Hepsiburada, Varank continued his remarks as follows:

“Geographical signs represent the unique values ​​of each country. They ensure that the knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation, through hard work and sweat, is thus preserved. In this context, as a Ministry, we fight to protect these values ​​”more strongly than ever. Cezerye from Mersin, We are trying to protect Herb Cheese from Van, Baklava from Gaziantep, Oltu Stone from Erzurum from all kinds of abuse and imitation. You see, the number of GIs registered was only 50 in total in 2002. Now we have registered 352 GIs only in 2021. Of course, our When we take our original GIs to the international stage, we double our success.

Just as we feel uneasy when we see Berlin’s doner kebab signs, as we feel sad when Greece lays claim to baklava, of course what we need to do is not complain, what we have to do is clear. For example, Gaziantep took the plunge at this point and Gaziantep baklava was registered as a geographically indicated product in the European Union. We currently have 7 geographical indications registered with the European Union. Let’s hope that next month this number will increase to 8. However, it is clear that these figures do not suit our ancient country like Turkey, which is the crossroads of civilizations and where cultures mix. Friends have informed me that this number could reach 100 in the coming period. I sincerely believe that we can go beyond that.”

Noting that the market value of geographically indicated products in EU countries has reached 100 billion euros, Varank said that they consider their share in the food and beverage sector to be around 7%.

Emphasizing that it is possible for Turkey to gain more share of this market with the right measures, Varank said: “In this sense, the established cooperation regarding geographically indicated products will accelerate this area. Here are two valuable steps for both cooperation and e-commerce ecosystem. I wish you all the best for the future. As one of the 6 Turkish unicorns that reached a billion dollar valuation, Hepsiburada has really taken the lead in these cooperations by taking responsibility. She has played a leading role in the competitiveness of the e-commerce sector and our entrepreneurs. Thank you.” used the sentences.

Speaking at the ceremony, Varank said that today, compared to the past, we live in a different world in education, health, agriculture, industry and commerce, in all domains.

Minister Varank said that the times when traditional entrepreneurs led trade are over, and underlined that the trends in the world are not on the supply side, they are demand driven and everything is shaped by according to customer requests.

Noting that customers are constantly asking for better and newer ones, Varank explained that the way to meet those needs is through innovation and cooperation.

Emphasizing that in the very near future, any non-innovative and non-cooperative company will not be able to find its place in this market, Varank continued:

“Clearly, in a market in constant transformation, the work of companies is no longer easy, but even more difficult. Look, they come to visit us at each transformation process. When shopping centers are in fashion, from small traders would come to us and say: “These shopping centers have destroyed us. , we cannot sell. These malls are unfairly competing.” Now when e-commerce comes on the agenda, when the share of e-commerce increases, they come to us from the malls, they say, “We built these places, rents are going up. How can we deal with e-commerce? E-commerce is undermining our business.” Now we see that the metaverse is on the agenda. Many commercial businesses have already started opening their stores in the metaverse universe today. Especially the e-commerce sector must follow this trend very well.

All sectors in Turkey, instead of complaining, how can we deal with these trends, how can we improve? He must look for solutions. You may be able to stay a little above the water by swimming against the current, but you have no chance of progressing. So we won’t row against the tide. We will look at trends, where the world is going. What we can do in this direction, we will try to improve. As a Ministry, we are looking for a way to provide you with the best conditions. As a state, we try to show a dynamic approach to regulation.”

Pointing out that one of the most important agenda items of this period is electric vehicles, Varank recalled that they welcomed TOGG to the Valley of Computing.

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