Small worlds: sets of models taken from films

The car chase scenes, the monsters, and the fantasy worlds themselves existed with the model art before the special effects. With the work of experts from the fields of architecture and visual design, spaces almost indistinguishable from reality have been created. Tokyo, which Godzilla attacked, was built as a model of the building destroyed in an explosion or a city flown over.

The fact that scenes shot on model sets before the special effects go unnoticed by the audience makes this method stand out. Today, scenes where the two methods are combined are shot. Extremely detailed models sometimes reach dimensions that people can easily walk around in.

James Cameron and Dream Quest Pictures, 1/20 scale model of the original Titanic movie shipis building it. This model is used in most of the ship’s offshore scenes. The model of the Titanic, 13.5 meters long, has the distinction of being the most accurate and detailed model of the ship ever made. Additionally, partial models of the ship are made for various scenes. For example, a 1/8 scale model of the stern is used for the sinking scene of the ship.

New Deal Studios handled the visual effects of a huge hospital explosion on a snowy mountain in Christopher Nolan’s film Inception. Because the scene was shot multiple times, multiple mockups are used. The 1/6 scale model, 12 meters long, including the mountain, is used for a 5.5 second explosion scene. Nearly 1 ton of salt is provided for the snowy view of the mountain and the buildings.

In the 1982 film Blade Runner, motion-controlled camera rigs and model flying cars are used frequently. Although life-size models are used in some scenes, most action scenes are shot with meter-long model cars. visual effects manager Douglas Trumbulluses glowing lights on the toy cars and partially hides the model, capturing the look of a dynamic police car. In addition to all these fine details, city models are also made to reflect the dark atmosphere of the film. Released in 2017 Blade Runner 2049Similarly, human-sized buildings and city models are used in .

Models are frequently used in The Lord of the Rings series. Models are used for unforgettable locations in the series such as Sauron’s Isengard, the 30-foot-tall miniature of Barad-dûr, and Helm’s Deep. Weta Workshop does model work throughout the series. Arguably Weta’s greatest achievement in scale models, The city of Minas Tirith, 14 meters high and 30 meters wide, containing some 1000 houses seen as. The city is rendered in fine detail for close-ups.

The movie The Last Judgment tells the true story of a family vacationing in Thailand during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The buildings, trees and pool are constructed in 1/3 scale to capture a realistic tsunami scene. Then the model collapses with a giant wave created with 1000 m³ of water.

Among the Oscar-winning visual effects of Independence Day, the biggest explosions of the alien attack in New York City attract attention. The spooky scene is shot by creating a small town with model skyscrapers. On the other hand The White House and the United States Capitol, made in 1/12 scale miniatures, are blown up.

Just like the Lord of the Rings series, models are often used in the hit Harry Potter series. Each film features a detailed model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The 15-meter scale model is used over and over again in every film. The model of the building, inspired by Alnwick Castle and Durham Cathedral, is so detailed that there are hinges on some doors. After the decorations, organizations are organized where the models are exhibited.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man takes on the crew as Ghostbusters boss. A small world is being built to shoot scenes of the monster, which is the size of a building in the film universe. The monster is dressed as an actor, and the actor’s model is terrorizing the city. Small remote control cars are used to escape from cars.

A model of the car is used in some scenes involving the iconic Back to the Future series car, DMC DeLorean. In the second film, a 90cm long model is used as the car descends from flight to the ground. The split-screen effect is masked by using a streetlight in the rest of the scene. The models are used throughout the train scene in the third film.

American dystopian sci-fi action film Escape from New YorkIn , the entire island of Manhattan is turned into a maximum security prison. The effects team builds a model of New York for the film. By placing reflective strips on the buildings in the model with black light night scenes are shot.

Built on an Indian graveyard in the 1982 horror film Poltergeist Cuesta Verde his residence explodes into another dimension. To shoot this scene, the existing residence a scale model is being built. The 180 cm long model is made in 4 months. In order to make the scene realistic, the model is pulled through the funnel with wires and broken.

Indiana Jones: The Man with the Whip

The action scenes of the 1984 film in the mine are shot with a model. Industrial Light & Magic craftsmen design brown painted aluminum foil cellar walls and Figures of actors inside small wagons 25 cm longwhat does he put Small lanterns and barrels are added to the model to increase the realism. The whole scene is filmed using the stop-motion method.

Christopher NolanWe know that he is against shooting scenes entirely based on digital visual effects. Because of this attitude, he pilots a model Batmobile in Batman Begins, while he uses models in the scene where two planes take place in Dark Knight Rises. But between these scenes The underground chase sequence stands out as the best practical effect of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. New Deal Studios, 1/3 scale Batmobile, truck and tunnel Do. Motion-controlled cameras monitor the action scene from the side and rear along the tracks. The Tumbler crashes into a garbage truck and is skimmed through the tunnel.

A 4 meter wide model of the hotel, which is the main subject of the film The Grand Budapest Hotel, is in progress. Director Wes Anderson and interior designer Adam Stockhousen work on dozens of architectural styles to design and build the hotel. entirely in fabric the model is done. In this way, an extremely realistic structure with fine details is obtained. The mountainous terrain around the hotel and the funicular are also included in the model.

The models are frequently used in the original trilogies and prequels of the Star Wars series. In order to create the places where the world of cinema lives, gigantic models are made in which people can easily walk around. A series of small, intricate sets are constructed to convey to the viewer in detail the depth and atmosphere of the new worlds and cities that make up the galaxy. In Episode I – The Phantom Menace, the entire pod racing arena is built as a small set of scale models, or Naboo is built as a scale model, down to the smallest detail. John Dykstra builds a model of a city for the first film in the series, Episode IV – A New Hope.

Indiana Jones: Saint treasure hunters

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

The Weta Workshop employees responsible for the visual effects of Blade Runner 2049 describe the modeling process:

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