The ATSO Marathon of Sustainable Social Solutions is over

Antalya “Sustainable Social Business Solutions”, which is organized in cooperation with Habitat Association and TOBB Antalya Young Entrepreneurs Board, with the aim of spreading the culture of social entrepreneurship and raising awareness among entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs under the age of 40 years in Antalya and students in Antalya He said his marathon was over.

entrepreneurship Noting that they aim to spread the culture of innovation and innovation in Antalya, President Çetin said that they aim to increase awareness of social entrepreneurship with this program. Evaluating the marathon which lasted two weeks, President Davut Çetin said, “Individuals and teams who applied for the marathon with their ideas received extensive training on social entrepreneurship from valuable trainers over 2 weeks. these online trainings, Turkish national agency trainer Selahattin Ciritci focused on “What is social entrepreneurship?”, Mustafa Özer, founder of Purposeful Works, on “Business and Income in Social Entrepreneurship”, Pinto Law and Consultancy Firm Senior Business Development Manager Lawyer Yonatan Pinto on “Legal Dimension of Entrepreneurship”, Fongogo Project Coordinator Zülfü Cem Ateş on “Social Finance and Crowdfunding” and the directors of Mikado, Tuba Bozkaya and Nuha Boga, have supported our program so that project leaders learn the different dimensions of social entrepreneurship with their training.

“Entrepreneurs shared their experiences”

Stating that they shared the entrepreneurs’ experiences, Çetin said: “At the event, Ögeday Uçurum, a nature-friendly social enterprise that prepares play kits for children to turn everything around them into toys , and Olcay Silahlı, a social entrepreneur struggling with carbon emissions from food waste, shared his experiences with the project promoters and answered their questions.After this process, which was carried out in a hybrid way, the promoters project team received various training such as canvas preparation, market competition research and presentation preparation for three days at ATSO conference hall and at the same time they had the opportunity to develop their ideas of project by receiving mentorship from ATSO experts, the Antalya Young Entrepreneurs Board and experts from the Habitat association. er-INOVATSO and ATSO Academy for one year and receive their certificates of participation.

“Three project ideas have been classified”

Referring to the winning projects, Çetin said, “During the marathon, the entrepreneurs’ project ideas were presented to the jury members, and following the jury’s evaluation, three project ideas were awarded the prize. In order for visually impaired individuals to realize their shopping needs as independent individuals, they were able to progress with the method of in-store mapping, finding products in the aisles, and questioning the prices of products.The Donomo team, who designed an application that works by voice ordering system that provides With their project, the WatchFarm team was deemed worthy of the second prize by the jury and received a prize of 10,000 TL by ATSO. Finally, they planned to make bags from textile waste, thereby both reducing waste and employing women. The Wasbag team, which plans to be more involved, was deemed worthy of third place by the jury and awarded 5,000 TL by ATSO.”

“We aim to spread the culture of entrepreneurship”

Stating that they aim to spread the culture of entrepreneurship, Çetin said, “With this program, which aims to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Antalya while producing solutions to social problems together, it has been worked to increase awareness of social entrepreneurship. in the marathon offer both online and physical training and inspirational meetings and events. They gained important knowledge and experience with mentoring. With this event, which was held in cooperation with ATSO, Habitat Association and Antalya Young Entrepreneur Council, an important step was taken for the formation of a culture of social entrepreneurship in Antalya. ” – ANTALYA

The ATSO Marathon of Sustainable Social Solutions is over

The ATSO Marathon of Sustainable Social Solutions is over

ATSO Marathon of Sustainable Social Solutions completed

The ATSO Marathon of Sustainable Social Solutions is over

The ATSO Marathon of Sustainable Social Solutions is over

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