The concert series of Demir Demirkan, who came to Turkey, starts today

Demir Demirkan returned to his country after a long time and is preparing to meet his fans.

The famous musician, who has lived in the United States since 2016 and continues his musical studies there, today Izmir Ooze Venue, Istanbul Dorock XL Kadıköy on March 3, Ankara 6:45 on March 22, Eskişehir IF Stage on March 29. .

The artist will be accompanied by his musician friends with whom he has worked for years, Levent Candaş on bass, Arbak Dal on drums and Serkan Gürüzümcü on guitar.

We met Demir Demirkan before the concert and talked about the curious.

– What was the reason you left out the popularity of the 2000s and chose the adventure of the distant continent?

At first, there was a desire to take my music abroad. I started working on it since 2016. First I released an EP called WAR III – Awakening, then an album called Elysium In Ashes in 2019. Again in 2019, we did our first promotional tour. At the beginning of 2020, the whole operation came to a halt with the Covid epidemic. Everything will start again. Internally, I wanted to live a life without borders with my family. Why not?

– How did Turkey influence the music you made in America? I mean, Turkish music, maybe instruments…

We didn’t use Anatolian instruments, but we used local musical principles to some extent. In the next project, I plan to dedicate more space to Anatolian instruments.

– You will be on stage after an enforced two-year break. What happened since the last concert in Turkey? How were the quarantine days in America?

I released a new single during the shutdown, it’s called Crazy Dreams. We created the music video for the song with the videos that my listener uploaded on social media. We also took our own images in the garden of our family home. I think it was a great morale booster for both me and my audience at the time. That was the important thing. After Deli Hayaller, I released a song that I had previously released on YouTube on all digital platforms. His name is What is life? Towards the end of the shutdown, the Pentagram concerts began.


– How did ‘What is Life’ and ‘Crazy Dreams’ come about, which you published during the quarantine period?

We thought the closure would take 2-3 months and it would be over. Once that nightmare was over, I started dreaming about how we were going to move forward and what we were going to do. Then it all started to look a bit fancy to me, and that’s how Crazy Dreams was born. I realized that we wanted to escape to a life without all that nonsense and live today dreaming of tomorrow.

What is Life is a song we wrote and released only on YouTube in 2006. One of my listeners on social media asked me why I didn’t release this song properly. Then more requests came in about it, so I decided to release the song on all digital platforms. Since the clip was shot and put together with 2016 technology, it had to go through some processes. The clip’s director, Hakan Utangaç, updated this image and we’ve re-shared it to YouTube like this.

– How did the American music industry survive during this two-year period? Did you play there during this period?

No, I never played because everything was closed. So it was forbidden. The industry somehow survived because the royalty system works so well and sales and streaming systems on digital platforms have become more popular. However, it was the musicians who made their living with instrumentalists and live gigs. Many have turned to other professions. Many of them moved from places where they had lived all their lives to other cities where they could earn a cheaper living. It is very sad that, as in our country, there are also those who have decided to end their lives.

– What will be the repertoire during the concerts?

There were also a few cover songs from their previous gigs, but I’ll try to include only our own repertoire on this tour. However, if there is demand, I plan to include covers I’ve played in the past or songs I’ve written for other artists. A selected repertoire of all albums and singles from the past 20 years awaits our audience, from his debut album released in 2000 to Deli Hayaller.


– Will there be new songs after the tour?

During my stay in Istanbul, I closed a studio for three full days. We will write new material for three days with Arbak Dal and Kerem Tüzün. If something remarkable comes out, I’m thinking of launching the market.

– Are you going to play with Pentagram? Will the group have new projects?

Certainly! Without a pentagram? In March and April, we will give 13 concerts in total for my concerts and the Pentagram concerts.

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