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Ali Babacan continues his sickening comfort…


During his ministry, FETO “Izmir Spy Conspiracy”which is part of Ali Babacanjournalist in 2020 about the case that resulted in the acquittal in 2016 Cuneyt Ozdemirof “Due to the İzmir military espionage and blackmail case, many high-ranking bureaucrats had to leave their posts because you gave permission to investigate. Many of them were also cleared. Do you feel guilty about this?‘ question, ‘These are things of the past.he transmitted.


FETO-affiliated prosecutor in FETO’s Izmir spy plot Zafer Kilinc, now at Deva Party PaternalUnder-Secretary of the Treasury at the time, who was assistant to the Ibrahim Halil Canakci and the Governor of the Central Bank at the time. Erdem BasciHe personally gave information about the employees of the institution cited in the indictment. dish maker and Chief’claims of PaternalInvestigations have been opened against the mentioned bureaucrats and some of them have been fired. FETO prosecutor Zafer KilincOnly the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Economy at the time was asked to take measures vis-à-vis the bureaucrats working in all the institutions. Ali BabacanSatellite of Affiliated Institutions.



The indictment was completed on January 22, 2013. The indictment, which was accepted by the 12th High Criminal Court in Izmir with special authority, included the names of 357 defendants, of whom 88 were detained , 196 plaintiffs and 831 victims. “Do not keep confidential information and documents” 357 defendants, including active duty soldiers and senior military officials, were charged with disclosing secret state information and documents to foreign intelligence agencies.

Eleven bureaucrats, including three senior Central Bank officials, were fired because their names were mentioned in the spy investigation. Three senior civil servants also lost their jobs at BRSA. PaternalSix of the 19 bureaucrats registered with the Undersecretariat of the Treasury have been dismissed. Many were sent on passive missions. The Undersecretariat has filed a criminal complaint against 10 bureaucrats with the Izmir General Prosecutor’s Office so that they can be tried in this case. All those appointed in their place were members of the FETO. According to information received by the Commission of Inquiry into the July 15 Coup established at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey; The total number of victims of the Izmir spy plot, including bureaucrats who darkened their private lives as well as their professional lives, reached 3,100.



Babacan, founder of Deva Party Metin GürcanWhen it was revealed that he was a foreign agent, he defended it as follows:It is clear that the legal elements of the accusation against Metin Gürcan do not exist. No concrete evidence has been produced. We will be with our friend in the next legal proceeding.

In the indictment prepared by the Ankara prosecutor’s office, he received money from foreign embassy officials in an envelope in exchange for the information he provided. Metin Gürcanforeign intelligence services, in official correspondence “Gourmet” It was stated that he was a press employee with a code name.

nauseous CONTINUE


Paternal’of Metin GürcanIn my December 1, 2021 article, for his statement about the hundreds of people whose lives he ruined in the FETO conspiracy case he defended and was part of, “‘If he says ‘I’m sorry’ or shuts up… That reassurance makes my stomach hurt…” I said.

PaternalLast week, FETÖ made the following sick comment about those tried and acquitted in the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer conspiracy cases:

“… We are also against the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer process, which justice is dealing with under the influence of FETO. But we are also against saying: “They are all pure and innocent people since the members of FETO take care of them”… We believe that it is not fair to qualify any of these processes good or bad unless they are reviewed by an independent and impartial judicial body.



Paternal this week too… I place particular emphasis on the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. Those who commit illegal acts cannot be cleansed in filthy water by FETO, which attacks our democracy and cripples our legal system.

Those who don’t talk about life sentences handed down by FETO judges in conspiracy cases. Paternal Still under AKP rule, it was troubled by acquittal rulings in 2019, and in the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases”of the independent judicial process” is talking. Probably the members of FETO, who carry out the conspiracy cases of which he is a part, which he calls an independent judicial process, will again appear on the podium.

A spy comes out of his party, he is a member of FETO, he defends FETOists, he tries to be a panacea, so he does his duty. At the Sledgehammer Stirrup in 2010, “Removes dust while cleaning‘ he had already said. But what should really be ashamedOur commonalities are 99%” and share the same table with them. Paternal Instead of making sick claims, he should release all the evidence he has to the public and rush to court.

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