The deputy of the CHP wanted a solution, Turkey also solved it, what is the objection?

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu speaks at the group meeting yesterday.

“A murder was committed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Recorded audio, broadcast around the world, it’s clear the murder is here. The Saudis said, “Delegate the matter to us.” “They think people are suckers,” Erdogan said. He told the Saudi leaders. “This nation is not a sucker, but knows how to be held accountable. Since Istanbul is the place where the crime was committed, the courts in Istanbul should try it in accordance with international law.” is it good? is it good? did we support? We gave it away.

Do you see how easily, how hesitantly he lies?

You would say…

At the stage of collecting evidence, they supported Tayyip Erdoğan’s right-wing position: “Yes, Turkey should collect this evidence. He now acts heroically, as if he made a statement of support that he definitely shouldn’t respond positively to Saud’s request.

No, at that time, “We were mean to everyone. Now they objected: “Are we getting worse with Saud?”

As the whole world tried to cover up the murder, including Saudi leaders, Turkey stood up against the brutality.

Gather the evidence.

Archived, made a folder, opened the folder..

But at this point, the case is closed because the international jackal system is not executing the arrest warrants against the wanted murderers.

If the accused cannot be brought to justice, the decision cannot be made.

In such a situation, what can you do?

Apart from the supporting document, no progress has been made for 4 years.

And as a result of this necessity, the file was sent to Saud.

Kemal immediately objects:

“What happened? He took this case and transferred it to Saudi Arabia. You are transferring to Saudi Arabia the prestige and sovereignty of the court, which must decide on behalf of the Turkish nation, the murder committed in Turkey It was revealed who transferred the sovereignty of the state to Saudi Arabia.

Didn’t this Kemal want the immediate execution of the ECHR’s decision for Osman Kavala and for Selahattin Demirtaş just two months ago?

A Saudi citizen.

Someone who is a Saudi citizen..

Kill in the Saudi consulate..

Kılıçdaroğlu, who declared that the examination of this file by the Saudi justice was “the transfer of the sovereign right of Turkey”, declared that in Turkey, the Turkish citizen Selahattin Demirtaş…

On the other hand, the prosecution of citizens of the Republic of Turkey to street movements that resulted in the death of 53 people..

It is surrender to the ECHR, this sovereignty cannot be transferred.

Again, as part of the Gezi rebellion.

Osman Kavala, citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

During the excursion events that spread throughout Turkey.

He hands over to the ECHR how the decision will be taken in the case of Osman Kavala, who was tried as the organizer of the street demonstrations of May 27, 2013, which caused the death of nearly 20 Turkish citizens, including the one was a deputy commissioner.

According to Kılıçdaroğlu, this era is not the transfer of sovereignty.

They will get an answer right away.

They will say: “Turkey has accepted the jurisdiction of the International Court, and within this framework, we do not consider the decision of the ECHR as a transfer of sovereignty.


The transfer of the Jamal Khashoggi file is not done by pulling bingo.

In accordance with the second paragraph of Article 24 of Law No. 6706 on international judicial cooperation in criminal matters, defendants whose statements could not be taken are transferred to the Saudi courts for trial.

Furthermore, the President of the HPC must also accept that the decisions of the ECHR are not automatically implemented in the current legislation.

In the statement of the 6-party alliance, they specifically included an element in the text of the memorandum saying: “The decisions of the ECHR will be implemented immediately”.

Kılıçdaroğlu, who shows ECHR decisions, which are not binding at the moment, as taboo and accepts the transfer of our sovereignty, when it comes to Khashoggi’s murder, says however, “we will definitely judge, we will certainly condemn the guilty, the innocent”.

What’s behind that?

Let’s quote it from the mouth of the CHP deputy..

The date is October 15, 2020.

CHP Hatay MP Mehmet Güzelmansur holds a press conference at the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

On what subject ?

About the subject that is at the center of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi..

Citing the lawsuit filed for Khashoggi’s murder, and recalling the partial embargo imposed by the Saudi administration on Turkish goods, the CHP MP said:

“We are in an economic crisis. There are negative effects of the pandemic. Therefore, we cannot afford to lose a market.

You have the point.

Let’s open a little more, let’s continue to relay the words of the CHP deputy to which Kılıçdaroğlu did not object:

“Neither Saudi Arabia, nor other Middle Eastern countries, nor African and Arab countries. Citizens of these countries love Turkish products. We have goods and exporters for sale. This issue should therefore be resolved as soon as possible. If the problem is not solved, the bankruptcy of exporters will be inevitable.

What does he want, CHP deputy?

Solution in our relationship with Saudi Arabia..

With the latest attack, has Turkey taken this step towards the point of solution?


Who comes on stage on the step according to the request of the CHP deputy?

President of HPC.

As if he was not the deputy of his own party who demanded a solution, as if a Turkish citizen had prejudice on one side of the murder, which is the subject of the lawsuit.

He argues saying, “Why do you give up our sovereignty?”

This is the HPC.

If Kavala is involved, if the ECHR is involved…

They will destroy the reputation of your judicial system, they say, “Whatever the decision of the ECHR, the Turkish judicial system should take a decision in this direction without discussion.”

But when it comes to another case, they see the transfer of the case to the Saudi judiciary as a “violation of our sovereignty”, even if all the elements of the case are linked to Saudi Arabia. .

Regarding their cases, they say, “We have to solve the Khashoggi case somehow in order to lift the embargo.”

But when steps are taken to resolve it, they say, “Our independence has been damaged.


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