The experiences of the mother giving birth are incredible! Her second baby is missing…

Arzu Akpınar, who was 26 weeks pregnant in Izmir, reportedly gave birth prematurely in a private hospital and her premature baby was placed in an incubator. The mother, who took the baby, who was suffering from respiratory distress and a fever home after being discharged from the research hospital, learned from doctors who reviewed the baby’s epicrisis report that her baby had a cerebral hemorrhage and was infected. The mother’s shock didn’t end there. It was written in the epicrisy that the mother had given birth to not one but two live babies. On this, the mother filed a criminal complaint with the prosecution for her disabled baby and her second baby, which she did not know existed. The prosecutor decided not to pursue the cases.

Apparently, Arzu Akpınar gave birth to her daughter at a private hospital in Menemen, Izmir on January 1, 2019. The premature baby was taken to the incubator immediately after birth and stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for about 65 days. The baby, who was intubated for 26 days, was sent home on March 22, 2019 on the grounds that he had recovered. However, he started having breathing problems within 10 days of being cared for at home.

According to news from Elif Altın of Milliyet; Doctor EU told the baby’s mother, who was taken to hospital for examination, that this was normal since the baby was born prematurely. The mother took her baby to Ege University Medical School Hospital. He showed the baby’s epicrisy given from the previous hospital to the doctors here. In the examination and reports of the baby, it was said that he had a brain haemorrhage, contracted the incubator virus (ERV) and had a 7mm enlargement in his kidney. The baby was taken to the intensive care unit of this hospital. The mother’s shock didn’t end there.

In one of the epicrises was the phrase “Two live female babies born in our hospital to a 22 year old mother with G4 P2 Y 2 A2 C/S and 26 weeks, 940 gr”. Seeing this, the doctor asked the mother that she had given birth to twins and where the second baby was. Shocked by this question, the mother of the family immediately called her lawyer and filed a criminal complaint against the clinic and the doctors involved in the two incidents with the prosecution for “abuse of power”, “false writing”, “kidnapping and kidnapping of the child” and “reckless injury”.


The suspect, the private hospital’s pediatric health and disease specialist, Dr. EU, in his statement to the prosecutor, denied the charges and said, “All of Arzu Akpınar’s allegations are baseless and slanderous. I think this person is trying to gain a financial advantage with his allegations.”

The prosecutor said the medical errors could not be blamed on the practices of the suspect doctors and other health workers and decided not to pursue the case. The prosecutor also decided not to continue the investigation on the count of “kidnapping and detention of the child” on the grounds that “the investigation cannot be carried out twice on the same incident”. The family appealed both decisions, but the appeals were dismissed. The family will now resort to “breaking for the benefit of the law” through their lawyer Osman Can Nazlıgil.


Arzu Akpınar, the mother, who opposed the prosecutor’s decision, shared the process they followed in a statement to Milliyet: “Doctors at the private hospital said, ‘We haven’t seen such a premature baby, he is healthy, he is responding to treatment We will be released soon They released my daughter on March 22, 2019, I took her home Respiratory I went to the hospital in Ege University Faculty of Medicine Training and Research The doctor said the baby had a virus, it was contagious and could occur in the incubator.

He was operated. The doctor said my daughter was not responding to any treatment and it was late. My daughter is currently on a ventilator, 90% disabled. I went to Tepecik Training and Research Hospital to do a report for my daughter. The neurologist said, “You gave birth to twins. Where’s your other baby? “One,” I said. He told me to ask the medical commission for the missing epicrisis. I bought. “He gave birth to two live babies” was written in the epicrisy. We filed a complaint with the prosecution. Both cases were dismissed. One baby is disabled, the other is not. We filed a claim for financial and moral compensation of 350,000 TL against the hospital management.

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