Through the eyes of an activist: We will never walk alone

*Gulseren Onanc

I can’t say and write. I can’t even admit that what happened in my hometown resembles George Orwell’s 1984 novel. But that doesn’t stop me from ignoring what’s going on. The police arrive at the door, suddenly. He brings an investigation notification, or he takes the person. There are illegal, unprincipled and immoral trials in the palaces on which justice is written. The authoritarian system tries to eliminate one by one those who contradict its own values ​​and question its authority. This system also has a collaborator; citizen informants. Above all, he gives it to me. These citizens are fighting for the sustainability of the system. They claim to protect the state, the nation, religion, morals and family values. They try to be acceptable citizens by complaining about those who pose a threat to the authoritarian government.

I had a similar scenario once. Upon notification of a person whose identity could not be determined even from his email address, an investigation was opened against me for insulting the President. A policeman came knocking on the door and summoned me to testify. The file containing my twenty Twitter messages had neither the name nor the involvement of the president. But I spent six months awaiting the outcome of my defense at the prosecution with anguish and fear. Under the presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, nearly forty thousand of the nearly two hundred thousand investigations opened with the accusation of insulting the president have been filed. Fortunately, my investigation was dropped.

We seek to reduce the SES of independent civil society

As authoritarian rule increases its power, it also increases its pressure. It views independent institutions that defend the rights and freedoms of the individual against the state as a threat to itself. Thousands of independent associations and foundations have been closed since 2016 and after the state of emergency. There is also constant pressure on those who are open. Non-governmental organizations that raised opposition SES were targeted and turned into enemies by the government, or attempted to control and shut them down.

The governorate, the police, the prosecutor’s office and the citizen informant join hands against organized women.

This week, there was a trial that closely concerns feminist organizations. At the request of the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Office of Associations and the Office of the Governor of Istanbul We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP) filed for termination. The reason is “to carry out activities contrary to law and morals”.

Journalist Gökçer Tahincioğlu “The file is quite specific to Turkey, the whole process began in 2016, on a criminal complaint that should not even be taken seriously, given the spelling mistakes and the statements that follow one another. An extremely sensitive citizen filed a criminal complaint against BİMER, who has now joined CIMER, listing the concepts he learned from TV series, movies and explanations.” said.

The process then goes as follows: The Directorate of Provincial Associations of Istanbul Governorate takes this notice as an opportunity and forwards a request to the Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office to shut down the We Will Stop Femicide platform. The prosecution wants evidence and documents. This time, the governor’s office asks the police department to open an investigation to find out if the leadership of the association has a relationship with the terrorist organization. The Public Prosecutor’s Office persistently follows the documents to come from the Police and finally the file arrives. The police are calling for the dissolution of the association, claiming that the purpose of the association has become illegal and immoral, citing the detention of women in the leadership of the association during various protests and the statements on the detention of female HDP MPs .

Feminist organizations facing the rise of the authoritarian right

It did not surprise us that right-wing authoritarian politics wanted to shut down women’s networks fighting for equality in Turkey, such as in Iran, Afghanistan, Poland and Hungary. The statement from the We Will Stop Femicide platform states that the attack is not only against them, but against those who defend the Istanbul Convention and against democratic society. In the description of the platform “We do not see this lawsuit brought against our association only as an attack on our own struggle. We know that this attack is an attack on all democratic public opinion. The political power that signed the Istanbul Convention at the expense of leaving women and LGBTIQ+ alone in the face of violence; The effort to intimidate those who struggle is not independent of the many anarchies in the country. We won’t normalize, we won’t legitimize” said.

The We Will Stop Femicide platform is our pride

The We Will Stop Femicide Platform Association, which follows the cases of murdered women, which were usually dismissed by the courts, with the slogan “We Will Stop Femicide” 12 years ago, is an exemplary feminist non-governmental organization which received international critics awards. As a society, not just women, we are indebted to the KCDP, which publicizes the suspicious deaths of women that the state knowingly or unknowingly hides, and reveals the fact of “femicide” with the data it releases every month. .

We Will Stop Femicide Platform is an organization that does more than just seek legal rights in courthouses. The association has organized itself from province to province with women fighting for equality in these lands. He filled the streets and squares. Raised the Egalitarian Feminist SES for women, LGBTIQ+ and children. “We will never stop, we will stop the feminicidesWe will stand with the brave women of the We Will Stop Femicide platform who oppose the system. The We Will Stop Femicide platform is our pride.

George Orwell answers a question about the future:Something like 1984 could actually happen. The world is heading in that direction right now. The moral lesson of this dangerous nightmare is simple: don’t let it happen. It’s yours

We, as an organized women’s feminist movement, will not allow the authoritarian patriarchal order to dominate in Turkey and the world, as it did in 1984.

We know we will never walk this road alone!

This article is taken from SES Equality, Justice, Women Platform.

Gökçer Tahincioğlu wrote: We Will Stop Femicide Platform, that’s why we want to shut it down: Incredible criminal complaint, complaint filed and allegation of “immorality”

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