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Şüheda İbrahimağaoğlu from Trabzon, who started selling clothes on social media during her university years, can now reach a wider audience thanks to Trendyol. Claiming that she started her adventure in a small room, Şüheda aims to support female employment by opening a large store.
Şüheda İbrahimağaoğlu, the founder of the Şüsü Collection brand from Trabzon, continues her professional life with Trendyol, which she started on a limited budget with a few products in a room in her house. Şüheda declares that she sells her products not only in the country but also abroad and says she is happy to have achieved her goal.
Stating that she likes to stand tall as a female entrepreneur, İbrahimağaoğlu said: “At the same time, I am a mother, a wife and a woman who stands tall as a female entrepreneur. As a female, I J I have always adopted the position of standing on my own feet. My adventure actually dates back to my university years. My first adventure was to open a small shop page on Instagram when I was a university student. I started my journey with one or two products, first in Turkey and then abroad, and made my sales. I took a break from this journey due to my studies. I met Trendyol after my wedding. I saw that they were providing support. My wife and I thought why not. In fact, I was going to start being active on Instagram again, but I needed a mass of customers ready to go. job to ensure continuity. Trendyol would provide me with the best. That’s how we started é. With a very limited budget, I started with a few products in a very small part of my room. There is so much variety of products that it can’t even fit in an empty room right now. We are preparing the store and hope to open our store in a month and a half. There’s a great effort behind all of this, and the effort and the opportunities that it provides are very, very important to us,” he said.

“I didn’t expect him to grow so big”
Noting that he hadn’t expected his business to grow so much, İbrahimağaoğlu said, “I thought I could get somewhere, but I couldn’t imagine that I could grow so fast. Most importantly, customer satisfaction, which is our goal, has brought us to a very, very good place. Our priority has never been to sell. We have always produced quality products. “We worked to introduce it to the client. When a client ordered two, three and four from us, we thought, yes, we can really do this job. When we started this business, people think they have need a lot of money and they can’t do it. Over time, this budget multiplies. That’s why I advise those who want to do this job, even if their budget and opportunities are limited. Every once they achieve a goal, they set higher goals. I started this business with my little baby without my help and went this way. It’s time to wake up at night. I have answered my customers’ questions, I prepared the cargo while my baby was sleeping. This work is not without effort, as long as everyone who wants to follow their dreams behind their goals. I have achieved my goal of open a store. Now I have a bigger goal. My goal main goal is to open bigger stores in a more central location and provide employment for more women.”

“I found it very difficult to go anywhere on Instagram”
İbrahimağaoğlu, who found that it is not easy to reach somewhere on Instagram, said, “When we look at the ready-to-wear industry and its current position, I saw that it is very difficult to go anywhere on Instagram. Trendyol has really provided me with great opportunities in this direction. Our store is open day and night. I follow incoming orders and watch inventory and introduce new products to my customers. Trendyol has really helped us get to this point in that sense,” he said.

“Our goal is to expand our family of dealerships in Trabzon even further”
Trendyol Group Chairman Çağlayan Çetin said his goal is to further expand the family of dealerships in Trabzon. Çetin said: “We have had contact with our mayor, our governor, the president of the Union of Chambers, the president of the Chamber of Industry and the president of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. We have a big investment in Trabzon. We are establishing the largest separation center in the Black Sea region here. I hope to open it in June as well. We will return to our beautiful Trabzon for the better. As of now, we have around 1500 vendors in Trabzon. Our goal is to further expand our family of sellers in Trabzon. To date, around 75-100 new SMEs and merchants join us every month. Our growth in Turkey It is proportional to the growth of trade volume in 81 provinces of Turkey. Our goal here is to increase e-commerce throughout Turkey. Therefore, Trabzon is also an important hub for us. Hope we will come to Trabzon more often from now on. ant. Everyone will invest more in the economy of Trabzon. We’ll see,” he said.

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