Two projects for jurisdiction and geographical indication in e-commerce

Signature for e-commerce in Bilişim Vadisi

E-commerce platform Hepsiburada has signed two projects under the auspices of TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. The signing ceremony of the projects was held in the Valley of IT with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank and Doğan Online and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hepsiburada Group Hanzade Dogan.

At the ceremony held for “E-Commerce Competence Center” and “Geographically Marked Product Development through E-Commerce Sector” of TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM Institute of Artificial Intelligence, the signatures were signed by the President from TÜBİTAK, the teacher. Dr. Hasan Mandal was fired by Cemil Başpınar, Vice President of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, and Murat Emirdağ, CEO of Hepsiburada.


The Artificial Intelligence Institute’s “E-Commerce Competence Center”, which will work nationally and internationally to develop artificial intelligence methods to be used to solve problems faced by the e-commerce sector, was created with the support of Hepsiburada. At the Institute within Tübitak-BİLGEM, Hepsiburada data will be anonymized in accordance with KVKK and will be a source for researchers and scientists’ studies on artificial intelligence.

According to the information given during the ceremony, with this center; Turkey In line with artificial intelligence strategies, activities will be carried out in collaboration with all public institutions and organizations, the private sector, universities, R&D centers and the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Besides Artificial intelligence methods to be used to solve real-world problems faced by the e-commerce sector will be studied and developed.


The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and Hepsiburada have also cooperated to develop “geographically marked” products through the e-commerce sector under the auspices of the TR Ministry of Industry and Technology.

With the cooperation, it aims to support products with “geographical branding”, that is, the legal protection of products made with traditional local raw materials based on local qualities, with the e-commerce platform .

The project also aims to raise awareness of geographically marked products and support local producers. With the project, which includes training in this area and informative training on the rights and obligations of the producer and consumer, It also aims to promote national wealth.


Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, who attended the signing ceremony of the projects, said:
“We are in Turkey’s future IT valley. Today we came together for two important collaborations. Through Hepsiburada – TÜBİTAK cooperation, we will develop solutions to the problems of the ever-growing e-commerce sector through artificial intelligence. As Turkey, we are working hard to be one of the players in artificial intelligence. At this point, the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy is our compass. The Artificial Intelligence Institute is just one of the seeds we have sown in this area. In our institute, the private sector and the public will come together and carry out studies. The core technologies and algorithms developed here will be made available to all industries in a short period of time. Here, the e-commerce competence center established within the Artificial Intelligence Institute will lead the artificial intelligence solutions in e-commerce.

Stating that GIs represent the unique values ​​of each country, Varank said, “When we take our GIs to the international stage, we will double our success. The market value of geographically indicated products in EU countries has approached 100 billion euros. Its share in the food and beverage sector is estimated at around 7%. It is entirely possible for us to get more share of this market by following the right steps. In this sense, cooperation on geographically indicated products will accelerate this area,” he said.


Hanzade Doğan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doğan Online and Hepsiburada Group, said that they attach particular importance to cooperation with local technology companies and public institutions:

“In today’s world, we find that the concept of ‘digital independence’ has become very, very important. As the biggest national player in our industry, our most important motivation is for Turkey to become much stronger through digitalized commerce and stand out in the global competition. With this vision, we do not import from abroad the technologies that we use as a group. We produce our own software and systems in our own country with our own resources, including making effective use of the open source ecosystem.

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