“We did not manage the passion well”

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SENEM AYDIN ​​- Burcu Kıratlı is now experiencing the excitement of the play “Every Love is a Little Funny”, which she made a comeback after seven years. Playing a woman in the divorce phase of the project, Kıratlı says, “It’s a coincidence…I totally lived the fate of the game.” Simultaneously, we caught up with Kıratlı, who is in the process of divorcing Sinan Akçıl, at W Istanbul and talked about his life and plans.

– You returned to the stage after seven years with the piece ‘Every Love is a Little Funny’. Do you fancy?

I miss you incredibly. It was very enjoyable and something I missed having an instant reaction to your jokes and being applauded. Every game is like the first game…

– In the game, you play as a woman who has disagreements and is at the stage of divorce. By accepting the project, did the process of divorce in your private life begin or was it a coincidence?

Dear İrfan Kangı, my partner Gürkan Tavukçuoğlu, Emre Özkan sent me four pieces, I chose this one. Because it was a story with a lot of emotional transitions and a seriously demanding performance. I wanted to push myself a bit. There was nothing like it in my life when I picked up the game. He didn’t even speak. It happened in the middle of rehearsals. In fact, I always said to İrfan: “You cursed me, what did you do?” It’s a coincidence… I had the fate of the game.

– A new period begins in your life, how would you describe this process?

I don’t know, sometimes people can’t put their feelings into words. My works have also followed one another… The theater has begun. I shot an ad for the Kendall+Kylie brand. Now we have a series of meetings. It’s a mixed period with a bit of a workload. I feel all the emotions, good and bad.

– You have reached the stage of divorce with Sinan Akçıl for the second time. Are you saying it’s over for sure this time, there’s no turning back?

This is how I feel and how I live right now. We can never be enemies because we have done nothing to humiliate or offend ourselves. We just couldn’t properly handle the passion given by love.

– There were a lot of rumors about the end of your marriage. Has this news exhausted you?

No, because now I can say that I have accepted that these are unfortunately the demands of our work. Especially after my relationship with Sinan. You know, I’ve always been someone who lives away from the tabloids. Although my family is in the tabloids… I wanted to be on the agenda with my work, to be talked about with my projects. But I got used to the news after Sinan and learned to laugh. ” Darling ? with my latest best friend. it was written. I also broke the news to another friend of mine for 10 years. I used to have anxiety. I don’t drag anymore and I don’t get exhausted.

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– We also said that you separated because you didn’t want to have children. Want to live the experience of motherhood?

Sometimes that’s not the only reason something ends. It wasn’t the right time, no. Of course, I want to be a mother, but right now my priority is my career.

– Have you always been admired?

Don’t be seen as spoiled, but yeah, I’ve never heard anything to the contrary. It was the same in high school and college. She’s the popular girl at school, that’s what I was (laughs). Rebellious and popular girl.

– Does your rebellious side continue?

This is the case, my spirit of rebellion has never diminished. I’m a bit of a picky eater, especially in relationships. Usually everything happens because of me (laughs). Let me admit it too. At least I agree. I push my opponent a little.

But making me happy is just as easy. And I’m still brave against life. Against events, risks, love, everything…

“The phone could be my respirator”

– What is your relationship with social networks?

First, it became a habit. I pick it up as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. Then I wash my face, have my coffee and go on with the day.

– Have you ever done a digital detox?

The phone could be my fan (laughs). Detox is not for me, I can’t.

“I do my job with love”

– Before the interview, you said “My life changes every week”.

Yes, I guess I’m a woman who takes things a bit. I’m not going through a very upsetting or exhausting event, fortunately, but I can say that something changes in my life every week. That’s why I don’t talk too much anymore…

– Everything you talked about basically happened to you?

It didn’t come, but you don’t know, life is so full of surprises… I accept the surprises that life will bring me and I live accordingly.

– Have you closed the doors to love?

I am a woman in love. Love will always be the most important part of my life. I am in love with my dog, my best friend, my mother and my job. I do everything with love.

– You participate in the promotion of Kendall+Kylie, the brand of the brothers Kendall and Kylie Jenner, in Turkey. How about this collaboration?

I’m incredibly excited. Our next advertising shoot will take place in Abu Dhabi. They are really meticulous in their work. The Kendall+Kylie team takes care of everything personally.

– Do you compare yourself to the Kendall-Kylie Jenner sisters?

Kendall Jenner’s dress and makeup style is closer to me. They say we have a similar aura, but I look alike (laughs).

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“I want to open a theater school in the future”

– What are your career goals for the future?

After 25-30 years, I definitely want to open a theater school. I said 25-30 because I’m too young for him. I’m thinking of staying overseas for about six months after the Kendall + Kylie reunions. I’m thinking of going to acting studios there.

– Do you want to act abroad?

It always gives me more pleasure to play in my own country. Of course, there may be short-term work such as film and brand deals, but I still want to do my work in Turkey.

– Years ago, you shaved your head for a project. Would you do it again though?

I do it. When a role comes up, if I fall in love with that character, I’ll put on 30 pounds, drop to 45 pounds, and shave my hair off. Abroad, this is quite normal. We talk a little more.

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