Western countries at the forefront of violence against women

President Recep Tayyip Erdoganmet with the families of women victims of violence during the fast-breaking dinner at the Dolmabahçe labor office.

Speaking during the iftar programme, Erdogan said: “I commemorate all of our women victims of violence, especially our brothers and sisters whose loved ones are among us. In Şule, Nuray, Azra, Dilek, Sıla, Dilara, Başak, Sezen, Emine, Pınar, Müzeyyen, Özgecan, Hatice’, I wish God’s mercy to Hafize and all our girls and women who are victims of violence.” mentioned.

West was worse

“Of course, it is not possible to describe the pain of loss that you have experienced as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and other loved ones. It is our only source of consolation that there is a very great sensitivity towards victims of violence and femicide in our country,” he said. Erdoğan said:

“However, I would like to express with great regret that cases of violence against women and murders of women continue in our country, like everywhere else in the world. Basically, it is unacceptable for people to use violence against people, and especially to take their life. When it comes to women, this situation is much worse and unfair. In our civilization, the woman is the symbol of compassion, love and self-sacrifice. The recipient of our faith is not a woman or a man, but the person himself, beyond all differences of gender, race, language Sanctions and responsibilities are linked to the individual Although people who ignore their past take different pictures Although women try to draw a picture, in our history, women have always had a very important, decisive and respected place in social life.How is it that in such a society, the femicide then sse be brought forward to such a degree. Like many other questions, there is only one answer to this. It is ignorance. Ignorance .just being illiterate, college education don’t think about it. Western countries that claim to be developed, civilized and modern are in the first place in violence and murder against women. We are therefore faced with a problem other than the level of education and well-being. What makes us who we are is the ignorance resulting from the misunderstanding of our values, our beliefs, our civilization. We fight against this ignorance, which is the source of violence against women.”

Continuing his speech saying, “The most important steps have been taken during our period, in the struggle that starts from the family and extends to all levels of society and the state,” Erdogan said. , “We are determined to save our country from the shame of violence against women and the murder of women, with legal, judicial, administrative and above all comprehensive measures that will embrace minds and hearts. We will continue the fight in this way, relentlessly, until we remove the causes with violence itself. Beyond the fact that it is part of our managerial duty to fight against violence against women, I see people as a burden, a necessity of my responsibility towards my late mother and my wife and daughters. If you remember, we said mothers shouldn’t cry to end separatist terror. Now we say the same thing about violence against women and femicide. I hope the days when mothers, fathers and siblings don’t cry for this reason are not too far away. Over the past 20 years, we have introduced many legal and administrative regulations in our country to prevent violence against women and femicide. With the amendments to our Constitution in 2004 and 2010, we have brought this fight to firm legal ground. We ensured that the legislator also took ownership of the issue with the commission on equal opportunities for women and men, the creation of which we encouraged within parliament. Each of our ministries has implemented historical significance and reforms in their respective areas of responsibility. For example, the Turkish Penal Code, which entered into force in 2005, became a much more important turning point in increasing the sentences handed down for the murders of women. Undoubtedly, the greatest revolution in this area is the law on the protection of the family and the prevention of violence against women, which we enacted in 2012. With this law, for the first time, concepts such as violence, domestic violence and violence against women were defined and women were protected in all areas of life. Especially with the proliferation of centers for the prevention and monitoring of violence, support mechanisms for our women have been put in place. mentioned.

Erdoğan continued:

“The fact that 325,000 women and 190,000 children have been accommodated in women’s guesthouses over the past 10 years is both an indicator of the scale of the problem and of the effectiveness and scale of the struggle. We have strived to ensure that the objectives, strategies and activities included in the 4 separate action plans to combat violence against women that we have prepared so far are implemented to the letter . We see significant progress in everything from protection and prevention services to social awareness. We stand with our women in need with the domestic violence and violence against women desks established in our 81 provinces and districts within our police force. The practice of violence against women, whose abbreviated name is KADES, is a practice appreciated all over the world, giving our women victims of violence the possibility to reach our safety with one click and to intervene quickly. This application has been translated into 5 different languages ​​and it has been guaranteed that foreign women in our country can benefit from the service. Over the past 4 years, the number of people who have downloaded this application has exceeded 3.5 million, and those who have reported it have exceeded 360,000. Special prosecutors have been appointed to effectively investigate and quickly conclude cases before Justice. Courts of injunction have been determined in order to specialize in preventive and preventative injunction decisions. Last year, 280,000 injunctions were issued by our courts. It is observed that the number of arrest warrants for crimes against women has increased by up to 200%. In other words, a strong coordination was ensured by reducing the interlocutors to only one, from the forces of order to the court and the prosecutor’s office. A new step that we have taken in recent weeks, we are introducing new regulations on many topics, including discounts. We know that this problem cannot be solved by increasing interventions and sanctions. We do not forget that violence is the result and not the cause. We will continue our struggle until we eliminate the causes of the violence.”

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