“What beautiful roads Turkey has” tour! ..

I received a message from my friend doctor Erdogan Karatay, who lives in Frankfurt.

“Dear Big Brother” he said.. “I read in the German media, Presidential Cycling In the second leg of his tour, a on the path of the spectators walking, a group of bicycles it hits him. a French cyclist emergency fracture surgery being received. A policeman and a Many cyclists are injured. This news is in the Turkish press Was it?”
There was a doctor, there was, but, usually the news from the police court on the third pages where it happens. Because the sports pages, “57. Presidency of Turkey Bike tour”she does not look.. single they enter in a column a messenger, more After..
As the first tours took place in 3 stages between Ankara and Istanbul in the 1960s, newspapers watched and even made headlines with crowded teams of reporters, commentators and photojournalists.
In the days when there was no television, people almost memorized the names of cyclists, and even “Who will win?” we supported. We, even the small local Ankara newspaper Yeni Gün, used to follow the race with at least three people and give it a headline.
There were two things then.
1- Newspapers used to make sports pages. 3 adults soccer not pages.
2- In Konya and Balikesir stadiums Athletics track do not, bicycle Velodrome and the races here were of great interest. Especially Konya had become a production center for cyclists.
Both are absent today.
No, but at great expense, expanded Turkey Cycling Tours lives up to its name “Presidency” This is done by adding the name of the holiest authority for countries like and no one writes it..
Because nobody watches it.. Even if a world television like Eurosport broadcasts next to the TRT..
Although she lives in a family of journalists, from her uncles to her cousins ​​​​and older brothers, my sister does not like sports, but for the past few years she has been following the giant tours like France, Italy and Spain, even the small rounds. like the Paris-Nice Race, the Basque and the Catalan Tour, like an addict in recent years. .
I couldn’t take it for a while and asked…

“You don’t like sports at all. Where does this addiction to touring come from? production?.”
Sir, where the steps pass natural and historical landscapes, pictures of new colonies and the information provided was excellent. He watched. competitor not the place of competition was watching, he was learning…
I thought you were right..
guys tour “inhabit a geography lesson, tourist advertising” They do what they are.. The runners pass through such beautiful nature.. There are such wonderful historical places along the way?. in the world of architecture “temple” It started with construction, they say. Information about this building is superimposed on each of them.

“It was made on this date. This burned into history. Rebuilt.. BLA bla..”
Especially the natural beauties. beaches aside, mountains aside..
They pass through a village. Nice village. But what beautiful buildings.. What sparkling life..
Serpil phoned once.

“Look at this beauty my brother? We can sell everything and leave He comes to settle in the village.”
The purpose of the tour is this already in the world..

“This mountain, this beach, this village, this this church, this monastery, this castle let people see, next vacation his projects let them.”
Also our I watch the tour, as well as At Eurosport.. The world is watching..
Yahu Turkey Tour started from Bodrum. We didn’t see the sea. An hour later it showed Bodrum Castle, taken from the hill, for 30 seconds. There is a wonderful Bodrum Museum inside this castle. One of the first shipwrecks in the world is exhibited in this museum. A masterpiece of marine archaeology.. Show and write two lines..
The stage takes place only on highways, and when there is no highway, it takes place on divided roads. If there is one in the world, only highways and roads he considers Turkey.

“Oh, how beautiful it is in Turkey There are ways, let’s go now!…”
Is it possible to shoot with this head?

Well, one stage begins in Ephesus.. The place where the Virgin Mary died and was buried. In other words, it’s like a place of pilgrimage for the Christian world.. Show it.. Write it down.. It shows the historical theater of Ephesus for three seconds, there is not one iota information.. It shows the magnificent antique library and architectural masterpiece instantly, but there is no information..
Watching the stage broadcast live by Eurosport and then repeated, thousands of people in Europe have to go to travel agencies to arrange a visit to Ephesus for themselves and their families.
No. Our people have never thought about the Culture and Tourism side of the business.
One of the additional prices “The Beauties of Turkey!”
In other words, those who achieve beauty passed through the stage get points first and are ranked for that award. But there is neither this beauty in the image, nor a one-minute documentary prepared for its promotion.
Well, while determining the stages of the tour, Absolute Cycling Federation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. should cooperate..
All over the world, the same highways and divided roads should not be preferred, each of them should choose interesting secondary roads leading to these natural and ancient magnificences.
For example, the distance between Çeşme and İzmir is not from the highway, but from the coast. old, narrow, long but beautiful path interlaced..
What does it mean to cross the treasury full of natural and ancient beauties on the coast and nearby mountains of Bodrum, go to Istanbul via Izmir, Ayvalık and Çanakkale and broadcast it to the world on television?
Our Minister of Tourism, who founded and made ETS one of the largest travel and excursion agencies in the world. Mehmet Nouri Ersoy If he doesn’t know, who in the world does?
But did the tour organizers go to Ersoy? They took an expert from the Ministry of Transport with them and together determined the steps and ways to press the pedal. Tourism. while the cyclists were passing?
The most beautiful in the world last year Natural and antique The stage took place on the highway of Alanya-Antalya region with its beauties.
Neither the magnificent beaches and the ancient theater of Side, nor Aspendos, silion, What Manavgat Waterfallswhat Perge, what beautiful holiday villages on the coast.. Contemporary architectural masterpieces..
A divided highway… Go for hours. God, go ahead. We showed the ancient artifacts on film 50 kilometers later, not when we passed by them, without letting them know.
They didn’t even write down the name of the village and town they were passing through. Sometimes they wrote, in Turkish. Sometimes they wrote in English, even in that, it’s ramshackle, irresponsible. Everything that comes to mind is written in this language. 80% is not written at all.
If I were president, I would call the State Supervisory Board and talk about this race, which is named after the Authority that represents this country around the world.
“Look what Turkey has gained in exchange for spending the taxpayer’s millions, and mostly dollars, to air the third class cycling teams, worth watching and not a single big world star , with stages and plans that have no tourist interest or promotional value!”
This search is absolute, but it must be done. Last year’s Tour of Turkey was a scandal. This time it was even better than that.
The newspapers do not write.. Why would they write this shame?.
Does the Presidential Tour have a PR (PR) team? He circulated the major newspapers and described the tour, “It’s a national is the duty” did they say?
If the biggest newspapers in this country give a quarter page to an unknown basketball team, and only one column includes the Tour of Turkey, the cyclists are doing something wrong or missing somewhere, or “Oh, let the journalist not come, let him write this public shame don’t think” he says and they are happy with indifference..
They’re right.
What happens with the donor consent system is about the taxes of that nation and the taxes thrown away.
If this state of mind is to continue, the 58th Tour of Turkey should not take place!.
If this must be done, the steps will be chaired by an official on behalf of the President. Sports, Culture / Tourism, Transport and Interior place of the representatives of the ministry a joint council should determine. Certainly, a foreign expert from the team that organizes the TV broadcasts of the Tour de France should be consulted on what visual and written information to add to the Eurosport broadcasts watched around the world.


Teacher- “How old is your father?
Little Can- “6!.”
T- “That’s not possible. How old are you then?”
T- “Okay? How can you and your father be the same age?”
C- “He wasn’t ‘Father’ before I was born?”
(You never thought about that, did you?. Now stop making fun of little kid logic. Think about it and bite your finger.)


You can be anything in life. But the important thing is to be “human”. Shams Tabrizi

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