What is JUST? How to get JST coins?

What is JUST? JUST is a new blockchain project designed for Tron Blockchain, focused on decentralized finance (DeFi). In this article, you can access answers to frequently asked questions such as what is JUST, what does it offer, what is JST coin, how to get it, what she serves. As Kriptokoin.com, we prepared it for our curious readers. Let’s take a look at the project together.

What is JUST?

Launched in August 2020, JUST is a DeFi project with two tokens. These two tokens are; USDJ and JST. The USDJ is a stablecoin whose price is pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1. The JST coin functions as the native cryptocurrency of the platform. The project aims to introduce DeFi protocols built on Tron Blockchain to its users as a complete set of products. Moreover, these protocols can be developed on the platform. The project aims to leapfrog other projects by offering various Tron-based DeFi services.

What does JUST offer?

Through JUST, a decentralized platform, users can obtain loans and earn interest through DeFi protocols. Moreover, the project has a platform created only for stablecoin lending. Users can acquire stablecoins through this platform. Ecosystem participants can create accounts without a password. Additionally, users can access decentralized applications (dApps) on the Tron blockchain. Network participants have the freedom to transact in any cryptocurrency, through various protocols. The project, which also offers staking, also offers its users an exchange service that allows trading assets created with the TRC20 smart contract.

What is the JST coin? What is this for?

The JST coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Just Network platform. The maximum supply of the token is capped at 9.9 billion units. The token created with the TRC20 smart contract can be used for various purposes such as governance and execution of DeFi transactions. Participants holding JST get the right to vote in decisions made for the development of the network. Also, he can present various offers to the community, such as changing the interest rate. The most important feature of cryptocurrency is staking.

Users pay interest on loans they receive through DeFi protocols on the platform with JST coins. This way lenders can earn passive income. Additionally, transaction fees paid for trading on the JustSwap exchange are paid in JST. At the time of writing, the JST coin was the 119th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of around $599 million. Additionally, 7.3 billion JSTs were in circulation, which is 74% of the token’s maximum supply.

How to get JST coins?

The JST coin is supported by many major and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Among these exchanges, Binance, OKX and Bybit stand out. Investors interested in the JUST project must first become a member of one of these exchanges. Investors who have fully registered and deposited fiat currency such as dollars and liras in their wallet can purchase the token.

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