Fatih Terim broke his silence; He spoke about the Galatasaray era and its future

The coach who parted ways with Galatasaray this season Fatih Terimbroke his silence in front of the British press. Terim, who gave very important details about the project they launched at the start of the season at Galatasaray and his departure, also spoke about his future.

In the news, which extensively covered Fatih Terim’s career successes, it was mentioned that the coach nicknamed ‘Emperor’ has left his mark on the last 30 years of Turkish football. Fatih Terim, who said, “God made me achieve all the success I could have as a footballer,” humorously replied to the interview team, which was delayed due to traffic: ” If you had told me that you came to my house, you would have arrived on time.”

Talking about the effects of the English coaches and coaches he worked with during his footballing career, Terim also spoke about the names that changed his career.

Here is Fatih Terim’s interview:

“I need time”

“At the beginning of this year, I decided that there should be a revolution in Galatasaray. I said it would not be easy. My decision to be sent was not what I expected Now I need time to relax mentally.

“Another club from Galatasaray…”

“Galatasaray is a one-way ticket for me. I can’t imagine working for another Turkish club. Impossible. When my club called me back, I couldn’t say no. Galatasaray is my home. It is my family. I came to my family. I never changed characters. Since I arrived in Galatasaray 50 years ago, I have always been the same Fatih Terim.

“They paid 5 times more”

“Our conversations were short every time I came back to Galatasaray. They say we need you. I sign the contract regardless of the money I will receive. When I was a footballer, a lot of clubs wanted me. Other clubs offered to pay five times more, but I signed for Galatasaray. I’m from Galatasaray, that’s how I show it.”

“Because of Don Howe…”

“When I was a football player, my position changed because of Don Howe. I was a midfielder, but he said ‘You play Fatih libero’ against Rapid Vienna in the European Cup match. that time until the end of my career, I played as a libero.

“The most important thing I learned from Malcolm…”

“Malcolm Allison wanted to visit me at EURO 96 but they wouldn’t let me in. I came out and took him to the locker room. I said, ‘Guys, he’s my coach. This was a very emotional moment. She was about to cry. “I am proud of you, Fatih”, he said. It was a wonderful memory. He used to hang out with me in the evenings with his girlfriend Serena, but he was doing extra practice in the morning to catch up. The most important thing I learned from him in practice and throughout the game was discipline and seriousness. But off the pitch he wanted his players to be comfortable. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most important men in football. Of course I was impressed with what he achieved, his style of coaching and management.

“Competitors said you were 14 people”

“The football that Galatasaray played when he was successful in Europe was no different from the crazy pressing game that is common now. We always had an attacking mentality and put pressure on the opponent. Opponents were asking my players, ‘Do you play 14? We can’t understand this pressure, this power,” he said. There weren’t many teams that practiced that mentality. A lot of teams are doing it now.

“It is more difficult to maintain success”

“The requirements of the big clubs are very different. I came to Galatasaray after EURO 96. Maybe in some places joining the Champions League is a success or finishing second. Only the first place with Galatasaray is a success. Once you get a title, your job becomes more difficult. Every day you work at a big club, your job gets harder. You must not lose any match, you must always improve. Lasting success is more difficult. Because you can’t keep doing the same things. You have to change something.

“The toughest national team”

“The hardest job is the national team. Because you are responsible for the whole country. Your colors are red and white, not red and yellow. Everyone will question you. At Galatasaray, you are only responsible for their supporters. I have always felt this responsibility, but I have never been affected by the pressure. My shoulders never sagged from that pressure.

“People don’t watch these teams anymore”

“When I became a coach, I coached footballers older than me. Now they are younger than my children. Football never stops. It changes every day. Especially the intensity and rhythm of the game is very high. There are too many teams insisting on building the game from behind. The transition game is getting very high. This is the age of the teams who want to play. In the past, it was common to prevent the opponent from playing. People don’t like to watch these teams anymore. People want to watch a tough game but with the ball in it. You have to destroy the opponent with your game.”

“I don’t know my future either”

“I haven’t decided on my future yet. I’ll find out soon, but I don’t know right now. The most important thing for me is to leave an important legacy to Turkish football. It’s more important than any championship I’ve ever won. A game, a state of mind, a life as a coach. This will be the proudest moment. I can’t rate the love people have for me.”

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