He underlined the warning to İsmail Kartal in the Fenerbahçe-Göztepe match! ‘Arda Guler now…’


By beating Göztepe 2-0 at Kadıköy in Week 33 of Super League Spor Toto, Fenerbahçe secured the 5th win in a row and 8th win in the last 9 games. Serdar Aziz in the 4th minute and Arda Güler from the penalty spot in the 83rd minute scored the goals that brought victory to the yellow-dark blue team.

Fenerbahçe, who took their score to 62, closed the gap to leaders Trabzonspor with 11 to go with five weeks remaining.


Mert Hakan Yandaş, one of the bright names of the last period at Fenerbahçe, became the player who assisted the first goal. After the matches of Trabzonspor, Kayserispor and Galatasaray, the national footballer also made an assist against Göztepe, and became the first player to attend 4 consecutive matches for Fenerbahçe since 2016. Luis Nani last did so in 2016 .

Mert Hakan Yandaş increased the total number of assists, which was 3 4 matches ago, to 7 with the same as in the Göztepe match.



Starting the match almost 1-0 up front, Fenerbahçe netted another goal off Miha Zajc in the 20th minute, but that goal was ruled out due to offside following a VAR review. Miha Zajc, who scored the opening goal in 4 of the last 7 matches, took the number of goals to 8 in the Galatasaray derby and repeated his top scorer season with 2016/17. If the Slovenian player scores another goal, he will break his own record.

CRESPO SEshakes the stats again

Miguel Crespo, who is among the best players of the season at Fenerbahçe in general, also showed an effective performance in the Göztepe match. The French footballer, who won 14 doubles bouts in the Göztepe match, became the second player to win the most doubles in a match with Fenerbahçe this season. The team’s leader in this area is Miguel Crespo, who won 15 doubles matches against Göztepe in the first half of the league.


Fenerbahce, who haven’t seen a goal in the last 3 Super League games, have the longest conceding streak after the 4-game period in March-April 2018.



In fact, all conditions were as Fenerbahce wanted. A team with morale and form. Full stands. Good weather. An opponent who has been losing for months and in the crisis, and on top of all that, a match that almost started with a goal… However, Fenerbahçe almost closed contact after the first 20 minutes of the match, which started off well. Goztepe, who first leveled the game and then took the attacking lead, came close to the goal 3 times and was hit by goalkeeper Altay Bayındır in two of those positions.


Fenerbahce struggled to attack particularly effectively in the first 20 minutes of the second half. İsmail Kartal cleared the block in attack by putting Arda Güler, Enner Valencia and Mergim Berisha on the pitch in the 69th minute. The yellow and navy players were relieved when VAR turned the penalty into a goal with young Arda Güler and reached the 2nd difference. İsmail Hodja provided practical solutions to the issues he faced in yesterday’s game. When Dimitris Pelkas was injured, he took on Attila Szalai on the left. Ferdi Kadıoğlu took the lead on the left. After Serdar Aziz was injured, this time Szalai moved to centre-back, Ferdi came back again to left-back. Valencia left open, Diego Rossi ahead right; Arda completed the 90 minutes as a free agent behind the striker and Berisha as the striker.



Although Fenerbahçe were below their performance of the last 2 months last night, they continued their production and pursuit with a 2-0 win. Again, I really liked Miguel Crespo, the form name of the last few weeks. Young Arda Güler also brought action to the game after coming on and turned the blandness of the offensive zone into richness.


Two and a half months ago, at the end of January, the 23rd week of the championship ended. Göztepe won five official matches in a row and climbed to the 14th step after Başakşehir’s glorious victory. Then they went on perhaps the weirdest streak in the league and they’ve been losing for 10 games. There are two reasons why they entered this incredible series: Göztepe is one of the 3 teams in the league which has the biggest difference between the goal they score and the goal they score. Galatasaray, Giresun and Göztepe created 10 or more expectations from the goals they scored. But they couldn’t turn that expectation into a score. Yesterday, still with Moubandje at 18, Tijanic at 40 and Halil at 60, the yellow-reds could not convert three chances into goals.


In the Fenerbahçe-Göztepe game, İsmail Kartala pointed out the warning that Arda Güler is now...

Nestor is gone

Another reason for the turbulence of Göztepe’s 10-game loss was that they parted ways with Nestor after the Kasımpaşa match. El Maestro was playing good football against Göztepe despite the goal problem. The team was dynamic and organized. I think the management of Göztepe terminated this team the day they sent Nestor.


Yesterday, F. Garden actually showed a picture below his high speed in the last period. They were better in the first half, just like they did in the Galatasaray game, they piled on the right wing, they found positions especially with the crowd created by Crespo as they moved to the right. They closed the half with a 1-0 lead. However, the dark yellow-blue team slowed down in the second half as Fenerbahçe stopped their activity in the right aisle with Tomas’ interference on the pitch. He entered the last 20 consecutively, energized the game, brought 2-0 up, but I think it was a warning for İsmail Kartal to improve his attacking repertoire for the remaining 5 games, stagnation in the second half. Maybe very young in a row, but especially in matches without İrfan, it looks like Fenerbahçe need to start at 11 for the second-tier zone pass. Because the load was on Mert’s back, between 45 and 70, until he entered consecutively yesterday.

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