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Arman Ratip is a pianist and composer, born in Nicosia in 1942, as well as a journalist. Undoubtedly, she got her musical talent from her mother, Jale Derviş. Dervish of Jale; He was the most famous piano teacher in Cyprus at that time. Arman Ratip grew up with his older sister Sümer in a house full of music. Arman Ratip, who took music lessons with his mother from age 5 to 17, graduated from the English School in Nicosia in 1960, where he began his school life in 1954. Later, after high school, he went to his father Mehmet Ratip Şevket Bey, who lived in England, and continued his studies in London, where he began to play music professionally.

Arman Ratip, who will stay in England for 15 years, studied journalism at the London School of Journalism between 1966-1969 and graduated as a journalist. Over the years he worked successfully as a London correspondent for many newspapers. He gave his first major concert at the British Council Center. The concerts he gave successively in England and the 2 albums released by EMI, consisting solely of his own compositions and arrangements, held an important place in his musical life.


In 1970, he released the album “Arman Ratip Trio-Introducing The Arman Ratip Trio” with the Columbia-EMI label. Uğurtan Günal, bassist of Doruk Onatkut Orchestra, İlhan Feyman Orchestra, Süheyl Denizci and Yavuz Özışık Orchestras, drummer Ünal Çaplı and Arman Ratip, brother of Erdoğan Çaplı, who became famous in America with his nickname by Piano Pasha, are included in this album. In 1973, the album “The Spy From Istanbul” was released under the Regal Zonophone-EMI label. South African bassist Harry Miller played bass guitar on this album. The drummer is English Keith Bailey. The name playing trumpet and cornet on the album is Mark Charig, who has worked with famous English rock band King Crimson, South African jazz pianist Chris McGregor and Dutch composer and double bass player Maarten Altena.

Arman Ratip returned to Northern Cyprus in 1979 and published PAN magazine. Arman Ratip, who has compositions for over 60 pianos, also has two piano concertos. Ratip, who also has avant-garde jazz arrangements, is known and recognized as a pianist with a strong improvisational aspect. Arman Ratip, who has a keen interest in astronomy, named some of his compositions after the constellations. Arman Ratip, who composes different and unusual compositions, is one of the important and different pianists in the music world with his unique compositions and playing style. It is one of my greatest wishes that he give a concert in Turkey… Because Ratip is an important name whose musical background and experience should be taken advantage of.


Arman Ratip continues to produce in recent years. He also wrote “A Piano Recital of Space Music”, “Love Melodies (The Magic Piano of Arman Ratip)”, “Turkish Folk Music Arrangements”, “A Piano Recital of Space Music 2”, “The Magic Piano of Arman Ratip “: Love Melodies”. Two albums have been released by Ahenk Music label in recent years. You can buy all Arman Ratip albums either on digital platforms or by contacting Ahenk Music. I think there are albums that should be in your archives.

I had an interview with Arman Ratip years ago in JAZZ magazine. After the interview that attracted attention, I made the necessary attempts to get him to give a concert in Izmir, but unfortunately these attempts did not succeed and we were unable to welcome such an important musician to Izmir. I think that non-governmental organizations and local governments should concentrate and orient themselves towards this type of cultural and artistic activities in a little more selective way. I find it more appropriate for the music to invite original musicians like Arman Ratip, instead of constantly inviting the same names to festivals or concerts, especially in Izmir.

Arman Ratip’s songs in his latest album “Love Melodies II” are respectively;

First Love, Romance, Love Magic, Eternal Love (Gypsy Girl), Is This A Dream, Ballad, So Near So Far, Eyes For You (Your Eyes), Love Night. First Love is the most notable song on the album. The melody of the song is very strong. I highly recommend listening to the other songs as well. Today, I think that Arman Ratip has a big place in our music market, where every pianist takes the title of pianist, both in terms of his career and his compositions.

Stay with love.

Kaan Caglayangol

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