‘Izmir IT Valley’ will take Turkey to the top tech league

The foundation of Informatics Valley Izmir, which will be established in the Urla district of Izmir and will increase Turkey’s global competitiveness in the fields of civil technologies, mobility and entrepreneurship, was laid in a ceremony .

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said at the ceremony that today not only have they laid the foundations of the Izmir Technology Base of the IT Valley, but that Another historic moment has been witnessed for Turkey.

Recalling that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan officially opened Informatics Valley at the end of 2019, Varank said that the country’s largest technology park, Informatics Valley, built on an area of ​​3.5 million square meters, is Turkey’s current civil service achievements. in the defense industry. He said he was leading the move in the area.

Noting that Informatics Valley is home to more than 270 R&D companies ranging from information and communication technology to software, electronics to game design and development, Varank said, “TOGG operates in the IT valley with its 1,000 R&D engineers. FEV is the prototype of international automotive brands and engineering works in the IT valley. Büyüktech prepares stereo cameras that will be used by future autonomous vehicles for production in the information valley. Getgo develops next-generation three-wheel electric vehicles in Computing Valley Computing Valley is home to ASELSAN and HAVELSAN’s work in civil technology. Dozens of other works are in progress. he said.

Emphasizing that the IT Valley plays a very important role in Turkey, being not only a market for new technologies, but also a production base, Varank said:

“Praise to Informatics Valley, which we opened 2.5 years ago, more than 3,000 qualified people have been employed so far. Our ultimate goal in the region is to increase this number by 4-5 times. Here is the technological base of Informatics Valley Izmir, of which we laid the foundations today, the Informatics Valley, inaugurated by our President, this additional space will allow our country to rise to the level of mobility, connected technologies, smart cities, cybersecurity, design and digital games.

Izmir IT Valley, which was first signed by Mr. Binali Yıldırım and then taken under the roof of Bilişim Vadisi, will have an area of ​​180,000 square meters. With its closed area of ​​63,000 square meters, it will welcome many domestic and foreign technology entrepreneurs. It will employ at least 6,000 researchers. Brilliant minds of Izmir will be open to the world from Izmir IT Valley. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are constantly thinking, striving and taking new steps to strengthen Turkey’s strong innovation ecosystem. Computing Valley Kocaeli and Izmir, which are connected to each other by the mega tech corridor, along with other components of the innovation ecosystem, will take Turkey to the top tech league by the permission of Allah.


Stating that “those who are against the services provided are now surprised what they will criticize, what project they will denigrate, what service they will target”, Varank said, “Even if it is easier to tear down, they can’t keep up with us. As long as they say ‘you can’t’, we do. As long as they say ‘you can’t finish’, we complete it.” We continue on our way despite obstacles, tampering and even slander. ensure that we complete in a short time the Izmir technological base of the IT valley, the foundation of which we have laid today. We will present this region, which is very valuable for the science and technology ecosystem, at the service of young entrepreneurs. used the sentences.

Stressing that technology is the cornerstone of the goal of a big and strong Turkey, Varank said, “If we want to achieve Turkey’s 2053 and 2071 goals, we have to put technology first. If we want to grow our economy and increase the well-being of our citizens, we must seek the answer in technology. If we want complete independence on the international stage, we must realize that we have no choice but to own the national technology movement. he said.

Noting that Turkey is almost a boiling cauldron, Varank said: “If today we remain firmly in our place despite these conflicts and wars, the defense industry, whose locality has increased from 25% to 75 % under the leadership of our president, is huge.” mentioned.

Expressing that a strong and national defense industry is the guarantee of an independent Turkey, Varank said:

“Now is the time to bring this into the civil sphere. The innovation ecosystem that we have built from the ground up over the past 19 years is our main capital that will take Turkey to the top. To date, 92 technological development zones and 1565 states- Sustained R&D and design centers have been established in Turkey.The number of our human resources engaged in R&D has approached 200,000.The ratio of R&D expenditure to national income has increased from 5 per thousand at 1.09%.

Fortunately, with state support, the R&D culture is taking hold in the private sector. The private sector, which previously accounted for only 30% of R&D expenditure, now leads R&D, accounting for 65% of such expenditure. With the contribution of our investments, Turkey finds its place among the few countries in terms of R&D infrastructure.”

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said the innovation ecosystem, which they have woven knot by knot over 19 years, has started to bear fruit, and said Turkey has established itself as Europe’s rising star in technology-based initiatives.

Noting that the number of Turkish startups reaching a valuation of billions of dollars has reached 6, Varank explained that Turkish tech brand Getir started serving in 9 countries, and Trendyol is the first Turkish company that was created from zero and reached a valuation of $10 billion in a short time.

Minister Varank said they are making step-by-step progress towards their goal of owning 10 Unicorns (a $1 billion+ business) by 2023, or 10 Turcorns in their own words:

“Last year, the investments received by start-ups in our country increased 9.5 times and reached 1.5 billion dollars. We are talking about great added value. Look, there is a famous game company, Masimo. One of their most important games is Head Ball. They are our friends. “They developed a game and became a global brand of Izmir. They sold their business for over $100 million. But our friends will soon leave this business in Turkey and start a new business. This time they will be aiming for $1 billion.”

Stating that gaming companies in Turkey now have the capacity to achieve billion-dollar valuation, Varank said they have achieved this result through their investments in the innovation ecosystem in 19 years.


Noting that technological power can only be achieved by investing in human resources, Varank said they declared a mobilization to establish an army of software developers in Turkey, and they are preparing young people for science and to digital technologies in all fields, from experimental technology workshops to 42 software schools, from TUBITAK Science High School to TEKNOFEST.

Minister Varank said that they have invested in today’s researchers with the support of TÜBİTAK and said that 63 senior researchers, 47 of whom are Turkish, from leading universities, research institutes and organizations in the world are came to Turkey with TUBITAK’s reverse brain drain program.

Noting that he wanted to share some good news for Turkey’s real treasure, human resources, Varank continued:

“We are improving the industrial doctoral program, which allows the training of highly specialized white-collar workers to work in production with university-industry cooperation. We are increasing the number of scholarships we give to doctoral students during their training to a minimum of 6 thousand This amount can be up to 7 thousand 500 lira depending on performance. Also, with a scholarship.” We are making this program, which also provides post-doctoral employment support, permanent. PhDs to work in industry, and we will pave the way for their employment. Another improvement we have made is that we previously invited PhD students to our program with a call, this call will now be open all year round. Our university and industrial students whom he will meet. we will be. Good luck to our researchers.

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