Journey to Glory from National Treasure to Serial Harassment

There is an amazing documentary netflixin: Jimmy Savile – A British Horror Story. I think the name was very well chosen, because it’s a really scary, scary story, but also hard to believe. The two-part documentary focuses on the life of one of Britain’s most recognizable and beloved pop culture icons, and the nearly 450 cases of sexual harassment and rape she was the victim of. author shortly after his death – who only comes out and says “I (i) the number of victims who said ‘tell’, i.e. only known cases.

The question of power and its abuse, which in my opinion is one of the greatest problems of humanity and the root of many other problems, takes on mind-blowing shapes and dimensions in this case. This is a lengthy documentary about the extraordinary life and career of a man known and loved by almost every section of society in England, which is one of the leading entertainment companies shaped by the entertainment industry. most important and influential entertainment and mass media. , television. It is the story of the life of a unique man who marked the life of everyone from seven to seventy years old, from the miner to the prime minister, from elementary school students to the royal family, and who never has only good feelings and thoughts for almost fifty years. . Along with this history, it is almost impossible to predict what happened behind closed doors during these fifty years.

James Wilson Savile, who was born in 1926 as the youngest of 7 children to a Catholic family in Leeds, West Yorkshire region of North, which represents the north of England, spent his childhood in the shadow of the Great Depression and his early youth in the shadow of World War II. My main reason for emphasizing the North is because of certain characteristics attributed to the North and Northerners, which, although partly the product of generalizations, still contain some truth. The North, which is known as the poor, industrial, dark and dreary region of the country, is also the idyllic geography where warm, sincere, modest and “true” people live and where the culture and motto of the working class dominate. Musically speaking, the contrasts between the innocent The Beatles (Liverpool) and the brutal Oasis (Manchester) and the ambitious The Rolling Stones and the sarcastic groups Blur (both from London) describe the situation well. Indie rock giant Kaiser Chiefs from Leeds, one of the bands from the north of Britain, all of whom have played concerts in Turkey before, and the much-loved and twice-played Pulp, and the Arctic Monkeys, who create excitement as they will play two concerts in a row in August, also come from Sheffield, one of the dark gray towns in the north. Although disadvantaged and weak in many respects compared to the south, authentic Anglicism identifies more with the north. In this context, the popular figure Jimmy Savile advances in his career with a relatively advantageous position in mass perception.

As part of the attempt to prevent over-centralization of the media in London, the relocation of the production units of several broadcasting companies, notably the BBC, to the Leeds area paves the way for Savile to enter the sector medias. He became popular first in the 1960s as a radio DJ, followed by the famous BBC music program. top popsIt starts with the presenter of the first episode of . Interestingly, he was the one who last turned off the studio lights after his closing announcement as the token presenter of the final episode of this legendary music show that ran for thirty-two years in 2006. Who knew that in those intervening years the lives of hundreds of people would also be extinguished…

Jimmy Savile is an unruly character, never married or a father, let alone married, despite his fame, he never had a date or a girlfriend known to the public and the press, but he is known for his flirtation and his penchant for women, living alone, and in that regard, an extraordinary character. At the height of his fame, he fulfilled the wishes and dreams that children sent to him in letters. Jim will fix it He is eccentric enough to say he dislikes children, despite the success of the TV show (“Jim Halleder”). Savile, who was recommended to the palace for knighthood four times by Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister at the time when he was most successful and popular, was accepted in the latest proposal and given the title of ” Sir”. This tireless and implacable showman portrays a compassionate and indomitable philanthropist at the same time. Besides being one of the first to appear on the ground and helping in many national disasters, he is one of the leading figures of politics and aristocracy, who consulted for wisdom and ideas in the field of crisis management and public relations. Savile, who has helped raise tens of millions of pounds especially for hospitals with the dozens of aid campaigns he has launched and undertaken the banner, has over time become Grande’s number one folk hero -Brittany. In doing so, he is almost never questioned, although it is a little strange that he has been working as a volunteer 1-2 days a week in some hospitals for almost thirty years, and spends time there running for everything from breastfeeding to babywearing. a stretcher. Although it shudders that these hospitals are children’s and psychiatric hospitals when they learn what is going on, no one can imagine that things were happening here that the devil would not have thought of.

Despite all this, there have been complaints and warnings about Jimmy Savile, who walked in the snow and left no trace, at various times and in circles, many law enforcement units and d Law enforcement, especially the police, are allowed to defame this benevolent showman, who is so trusted by the public and loved by everyone from 7 to 70 years old. nope. Cries, allegations, denunciations are either ignored, not taken seriously, or passed over in silence. As the stench of these complaints intensifies, even if avoided or hidden, there are more isolated but more audible voices that this man is an appalling perpetrator of sexual harassment. For example, in my post last week loyal to the “Punk” philosophy I mentioned above, who don’t hesitate to “scream what they think is right” sex guns and Public Image Ltd. (BATTERY) frontman, punk icon John Lydon said in a BBC Radio 1 interview in 1978: “I would love to kill Jimmy Savile. I think that’s hypocritical. I’m sure he’s into all that bullshit we all know but can’t talk about. I am aware of some rumours. I bet what I said won’t be published either. And he’s right; These words are taken from the pre-release interview. Then, in 2013, a year after Savile’s death, an article was published. BATTERY Regarding the lyrics included in the album, Lydon adds: “I mean kill. [bu adamı] It was to keep him from locking himself in and harassing young children… I hate how the media acts like they don’t know.

Savile’s statement that he finds this affection for Gary Glitter, who was at one time convicted of possession of child pornography, and also his one-term program partner, finds this addiction harmless and that it does not concern person, that the art of protecting the famous, the famous, the strong and the strong in all circumstances is sickening. He became a people’s darling with his flirtations with female programmers on countless live shows, his cigar which he never let go of even on television, his lack of tact in the programs he participated in, sometimes with the combination panties-socks-slippers-bathrobes, and his mischievous spirit.naughty tv boyIt is only after his death that we learn what he tried to conceal through charitable activities and perhaps what he confessed. When reports of abuse and rape started pouring in from all over the country, 80% of which were child cases, all the honours, medals, awards, medals, etc. like all institutions, associations, hospitals, squares, streets, etc. The name is ripped from the ground one by one. So much so that even the huge black marble tombstone erected over his funeral head, which was carried out with a state parade and buried with a state ceremony, is smashed and thrown away. The love of the people, like everything he has accumulated throughout his life, is turned upside down after the death of the “national treasure” Savile, whose possibility of confronting what he has done throughout his life was eliminated with all kinds of glosses, begging and hypocrisy.

Doesn’t our collective consciousness suddenly teleport here thinking about it? Don’t we suddenly think of similar popular personalities, celebrities, illustrious people, but above all, the “strong”? The possibility that there are quirks behind every excess that attract too much attention, which I try to explain without arousing suspicion, without accusing anyone, without making any complaints. Especially when the extreme is ‘power’, isn’t its abuse almost inevitable? While we love and adore this “fort”, the illustrious celebrity, our screen faces glued to screens for decades, our philanthropic businessmen, our politicians who think only of the good of their nation, our artists power-loving, our freaks, our privileged precious, who are able to enchant the masses with a single without questioning everything, without the slightest doubt of innocence… When a woman is harassed by her husband , lover or another man and complains, “the cat is the cat…“, when the great, soft-spoken entertainer beats up his ex-wives and wives and shoots them with a gun (stop)”there you have it, your “Lifetime Honor” prize“, to be hypocritical enough to say ” nothing will happen for once ” when small children unable to make their voices heard are abused in isolated dormitories for years and many times… Thus, being able to comfortably sleep on pillows…

Our art, our artists, our politics, our politicians, our media, our media, our entertainment industry, our showman are, of course, hypocrites, with many exceptions. As the planet’s finite resources dwindle and the human population increases, we must say straight to the curve, no matter who and where, who and what, so that this world order that feeds on hypocrisy does not rot. We must always consider that the things that are put in our eyes, forced into our minds, swept over our heads, and repeated aloud can be actions that hold the subject’s weaknesses or flaws hostage. If we question and realize exactly who and what we are applauding instead of applauding those who tell us something or say something under bright lights, on the podium, on stage, in front of the camera, maybe we will have a chance to get out of this twinkling darkness in time.

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