Striking claim on the accident in which Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu lost his life!

A stark claim has been made regarding the death of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, the founding chairman of the Great Unity Party (BBP), and 5 people accompanying him, who lost their lives as a result of the helicopter crash in Kahramanmaraş 13 years ago.


The main investigation, carried out meticulously by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kahramanmaraş, concerning the death of the founding president of the BBP Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu and the 5 people who accompanied him continues.

Lawyers for the Yazıcıoğlu family filed an 18-piece motion on file.

Quoting the opinion of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court of Appeal, in the case where senior officials were tried and convicted for the death of Yazıcıoğlu, in the petition stating that illegal military aircraft were flying from the region outside the helicopter, it was stated in the petition that the military aircraft with the code “HH721” entered the effective range of the helicopter and created It was reported that the expert committee should prepare a satisfactory report with detailed technical data to determine the possibility of deliberately or negligently falling into turbulence, away from discussions.

Upon discovery made in the Air Force, the petition claimed to have been tampered with by tampering with the MY module, “It is not possible to reach the truth through this weather report which has intervened and filed on file Because it is clear that the organized structure that carried out the action (FETO) modified these data in order to hide the material truth.” statements have been included.

In the petition, which states that on the day of the incident, the aircraft with the codes “HH721, MJ524, HK046” had more than one high-resolution camera system, and the flight route images were recorded with the camera system, it was stated that “With these recorded images, it is indisputably clear whether the military aircraft entered the area of ​​influence of the helicopter or not. It is a fact that it will be detected in it has been said.

“We are again calling for an expertise”
In the petition, which states that aircraft have their own radar systems, the following was noted:

“The aircraft’s radars have the ability to very easily see areas that are not seen by terrestrial radars. Therefore, since the aircraft must have seen the helicopter on its own radar, first of all, Radar images on military aircraft must be requested.Military radar recordings are searched in the cockpits of such aircraft with instructions, and participating deputies and the panel of experts are briefed.In order to assess our claim that the pilot has been neutralized with carbon monoxide, which is one of our most fundamental assertions about the assassination, it’s about whether there are enough samples to reevaluate the carbon monoxide finding, and the possibility of voluntary consumption.In this context, it is indicated on the minutes, in particular in the minutes, that the organized structure is likely to destroy evidence in the file concerning carbon monoxide, with the data available. Considering the influence of the FETO organization in the institutions that prepared the reports in the period when the reports were prepared, we require an expert report on carbon monoxide in the light of the available technical data. A new report is necessary, in particular to eliminate the contradiction between the reports.

“Contradicting reports”
In the petition, which states that the two reports of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2011 contradict each other, it was stated that the truth was hidden from the public and the judiciary, that the data in the file was falsified data and that it was imperative to get real data and do a review of that data.

In the petition requesting the preparation of a report to replace the accident report, in which the fall/fall of this aircraft, which is simple in nature among air accidents, has been investigated and concluded with all its causes and consequences, the following information was included:

“The 27.6% of carbon monoxide detected in the pilot and the pilot, who is at the stunned level, has been organized by an organized structure, and that the possible risks of assassination have been eliminated by carrying out the two together elements of this organization, and an organization that ensures the execution of the work, as well as the emerging elements of this organized structure. With the court decisions finalized, it was concluded that it was found that it belonged to the organization FETÖ/PDY, that the organized structure took action after the action, and that many arrangements were made to eliminate the evidence of the crime, that it was impossible to reach the wreckage and survive the injured , that the technical data has not been evaluated, search and rescue has been directed in the wrong direction, and there has been no search and rescue has become stable.

“Following by a military plane”
On the day of the incident, the following determinations were made in the query, which was reportedly followed by a military aircraft as the helicopter took off from Sivas and arrived in Çağlayancerit before the time of the incident:

“Considering that the pilot of the following jet was a pilot named Ali Armağan, that this pilot was judged to be a member of the FETÖ/PDY organization, that there were 152 phone calls to Imam Adil Öksüz of the air force, that his wife’s fingerprints were found in the books of the house of Adil Öksüz, Adil Öksüz It is understood that the military aircraft under the command of this pilot followed the helicopter at the same time on the way to Çağlayancerit and after it took off. We demand detailed investigation of who Armağan had contacted both by radio and telephone on the day of the incident and who gave permission to take off,” he said. .

In the petition, in which it is requested to prepare a report in the light of scientific data which will eliminate all right and wrong perceptions by re-examining the requested problems, by accessing the actual technical data, it is stated in the petition: We request and ask that an indictment be prepared as soon as possible, with all its reasons and consequences, if it is a question of negligence. expression was used.

The family’s lawyer, Selami Ekici, stressed that they do not accept the expert report to be taken before the shortcomings stated in the request are filled, because the report to be submitted will not be a scientific report despite these gaps, it will be inaccurate and These are the information and documents sent. The report to be prepared based on this information and documents will be a report aimed at obscuring the event rather than illuminating it. made his assessment.

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