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Who is The Walking Dead – Homecoming? Who is the author of The Walking Dead – Homecoming? What is the theme and plot of The Walking Dead – Homecoming? What is The Walking Dead – Homecoming book about? PDF download link of The Walking Dead – Homecoming? Who is Jay Bonansinga, author of The Walking Dead – Homecoming? Here is The Walking Dead – Homecoming book summary, lyrics, reviews and review…


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Writer: Robert Kirkman

Writer: Jay Bonansinga

Translator: Honey Dogukan

Editor: Book Ren

ISBN: 9786057944924

Number of pages: 336

What is The Walking Dead – Homecoming about? Topic, main idea, summary

The Walking Dead – Homecoming Quotes – Lyrics

  • “Old Ikeas were in many ways the same as casinos. Food and drink was either free or very cheap, so players kept playing or customers bought.”
  • He who hesitates loses.

The Walking Dead – Homecoming Review – Personal Opinions

The Walking Dead series review: CONTAINS SPOILERS…… The eighth and final book in the series. As with every sequel, this book also had some exciting moments. A few of our good characters died, but it was a finale like going back to the fur shop (people who have read the book will better understand what I mean) Coming to the show; The serial is connected to the series by certain characters but written as a separate series in itself. For example, Rick Grimes and his crew on the show are in the Governor episodes, but that was very different from the show. For example, Rick Grimes’ arm was cut off by the Governor, but there was no such scene on the show. Michonne’s character was tortured and even hurt by the Governor, which was not the case on the show. More importantly, while Governor Rick Grimes’ character is killed off in the series, the main character is killed off by Lily Caul in the book series. Since I also follow the comic series; The series and the comic go through the same events. Like I said, here in the book, Rick Grimes and his crew are transferred as if they only entered as supporting characters and then left the town of Woodburry. Like I said, I liked the series the most because I followed it as a series, a comic, and a book. Although the comic has the flavor of a series, I’m just passing the series on this topic. The book was fun yes, but it still didn’t taste like others to me. Some events were manipulated a lot, and some events were glossed over. It was stagnant in places. There were places where I was bored. Sure, it’s also in the show, but it’s this show after all. So if you watch The Walking Dead and like that atmosphere, it’s a readable series. But don’t wait and make a mistake in a series, these characters go to a few places as stronger supporting characters, I would say never expect more. He still got a passing grade from me. But I don’t think I’ll keep it, and it’s not a series to hide. Thanks if you’ve read this far. The series got 10/8 from me. Good reading. (a mother who reads)

The TWD universe book series ended with the 8th book, Homecoming. Again, someone died, someone survived, someone was bitten, died or lost limbs. Since the books are side stories to the main series (comics), they don’t answer a lot of questions. TWD comics, which was announced as finished, have volumes that have not yet been translated into Turkish, I don’t know if they will have answers to these questions, but as we all know now those who read TWD comics, books, play computer games and even watch the series, the real problem is not those who live and die. (Alper Kanik)

Finally the last book in the series. Contains spoilers!!!!! This does not happen. It didn’t happen again. It wasn’t the ending I expected. In fact, I believed for a moment that there would be a cure, but the author laughed at the reader. I think that’s the biggest problem in such disaster scenarios. There is no cure for the emerging disease. I think that was the biggest expectation of the series readers. Those who watched the series expected at least a cure in the book. At least that’s what I expected. But he has not disappeared. The final was open. In fact, events are not over. The author thought he had a happy ending, but I certainly don’t. It’s not even possible to say that the story is over when the disease continues, the zombies are everywhere, the real evil comes from the living. Maybe they thought of such an finale because the series will continue in the future. Why not? (Ms Mabeyci)

PDF download link of The Walking Dead – Homecoming?

Jay Bonansinga – The Walking Dead – Coming Home One of the most popular searches on the internet for The Walking Dead – Homecoming book PDF link. Most paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDF files is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold on the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book, Jay Bonansinga?

CHICAGO TRIBUNE states: “Jay Bonansinga has quickly and firmly established himself as one of the most prestigious writers. His twisted tales, with their full-faced images of violence, are set in an unstable, almost psychotic universe that makes the most of its contemporaries look utterly docile.”

His novels :



DEAD WALKING: Invasion (2015)

LUCID (2015)


THE WALKING DEAD: GOVERNOR CHAPTER 1 & 2 (2013, co-writer, FALL) with Robert Kirkman

Hit Me (2013)

WAY TO WOODBURY (2012, co-author with Robert Kirkman)

WALKING DEAD: (2011 with Robert Kirkman, co-writer) GOVERNOR BORN

Pinkerton’s WAR (2011)


BROKEN (2007)

TWISTED (2006)

FROZEN (2005)

EASTLAND (2004) shipwreck

Oblivion (2001)


BLOOD LID (1999)

HEAD CASE (1998)


SICK (1995)


It has been translated into 16 different languages.

As of early 2004, EASTLANDIN DOLMASI was a Chicago Reader “Critics Choice Book” as well as a recipient of the Illinois State Historical Society’s Outstanding Achievement Award. Her debut novel BLACK MARIAH was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Prize, and her many short stories and articles have appeared in magazines such as THE AUTHOR, Incredible Stories, Crane, FLESH & BLOOD, OUTRE and THE GAUGEMENT DANCE, as well as a well-defined number of anthologies.

Jay also proudly wears the hat of an independent filmmaker: his music videos have been seen on the Nashville Network and Public Television, and his short film CITY OF MEN received the prestigious silver plate at the Chicago International Film Festival. In 2008, her debut film, STASH, was based on Gold Remi at the Houston International Film Festival and her short story of the same name, which was featured in CANDY IN THE DUMPSTER for Best Comedy at the Iowa City International Film Festivals. and Queens. . . STASH was filmed in Chicago and starred Tim Kazurinsky (POLICE ACADEMY) and the late Marilyn Chambers (INSATIABLE) and played on demand in 50 million homes nationwide. Jay has worked as a screenwriter with horror legend George Romero, Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, and Dennis Haysbert (THE UNIT).

Jay, who holds a master’s degree from Columbia College Chicago, currently resides in Evanston, Illinois. She is also a visiting professor in the Graduate Writing Program at DePaul University and Creative Writing for Media at Northwestern University. [email protected] available at.

Books by Jay Bonansinga – His Works

  • Walking Dead
  • The Walking Dead: Rebellion
  • The Walking Dead – The Fall of the Governor
  • The Walking Dead – Legacy
  • Frozen
  • The Walking Dead – Fall
  • The Walking Dead – Invasion
  • Walking Dead
  • The Walking Dead – Homecoming
  • Rental warehouse
  • Rotten
  • Walking Dead
  • Damned
  • Broken
  • lucid
  • The Perfect Sacrifice

Jay Bonansinga Quotes – Lyrics

  • “There is no explanation for evil. It should be considered a necessary law of the universe. (Frozen)
  • Most people don’t pay attention to anything. They spend their lives constantly worrying about themselves and not knowing anything about what is going on around them. (The Walking Dead – The Fall of the Governor)
  • The call of death is the call of love ~Hermann hesse~ (The Walking Dead – Legacy)
  • No one is ever prepared to lose a loved one. (Walking Dead)
  • Maybe we can focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have. (The Walking Dead – Fall)
  • Evil has no explanation. This should be considered a necessary law of the universe. (Frozen)
  • “You don’t realize how exhausting it is to be scared until you find momentary relief, then you feel how exhausted it is to your bones.” (Rental warehouse)
  • In the book of Revelation, it says: “He who falls captive will fall”. He who is killed by the sword will be killed by the sword. This requires the patience and faith of the saints. (The Walking Dead – Invasion)
  • They believe that God is on their side, which makes them more dangerous, especially the preacher Jeremiah. (The Walking Dead – Invasion)
  • Man projects and God laughs. (The Walking Dead – Invasion)
  • Pay attention, stay awake, pray because you never know when that time will come.The Walking Dead – Fall)
  • His smile could meet the electricity needs of an entire city. (The Walking Dead – The Fall of the Governor)
  • That was it, the end of the world, the end of his world and all. Even though he was screaming, no sound came out of his lungs, it was death, it was the white magnesium vacuum of choking nothing, and suddenly BLAKE WAS DISCONNECTED as if a button had been pushed (The Walking Dead – Legacy)
  • Fear was the greatest governing force in this new world. (The Walking Dead – The Fall of the Governor)
  • “Living hurts more than dying.” (The Walking Dead: Rebellion)
  • The call of death is the call of love. (The Walking Dead – Legacy)
  • Man creates the afterlife for the wicked; The good ones are usually buried with their bones. (The Walking Dead: Rebellion)
  • “You always have a choice.” (The Walking Dead: Rebellion)
  • “Old Ikeas were in many ways the same as casinos. Food and drink was either free or very cheap, so players kept playing or customers bought.” (The Walking Dead – Homecoming)
  • I am the city of desolation (Rental warehouse)

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