We will provide support of 4 million lira to local government science centers

In his speech at the signing ceremony of the local government science center support program, Varank said that they took another good step towards Turkey’s future at the Fatih Science Center today and said that they would organize the signing ceremony of the supports to be allocated. for 7 scientific centers.

Stating that these centers will provide young people with education in mathematics, astronomy, aviation, space, natural sciences, robotic coding and design, “Different abilities such as questioning, use of technology, scientific, rational and critical thinking will be provided . In order to acquire these skills, our children, who are currently undergoing practical training, are here.

We will increase the sustainability of these centers with the new supports we will provide by TÜBİTAK up to 2 million lira. We started this program with 2 million lira, but our presidents say: “2 million lira is not enough”. We need to increase the number of support programs a bit. he said.

Asking the mayors what the support should be, Varank went on to say:

“Under the Local Government Science Center Support Program, we hope to support our local governments with 4 million lira from now on. We have also revised the program here. I would like to express my gratitude to the municipalities of Fatih, Sancaktepe , Arnavutköy, Beyoğlu, Gaziosmanpaşa, Yakutiye and Yunusemre for bringing such modern science centers to Turkey, and to TÜBİTAK for their support. I wish our support for Science Centers will benefit our district communities, our country and especially to our youth.

Recalling the technological possibilities presented in the cartoon Jetgiller, Minister Varank said: “When we watched this cartoon in the 1990s, we always wondered: ‘Are there really going to be such things?’ saying. We got answers to these questions in the following years. Each of the technologies I mentioned have been brought to the service of mankind after a short time by scientists, engineers and inventors. However, unfortunately, we have always observed these processes from afar, like watching cartoons. mentioned.

Varank said that Turkey does not have engineers, scientists or inventors among those who make these inventions, and that Turkey is a country that only buys and uses these products.

Noting that not being in the same condition as these scientists and engineers was the most important reason, Varank went on to say:

“They started establishing research centers and science centers long before us. Technoparks, which prepare the environment for university-industry cooperation, began to be established in the West 50 years ago or even earlier. They have taken serious steps towards the socialization of science. They made science and technology the top of the head. Unfortunately, we started this work very late. In our time, I do not remember that there was a scientific center in Turkey, let alone in Istanbul.

Recalling that an artist said, “There was Oxford in Urfa but we didn’t go there,” Varank said, “There really wasn’t. There was nothing to warm us up at the science.Listen, young people today can’t say it like that.You have the chance to get an education in an environment like Fatih science center.We are building huge science centers all over Turkey.Currently , we have a gigantic science center with exhibitions, workshops and educational programs in 7 cities, which we can call regional, he said.

“Turkey will go down in history with its brilliant youth”

Recalling that they opened Turkey’s largest science center, Antalya Science Center, yesterday with Kepez Municipality, Varank said, “A district municipality has brought this good service to Antalya. Today, when we look at the vision of certain metropolitan municipalities and our borough municipalities, we can clearly see that they have not succeeded in realizing the very vision of our borough municipalities. mentioned.

Noting that they have added more science centers and science workshops in the districts to their huge science centers, Varank pointed out that children should know by heart where these science centers are.

Noting that thousands of scientists, engineers and researchers will come out of the country through these centers, Varank pointed out that Turkey will go down in history with such brilliant personnel and brilliant young people.

Stating that every new youngster who sees and visits science centers is a new hope for this country, Varank expressed that they are determined to reach out to all youngsters in the west, east, north and south for him. .

Stating that they have the vision of the national technology movement under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister Varank said that with this vision they have written epics in the defense industry and they want to carry these achievements in the civilian spheres.

“Now is the time to turn our country into a technology base”

Minister Varank said that they organize the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival TEKNOFEST every year so that science and technology penetrate all sections of society from 7 to 77 years old, and that they always aim for a head start at TEKNOFEST, this year with Samsun TEKNOFEST He noted that they will take the “I” to Azerbaijan and try to spread it around the world.

Noting that they have increased the number of experimental tech workshops, which bring kids together with trendy technologies since middle school, to 66 in 57 provinces, Varank said they will increase that number to 100 in 81 provinces the next year. next year.

Varank said the world is actually in a big race in new technology areas such as autonomous vehicle technologies, flying car technologies and the metaverse, and said, “We are in that race now. Now is the time to give our country the place it deserves. Now is the time to turn our country into a technology base. As we have said many times, we can only achieve this by persistence, hard work and effort.

Our country will achieve the ideal of a big and strong Turkey when all these supports we provide meet the determination, dedication and hard work of the youth. We firmly believe in it. he said.

Recommending that this program be followed closely by municipalities, Minister Varank said: “Come, partner with us, work with us, bring these science workshops from neighborhood to neighborhood. Let our children grow up with technology and science. mentioned.

“Our young people who use, design, develop and produce the technologies of the future will grow up in our science centres”

TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, on the other hand, said that they have started a new process with 7 municipalities that they designed a year ago and have reached the stage of receiving support today.

Stating that science centers are a point where there is more interaction than an exhibition or a museum approach, especially where young people and children who will use this place the most, can do so by touching, trying, and in this sense, the workshops are reinforced. With TEKNOFEST, this process has moved to another phase.

In other words, the motivation of our young people and the motivation of our students have reached a very valuable level to the point of reaching more students, reaching more of our cities and the national technology movement of our country, c that is, to become a self-sufficient country. We will have 5 science centers that will be open in the future,” he said.

Highlighting that the characteristic of this program is that students participate in more workshops, Mandal said that young people who will use technology in the future, and not those who will be dependent on it, will grow up in science centers that design, develop and produce.

“We will sign the TÜBİTAK 4003B project protocol”

Fatih Mayor Ergün Turan also said that he will sign the TÜBİTAK 4003B project protocol and said:

“I believe this is an important step in the vision of the national technology movement put forward under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As they say, ‘Being a country that produces its own technology means being independent and strong.’ In this direction, we have established Science Fatih and Experiment Turkey Center for children aged 6-14 as part of the project we jointly conducted with the Turkish Technology Team Foundation.

In our science workshops, lessons and activities are organized to improve our children’s ability to question, use technology and think scientifically, rationally and critically. In the experimental workshops, technological training is provided for 36 months to our young people at college and high school level, selected by competition.

After the speeches, with the participation of Minister Varank, a protocol was signed for the support to be allocated to 7 science centers within the framework of the support program for science centers of local administrations. Varank, who introduced TÜBİTAK’s Science Child magazine to the students attending the ceremony, then visited the Fatih Science Center and received information about the trainings.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen, Mayor of Arnavutköy Ahmet Haşim Baltacı, Mayor of Beyoğlu Haydar Ali Yıldız, Mayor of Gaziosmanpaşa Hasan Tahsin Usta, Mayor of Yakutiye Mahmut Uçar, Mayor of Yunusemre Mehmet Çerçi and students from the Fatih Science Center were present.

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