Will there be a return to mask-free days? – Latest news

The fact that Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, “The scientific committee will have held one of its most important meetings”, for the coronavirus scientific committee meeting to be held this week, comes to mind. mind, “is the use of masks ending?” brought questions.

Member of the scientific committee Prof. Dr. Tevfik Özlü spoke about the decisions that can be made by the scientific committee and the latest situation in the epidemic process.

teacher. Dr. Özlü said: “When we say pandemic, we are talking about a global threat. We are talking about an epidemic that does not listen to geographical borders, spreads between continents and makes many people sick at the same time. Endemic is also an infectious disease that is seen sporadically in a limited region. The epidemic is in a certain area. “It is a situation that affects many people. We have experienced the pandemic in the current situation. There are predictions of how this process will end. In my opinion, the strongest prediction is that the COVID-19 virus will turn into a cyclic disease like other viruses,” he said.

“We are slowly approaching the end of the pandemic”

Stating that the lethality of the disease has decreased and is improving in our country, Özlü continued:

“We are slowly approaching the end of the pandemic. When we say we are nearing the end, we cannot assume that this virus will completely disappear from our lives. This is not a very realistic expectation. But I think we are entering a situation where, like other respiratory infections, there are going to be cyclical and seasonal epidemics. »

“There is an increase in the number of cases in China”

In China, which is the starting point of this epidemic, there is again an increase in the number of cases. Referring to the reasons for this increase, Prof. Dr. Ozlu continued:

“If we assess the number of cases, there is an increase in the number of cases not only in China, but also in many countries. Case increases in China are more moderate than in other countries. Only China’s virus management policy is different, as the zero-case policy was followed, societal immunity, which was formed through disease transmission, could not be achieved there. The vaccination is very good, but the protection was very short because they used inactivated vaccines.

Arguably, China’s overprotective zero-case policy has had poor results. It is not correct to comment on the number of cases, it is more correct to look at deaths and serious patients. Life goes on normally in Turkey and Europe. I don’t find it fair to consider it a new virus or a new epidemic. We no longer see seriously ill patients. This infection has become common now. Maybe by the end of the summer it will be completely normal.

Are the days without masks approaching?

teacher. Dr. Özlü said: “Now restrictions and closures have completely disappeared from our lives and I don’t think they will come back. The mask, which we call personal protective measures, is something that a person will do to protect yourself with your own sensitivity, like remote cleaning. I think coercion and punishment will gradually disappear from our lives,” he said.

Stating that everyone wants to live a mask-free life, Özlü said: “There are still groups at risk. There are people who are unvaccinated, over the age of 65 or have chronic illnesses. These people may still have a fatal course. the most important thing here is to be fully vaccinated.” .

“I think the mask should continue”

Explaining that he always wears his mask in closed areas and crowded places, Özlü said:

“It is important that people with symptoms isolate themselves at home before going out into the community. These are the goals we need to focus on right now. Apart from that, strict measures are no longer necessary in the normal course of life. In the Far East, people wore masks when they had a cold before the pandemic. Under these conditions, I think the mask must continue. We don’t need to wear masks outside, let’s be comfortable.”

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