323 workplaces closed in 3 months in Diyarbakır

Over the past 3 months, 323 commercial doors have been locked in Diyarbakır, 30% of them in the service sector. Chamber of Traders Alican Ebedinoğlu made a controversial proposal and said, “Let’s give industry support, let’s employ more people.

TIGER NEWSDiyarbakir According to the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (DESOB), 1,120 businesses have been opened and 323 businesses have been closed over the past 3 months. First of all, the cafes are in the first place in the closures caused by the pandemic and then the fluctuation of the exchange. In the past 3 months, 34 new cafes have been opened, while 37 unbearable cafes have closed. According to DESOB’s 3-month data, 82 grocery stores were opened and 60 grocery stores were closed in Diyarbakır. While 48 new restaurants were opened, 36 restaurants were closed. The situation is no different among traders who sell building materials. While 30 new construction companies were opened, 20 companies closed their operations.

‘We are worried’

Speaking to Tigris Haber, DESOB Chairman Alican Ebedinoğlu said that 30% of those that closed were businesses operating in the service sector such as cafes, cafes and restaurants. Pointing out that the closure of 323 businesses in the last 3 months is a high figure, Ebedinoğlu said: “When the employment sector is closed, employment decreases. There are dozens or even hundreds of employees in a liver shop or cafe. When we look at the last 3 months, we worry that this figure could exceed 1,000 by the end of the year.

“It works at 50% of its capacity”

Ebedinoğlu pointed out that businesses such as restaurants, cafes and cafes, which were closed for months during the pandemic period, had to lay off 30,000 people and said, “Our businesses which are currently open are running at 50% of their capacity. Eating in restaurants has become a luxury because of the prices. Given the increase in energy prices, rents and the minimum wage, active companies have had to reduce their work capacity. This was a reflection of the declines we expected in energy prices to artisans. But that was not the case. One of our restaurants in Diclekent had an electricity bill of 25,000 lira, before the discount it went to 75. A 10-15% discount was given, but it’s not enough.

“Support artisans instead of industry”

DESOB Chairman Ebedinoğlu recalled that despite supporting Diyarbakır OSB for years, the employment capacity is 12,000, and demanded that traders and small SMEs be supported instead of industry . “We are far from the port, from the market. Ebedinoğlu said, “You cannot bring capital to a risky or attractive region. He continued, “There are 12,000 people working in Diyarbakir OIZ. However, the number of employees of merchants and artisans is 80-100,000. We say that one of the most important factors in eliminating the economic imbalance between regions is to support merchants and small SMEs. If the energy, ISS and credit aid granted to industrial zones were granted to small SMEs, the number of jobs would have doubled.

The problem of on-chain markets persists

Stating that chain markets are affecting 63 sectors in Diyarbakır, Alican Ebedinoğlu said, “Chain markets have brought us to the end point in many areas. Products that will affect 63 sectors are sold, and it sells everything in items such as bakery, coffee, clothing, hardware, groceries. Its taxes do not reflect city revenue. They take daily hot money and invest elsewhere. Efforts should be made to avoid this. We don’t want to be a disaster, but such crises cause social distress.

“50% of traders are on the blacklist”

Ebedinoğlu said low-rate or zero-rate loans for merchants were not working because of the blacklisting of banks. Ebedinoğlu said that 50% of Diyarbakir merchants have become “criminals” in front of banks and said, “50% of merchants become criminals in front of banks because they cannot pay their checks and bills. In this case, grant as much interest-free support as you want, these merchants cannot benefit from it. In order to prevent this, a registry amnesty has been issued twice, but a sanctioned registry amnesty should be issued. It is absolutely necessary to impose criminal sanctions on the banks.

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