8 billion euros have been invested in Istanbul Airport so far

In an interview with AA’s correspondent, Kalyoncu made assessments on the holding company’s latest investments, from renewable energy to the company’s new partnership structure at Istanbul’s IGA airport.

Touching on the new partnership structure in İGA, Kalyoncu briefed on the process of winning the airport tender.

Expressing that at that time, the French and Germans were ahead of them before the tender was auctioned, and the consortium they created won the auction by making the best offer, Kalyoncu said they had earned 8 billion euros of the 10 billion 250 million euros investment to date, He said the remaining part will be implemented as needed.

“We have built the largest, healthiest and most functional airport in the world.” Kalyoncu said, noting that currently Istanbul IGA Airport ranks first in Europe and second in the world in terms of passenger numbers.

Kalyoncu spoke about the architectural features of the airport, its design and the services therein, and said that foreigners from outside took photos in all areas of the airport and shared them. on their social media accounts, and that the opinions of guests who are satisfied with the airport, which is the gateway to a country, about the country are positively affected.

“The man I met in India and the man I spoke to in Africa talk about IGA”

Cemal Kalyoncu said, “The man I met in India and the man I spoke to in America and Africa also talk about İGA. They say, ‘We went to Istanbul and saw a very different airport there. he said.

Talking about the airport’s impact on the economy, Kalyoncu said that when the number of passengers reaches 120 million, 4.5 percent of gross domestic product will be produced here.

Kalyoncu noted that the number of bird strikes and the number of missed planes decreased by 50% after passing through Istanbul airport, and the plane’s waiting time for landing has been shortened, thereby increasing urban air quality and reducing noise pollution in Istanbul. .

“The World Bank has corrected the error it made on companies that received public tenders”

Kalyoncu, chairman of the board of directors of Kalyon Holding, said that the World Bank published a report containing false information about the companies that won the most public tenders, and gave the following information:

“They have now corrected this report. They have also included us among the contractors who have done the most work. When we looked at how we got here, we saw that they had done the calculation as follows: The value of Istanbul airport investment is 10 billion 250 million euros 26 billion euros to the state in 25 years We will pay this money out of our pocket They show the money we will pay to the state ‘State out of pocket like the offer we got from the state, and they’re writing the airport value offer at 37 billion euros (26 + 10.25 billion euros). They now have corrected that. They wrote that we received a tender for 37 billion euros per company. The truth is: “We spend 10 billion 250 billion euros without getting a penny. We pay 26 billion euros in rent to the State in 25 years. We pay our rent every year.”

“There are people who come from three continents to cooperate”

Cemal Kalyoncu said they were making payments even during the epidemic process and when states were supporting the airports, adding, “The airport has given us a lot. We have come and gone a lot from Europe, Africa and Asia to cooperate. Our goal is to develop renewable energy and airports on three continents from now. We will have different jobs. Soon we will see these surprises one by one. used the sentences.

Stating that they have significant works on both construction and operation of airports and renewable energy on three continents, Kalyoncu said they will share concrete developments which are much needed.

“We aim to start investment in the 1,000 megawatt wind power plant in 2023”

Kalyoncu, Chairman of the Board of Kalyon Holding, on how İGA’s moves have resonated abroad, said, “There are many suitors for IGA and our solar energy investments, from states United to China, from Europe to the Middle East. We meet with those who reach a certain point. There are also companies we come to. We will announce when we reach the end point. he said.

Expressing that they will continue their investments in aviation and energy during the rest of the year, Kalyoncu said that their work on the electric charging station, electricity storage batteries and wind energy is continuing. .

Kalyoncu said, “We are working on how to take advantage of wind energy. Our work continues on our 1,000 megawatt power plant project. We plan to start it next year. used the expression.

“I’m thinking of getting into the food industry if I have the time”

Cemal Kalyoncu said he was considering going into the food industry if he had the time, and said, “I mean, I have ideas about organic and efficient food, vertical production. Maybe I can do such a serious project. This is what the world and people need. Security of energy and food supply and border security for a country. and economic freedom are very important. I have such an intention regarding food. makes a statement.

Expressing that they have done many technological works in construction and implemented nearly 300 kilometers of metro projects, Kalyoncu said that the metrobus, the fresh water pipeline they have built between the Turkey and the TRNC, the first advanced biological stimulation plant, the largest in Europe and the energy from the waste resulting from this treatment. He explained that Kalyon implemented the power generation project from the garbage incineration plant, which is currently operating in Istanbul.

Noting that they are currently building a natural gas storage facility under the sea in Silivri, Kalyoncu pointed out that they have built warehouses at a depth of 2,000 meters, which natural gas to buy while prices are low in summer can be offered to the public more economically in winter, and how much their work contributes to society and the economy.

Social activities in many areas, from nature to culture and art

Kalyon Holding, chairman of the board, Kalyoncu said that they have a formula called 4T as a holding company, and said that it is about society, nature, design and technology, that they put 4T at the center of all their work, and that it is very important to invest in the future of humanity.

Expressing that they have established 2 foundations to leave a better Turkey to future generations, Kalyoncu said that they are trying to use technology every moment, that they have planted almost 7.5 million saplings till present to be beneficial for nature, that they are perhaps the only company that does reforestation of this size. He also explained that he works on joint animal shelters with the municipalities of Istanbul.

Kalyoncu said that they have restored some historical artifacts in order to protect the historical texture of Istanbul, they have established a cultural and artistic center called Kalyon Kültür in Nişantaşı, and they have organized artistic and exhibition activities in this center.

Explaining that Gaziantep Education and Service Foundation, which are the other family foundations, provided important services, Kalyoncu said that they established Hasan Kalyoncu University, the first foundation university in the East and Southeast, in Gaziantep, which currently has nearly 10,000 students. , and that they are focused on technology and R & D. He said that very important studies have been carried out and that the university, which has 32 faculties, also stands out in terms of quality.

Kalyoncu said the employment rate of graduates from the university, which was opened in 2010 and has 13,000 graduates, is very high and they also provide serious mining jobs.

Expressing that the investment in education is made in the future of the country, Kalyoncu added that he occasionally meets graduates who have become prosecutors, judges, teachers and engineers, and the students receive scholarships to a large extent. .

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