Architecht’s BRSA Compliant Digital Banking Platform and Banking Service Model (BaaS)

The next generation banking experience begins

With the “Regulations on the Operating Principles of Digital Banks and Banking Service Model” issued by BRSA, Next-Generation Banking Experience has paved the way for a Next-Generation Banking Experience in a branchless format, fully digital, starting January 1. , 2022.

Digital banks in regulation; It is defined as “a credit institution that provides banking services primarily through electronic banking delivery channels instead of physical branches”. Although there are some differences in nuance, one can think of this definition based on the concept of branchless banking, which is expressed as “Neobank” or “Challenger Bank” in Anglo-Saxon literature.

Digital banks will change our financial habits

In addition to providing more cost-effective services, digital banks provide an experience that allows customers to meet their real needs much faster and easier. When we look at examples around the world, we see that digital banks have a much more diversified range of products and services than traditional banks.

It can be said that the financial habits of traditional bank customers will change with this new generation bank, which understands and connects to the needs of the customer, apart from what we are used to, such as sharing expenses, saving together, saving for real need, savings based on rewards and penalties.

Retaining customers requires experience to connect with them. This will be more than enough in the next generation digital bank, which offers specific products and solutions to different target audiences by putting the customer experience at the center.

Choosing the right technology is key in digital banking

Despite the convenience and advantages of digital banking, it can be predicted that customers will have hesitations, especially in terms of trust, because they cannot contact an unusual physical branch. It is essential in terms of customer acquisition that the criteria of trust, confidentiality and uninterrupted service that customers experience in traditional banks are fully presented by digital banks. Therefore, fast and uninterrupted operation of the application, equipped with high precautions against fraud and other security vulnerabilities, uninterrupted service 24/7 as required by regulations, are indispensable criteria in the technological infrastructure of digital banks, as they serve only through digital channels. . In order to compete with traditional banks, technological solutions that have proven themselves in digital channels in these areas should be the first priority in the technological choice of digital banks.

Architecht offers a digital banking and banking service model (BaaS) platform covering all BRSA regulation standards

Architecht, a financial technology company that designs the end-to-end banking system of many banks in Turkey and abroad, was established with the power of the technological infrastructure that it offers to many banks and financial institutions on the national and international scene with its 30 years of banking experience. Digital banking platform offers a technology infrastructure solution that will eliminate all the concerns mentioned above. With its high security measures, advanced anti-fraud systems, definition-based structure and easy integration features, it fully meets the necessary technological solution for digital banking defined in the BRSA regulations.

Architect Digital Banking Platform, currently ensures that customer acquisition through digital channels and financial transactions required by customers are carried out quickly with established processes and advanced user experience accumulation, and facilitates the start-up of digital bank operations in accordance with legislation in force. Main bank, credits, treasury, financial control, accounting, digital channels, corporate integrations, accounts receivable management are the main modules included in the platform. Architect Digital Banking PlatformWhile providing the ability to extend digital banking services flexibly through its modular structure, its service model includes modules that will enable shared APIs for banking service (BaaS).

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