Do you know how much money 2 kilos of meat are worth?

WALL- Former Speaker of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly Bülent Arınç, who recently became the target of “pro-government” media with his criticisms of the government, assessed the agenda on Channel 42 broadcast from Konya.

Arınç, who had to resign from his position as a member of the High Advisory Council of the Presidency (YİK) due to his previous statements, said: “Now the love and trust in Tayyip Bey continues, but they continue to s ‘weaken. This weakening must be stopped.’

Arınç’s explanations are as follows:

WE ARE REGISTERED AT THE 10TH VILLAGE FOR THE MOMENT: The people carried us to power for 20 years being satisfied. If satisfied again, be sure we will go. People show their satisfaction at the polls, sometimes every 5 years, sometimes every 3.5 years. I have always seen victories. However, in the elections of June 7, 2015, when I left politics, the AK party weakened. This is God’s warning to us. I have been involved in this work since the elections of 69… My name is Righteous Davut. They were expelled from 9 villages, we took refuge in the 10th village for now. But I found a nice saying recently. He said: “Whether what you say is true, the rest is the work of 9 villages”. Now the love and trust in Tayyip Bey continues, but it continues to weaken. This weakening must be stopped.

SMALL TIMES: Arınç, who criticizes statements by AKP members regarding hikes and the cost of living, said, “Our group vice president made a mathematical miscalculation. Then I don’t know if it came back or not, it fell into a count that would include 7% like 700%. It was a little ridiculous, of course. He’s a very good person if you don’t give in to your carelessness. An MP from Konya said “small increases, there is nothing to complain about”. These are people who hurt. He walks around his chest saying, “I’m going to eat half a kilo of meat instead of 2 kilos of meat.” Do you know how much money 2 kilos of meat are worth? 300 pounds. Who will pay this money?

THE NATIONS ASK HIM: (Regarding the MP for Kayseri, Baki Ersoy, who had to resign from the MHP due to criticism on the rise) Now, the MHP is an unaccepted or tacit partner of the government. Bahceli sometimes says “we are the opposition party”, but he tries to protect our president and the government with everything. I’m not about that. Why did the hon. member say that and why was an investigation made into him? People wonder all these things on election day. Today, he does not even deign to express them to himself, but at election time, he remembers them all. Then there will be many things that will remind the nation of them.

ADVERTISEMENT : They present themselves as an alliance of 6 because the National Alliance has not yet determined its candidate. They will also consider announcing their nominees when the time comes. Today they speak of certain names. For them, the following can be useful as political communication; If they are talked about every day, it means they are announced every day. Advertising is not good. If people talk about whether Mansur Yavaş or someone else is the candidate of the 6-table and the 6-table, and if people talk about it every night on TV, that means their propaganda. Personally, I don’t want to be a tool for such propaganda.

TO GET TO THE ORIGIN OF THE RISES: ‘There are 3 markets, they do this and that…’ I know these market owners. All of them are religious, sane and members of the AK party. They all love Tayyip Bey like their own brothers. 3 grocery chains, I talk to them, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ I say. “Mr. 1% or 1.5% is our highest profit rate” Look, the prices in all markets in Turkey are almost close to each other. Business is on offer. How much you buy is how much you put into it. One said, “I have 60,000 employees. I have 11,000 stores. I employ these people. I pay taxes on all of them. But, for example, the State pays the rent of the Crédit Agricole markets. The government pays its employees. Go do the same there. There, some things cost 50 cents or 10 cents less or more. Depends on where you are looking. That’s why we have to get to the root of price increases in the markets… Some people say, “Buy high but sell low”. This has not been seen anywhere in the world. Well, I’m going to make a loss, who will cover my loss? “Shut up, you do it like that”, such a job does not exist anywhere else in the world. (INFORMATION CENTER)

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