Esenyurt Technology & Patent Mobilization Project Promotion Ceremony

ESENYURT, İSTANBUL (AA) – Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Çetin Ali Dönmez said he will carry out the patent evaluation with the company established by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, and said: “We even had a meeting with the Credit Guarantee Fund. To make the evaluated patents partially guaranteed for loans, we are also working on a method.” mentioned.

Esenyurt Patent and Technology Mobilization Project, implemented in cooperation with Turkish Patent Movement, Patent Movement Association and Esenyurt Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ESİDER), has been presented.

Deputy Minister Dönmez made statements as part of the promotion of the project, which was supported by important institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Assembly of Turkish Exporters (TİM ), Esenyurt District Governorate, Esenyurt Municipality and the Federation of Istanbul Businessmen and Industrialists Associations. .

Noting that areas like Esenyurt, which receive a lot of immigration and have a young population, have an advantage for innovation and technological development, Dönmez said the district can be valued in this way.

Stating that the world now makes money with ideas and innovations, Dönmez said manufacturers given easy jobs as subcontractors can quickly give up when someone else with a higher price affordable is found.

Speaking about the importance of lean manufacturing, patents and standardization, Dönmez said, “Countries that have developed in terms of patents and standardization can sometimes try to suppress development in countries like ours. using this system. he said.

Noting that as a ministry they are now selective in granting incentives, Dönmez continued:

“Turkey is no longer a country that easily says, ‘Come on, I give incentives to foreign investors.’ .

“A call to businessmen to ‘invest in technological institutes'”

Çetin Ali Dönmez explained that for a place to be a technological base, there should be close contact between all stakeholders such as the public, the municipality, the district governorate, the governorate, the private sector, men business and universities, and all institutions or companies should know who has the need.

Noting that the technological philanthropy of Turkish industrialists is not enough, Dönmez said: “Look at the examples in America. Businessmen give money to institutes and private institutes. Just so that R&D can be done there- low.We also earn money for these joint development platforms,R&D platforms,design platforms from our businessmen.Besides the money,our businessmen absolutely must being on the board of directors of these formations makes a statement.

“If engineers are to issue new patents, they must be paid well”

Noting that the way to get rid of bureaucratic hurdles is through the direct involvement of businessmen in these jobs, Deputy Minister Dönmez made the following assessments:

“The state will also be part of it. Apart from that, we have to have businessmen for the other part. Investing in R&D is as important as building a fountain, building a mosque or building a school. If these engineers are going to issue new patents, it will be good to train these engineers.” They must be paid and visit facilities in places where industry is concentrated, especially in Esenyurt. They have to do workshops there. Otherwise, this business does not work. Our engineers are engaged in this routine work rather than R&D.”

Dönmez said some patience is needed for R&D and patents, and the way to save the medium and long term is through patient R&D and technology production.

Pointing out that R&D spending in Turkey is lower than normal compared to sales, Dönmez said it will not increase only with state support and that business people need to be involved in the business.

“We are working on the formula for patents to be collateral for loans”

Çetin Ali Dönmez said that the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office should definitely participate in this project and made the following statements:

“For your information, we are working on something important with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Now they have established a patent valuation company. With this patent valuation company, patents will now be evaluated. Maybe tomorrow we will create a platform where these patents will change hands. We even have something like this with the Credit Guarantee Fund. We also interviewed. We are currently working on the infrastructure of We are also working on a method so that valued patents can be partially secured for loans.” This is another aspect of the job. Because the more usable something is, the more room it has for young people. He cares and tries to learn.”

“We hope the project will contribute to high-tech exports”

İsmail Gülle, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), also said that a product that is produced and sold must be accompanied by intelligence and ideas, so that this product can become valuable.

Gülle said: “Otherwise you can execute the given order, you will get the profit determined for you, but you will never grow and get rich. The important thing for us is to increase the value of the unit price. If we can’t do that, we will become a country that only competes on price.” he said.

Talking about the incentives granted to the R&D point in recent years, Gülle said that significant progress has been made thanks to these supports.

Gülle said that if there is R&D, innovation and ideas, there will be value and this value should be registered with the patent system, “There should be as few bureaucratic procedures as possible in the patent process. .” used the expression.

Noting that in March the value per kilogram of exports was approaching the $1.5 level, Gülle made the following assessments:

“Numbers above $1.5 will underline what we say and show the image of what we do by industrializing our ideas, designs and dreams. Our high-tech exports exceed 3.5%. When we wear this figure at 10%, we will have achieved a lot. This rate of the Esenyurt Technology and Patent Mobilization Project.” We expect it to contribute to our goal of raising it to 10%. “

“If you don’t save the idea, you will devalue it”

Mayor of Esenyurt, Kemal Deniz Bozkurt said that it is very important to increase production for the revival of the economy and to produce products that can create added value in order to create added value.

Stating that it is not right to produce only the product whose design has been determined, Bozkurt said, “This production is outsourced production. We have to produce other products that are our own and can compete with the world. Here, the importance of generating ideas emerges. If you don’t register the idea, you will devalue it. Therefore, today, we also patent our ideas. If we protect them, we will make a very important job, he said.

“Our industrialists in Esenyurt should obtain at least one patent per year”

Ali Çavuşoğlu, Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Patent Movement Platform, said that they aim to “bring patent awareness to all segments of society and reach the level of developed countries in number of patents. “.

Stating that they are striving to achieve one million patents per year and that the project will support this goal, Çavuşoğlu said, “We aim for all our industrialists in Esenyurt to obtain at least one patent per year.” mentioned.

Emin Armağan Şakar, President of the Association of Industrialists and Businessmen of Esenyurt (ESİDER), also talked about the importance of high-tech production and explained that they have launched a mobilization of technologies and patents with high added value.

Şakar said: “We will organize events such as summits, seminars and exhibitions for the production of high value-added products with rapidly changing technology and for the development of the region. Our project will last 1 year. We will give also seminars explaining the importance of qualified personnel working in the industry in the coming period.” he said.

The project will last one year

According to information received, the project, which aims to raise awareness of intellectual property in the Esenyurt region and protect the country’s intellectual resources, will last for one year.

The project, which aims to assess and register project patents in the ideas, agenda and office of stakeholders under the project, within the framework of the utility model, has objectives such as increasing product profitability, added value, licensing and marketing.

As part of the project, patent awareness training will be given to all senior managers, and these people will be informed about the number of patents in their sectors.

All engineers in the company will receive training such as patent awareness, patent search training, reading and analysis of patent files.

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