İBB Deputy General Secretary Polat: They were going to build a residence in Rumeli Hisarı

It turned out that the Rumeli Fortress, one of the symbolic historical places of Istanbul, was to be built during the period when the IMM was under the AKP regime, and the project was blocked at the last moment. Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, said: “After the restoration works that began with the suspension of the project, which filled the courtyard of Rumeli Hisarı with mansions, there will be museums and spaces of exhibition in Hisar, and concerts will be held again.”


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Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, attended the press tour organized for the restoration project led by IMM Heritage and gave information on the works.

Polat, who first announced the project, which was on the agenda under the previous AKP administration and which included housing construction in Rumeli Hisarı, said they blocked the project and said: “We know from historical documents that Rumeli Hisarı turns into a neighborhood identity in the 18th-19th century. There are homes and a life here. In fact, there was a project that was rebuilding all these houses when we arrived, we stopped it. There were about 21 mansions to be built in the fort, the project had reached a certain stage. The mosque, whose existence was known, was rebuilt. This reconstruction is a mosque, in our group of inscribed buildings, the structures that must be preserved. We are a defined mosque in the group,” he said.

Providing information about Rumelihisarı Boğazkesen Fetih Mescid, Polat said, “When this project was done, a concert and a mosque could have been placed. Replacement of the old amplifier. His historical trace was there too. In the new restoration, all bastions and historic areas of Rumeli Fortress belong to IMM, but no points in its court are to IMM. It’s not in our jurisdiction. In order to be able to save money here, you need permission from the national estate that owns the property,” he said.


After the restoration works are completed in Rumeli Hisarı, there will be museum, exhibition and concert spaces. Anadolu and Rumeli fortresses can be visited in connection with the sea, under the name of Istanbul Hisarlar Museum. For the first time, it will be possible to contemplate the Bosphorus from the bastions. Stating that they aim to bring Rumeli and Anadolu Hisars into the city as a new cultural and artistic space under the name “Hisarlar Museum Istanbul”, BWI Deputy General Secretary Mahir Polat said: “After the restoration work that began with the suspension of the project, which filled the courtyard of the Rumeli fortress with mansions, there will be museums and exhibition spaces in the Hisar, concerts will be held again “, did he declare.


Stating that we are in a building that changes the history of Istanbul, Polat gave the following information about the planning after the restoration works in the statement he gave to the Halil Pasha Tower:

“We are in a medieval structure. Rumeli Fortress was last rebuilt in 1953 by Cahide Tamer. After these years, you are the first to discover this place. When the restoration is complete and the whole Rumeli fortress is uncovered, people may have reached one of the most important traces of the city, along with the earthen ramparts. Unfortunately, it has been closed to access for the past few years as it was heavily damaged and had certain risks. When we took office, we saw these needs of the sector and began restoration quickly. One of the subjects that excites us the most; At the end of the whole process, to ensure that all citizens can climb the bastions because we are talking about something incredible that Istanbulites have not experienced until today. For the first time, Istanbulites will be able to enter strongholds and travel the roads of Hisar.


The towers, named after the 3 pashas who participated in the construction of the Rumeli fortress, will be a cultural and artistic space. Stating that the building, which changed Istanbul’s history, will also provide historical information to visitors, Polat explained the planning for the city’s new cultural acquisition.

Polat said: “The 3 of the 3 towers of the fortress will be visited for the first time. We envision the building in which we find ourselves as a museum space containing information on the conquest of Istanbul. The Saruca Pasha tower will also be reinforced and will become a contemporary art exhibition space. Zağanos Pasha Tower is an open-top tower with very strong acoustics, and acoustic concerts will be held there. The roads of Hisar, on which the fortresses stand, will also be part of all excursion routes.


Stating that while bringing Istanbul’s iconic structures to tourism, it is necessary to plan very well, Polat said they aim to increase tourism gains for the city as well as restoration works. “Istanbul can be visited in 2.5 days today, but it’s a much richer city than that,” Polat said, adding, “Rumeli Hisarı’s contract price is 40 million, but that’s a project that will bring 10 billion times to Turkey’s tourism economy.” Polat continued with the following words;

“We are currently in a building that can be visited in a single day. Tourists who come to Istanbul travel with a short destination. Such a valuable resource should be valued very highly. When we add 1 more day to 2.5 days, tourism revenue will suddenly increase by 40%. Istanbul can be extended to 7-8 days with its richness. Thus, Istanbul’s economy and tourism income can triple. When Rumeli Hisarı alone attracts 1 million visitors per year, it will be reflected in the revenue figures.

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