Many missions at THY and Anadolujet

Appointments have been made at many units of Turkish Airlines and its Anadolujet sub-brand.

Appointment decisions made by the Executive Committee and changes to the organizational structure are as follows:

We share with you below the appointment and organizational change decisions taken by the Executive Committee.

In the organizational structure;

The presidency of regional flights will be replaced by the presidency of Anadolujet,

Creation of the Anadolujet Online Solutions Vice Presidency within the Anadolujet Presidency,

Creation of the Land Operations Agreements Department within the Land Operations Department,

Create the Processing Agreements Department (domestic and station ticket sales) under the Ground Operations Presidency and link it to the Ground Operations Agreements Vice Presidency,

Change of the Assistance Agreements Directorate under the Ground Operations Presidency to the Assistance Agreements (Overseas) Directorate and its transfer to the Ground Operation Agreements Vice Presidency,

Subordinating the Fuel Department and the Special Passenger Lounge Agreements Department reporting to the Ground Operations Department to the Ground Operations Agreements Vice-Presidency,

Anadolujet Online Solutions Management is established and connected to Anadolujet Online Solutions Vice Presidency and personnel directly reporting to Anadolujet Business Development Management are connected to Anadolujet Online Solutions Management Anadolujet,

Creation of the Anadolujet Content Management Department within the Anadolujet Presidency,

Implementation of the Anadolujet Customer Relations Department attached to the Vice President Marketing and Sales of Anadolujet,

Closure of Anadolujet’s Business Development Department and connection of Anadolujet’s Customer Relations Department to Anadolujet’s Customer Relations Department,

Anadolujet’s e-commerce and communications department will become Anadolujet’s communications and advertising department,

Anadolujet Marketing and Sales Management (Sabiha Gökçen) will be changed to Anadolujet Marketing and Sales Management,

Closure of the marketing and sales department of Anadolujet (Anadolu) and subordination of its subordinates to the customer relations department of Anadolujet,

Creation of Anadolujet Tariff Management under the vice-presidency of Anadolujet Revenue Management,

Anadolujet’s Tariff and Network Planning Service is replaced by Anadolujet’s Network Planning Service,

Anadolujet (Overseas) Revenue Management Direction will be changed to Anadolujet (West) Foreign Revenue Management Direction,

Creation of Anadolujet Overseas Revenue Management Directorate (North and East), under the Vice Presidency of Anadolujet Revenue Management,

The direction of Anadolujet Revenue Management (Domestic) will be changed to the direction of Anadolujet Domestic Revenue Management,


With organizational changes and new assignments;

Mr. Appointment of Abdullah Sait ŞENLER as Vice President of Ground Operations Agreements,

Mr. The appointment of Muhammet Emin OKUR as Vice President of Anadolujet Online Solutions,

M. Appointment of Serkan YürüMEZ as Handling Agreements Manager (Overseas),

Mr. Appointment of İpek GÜRBÜZ TOKLİCAN as Processing Agreement Manager (domestic and station ticket sales),

Mr. Appointment of Taner AYAZ as Head of Content Management of Anadolujet,

Mr. Appointment of Süleyman USTA as Head of Customer Relations of Anadolujet,

Mr. Appointment of Barış AKIN as Head of Communication and Publicity of Anadolujet,

Mr. Hakan KARABULUT is appointed Anadolujet tariff manager,

Mr. Appointment of Yeşim ÇETİN as Head of Overseas Revenue Management of Anadolujet (West),

Mr. Appointment of Erkam Mehmed ZEYBEK as Anadolujet Overseas Revenue Management Manager (North and East),

Mr. Nur AKBIYIK ÇETİN is appointed as Head of Domestic Revenue Management of Anadolujet,

Mr. the appointment of Hasan YILDIZ as Director of Air Operations Support,

Mr. Appointment of Ahmet Emre TÜRKOĞLU as Cockpit Planning Manager,


We hope that the organizational changes and new assignments will be beneficial for our incorporation and our colleagues.


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