Match Galatasaray – Yeni Malatyaspor (LIVE)

In the closing game of the 33rd week of Super League, Galatasaray will face Yeni Malatyaspor, the first team to be relegated. Galatasaray, who have no league title, want to beat their rival and write 3 points at home. Malatyaspor will seek 3 points away for prestige.


a‘ The referee of the fight, Mustafa Kürşad Filiz, gave the first whistle, the match started.

8‘ Kerem tried to get away from his opponent with very good control on the left side of the long ball thrown, and tried to put the far corner, but the ball that hit the defense went into the corner.

17‘Kerem Aktürkoğlu took the ball from the free kick, which was won just behind the penalty arc. goalkeeper Abdulsamed took the star player’s shot.

20At Y.Malatyaspor, Mustafa’s long shot hit goalkeeper Muslera’s lap.

32‘ Halil first got away from Rahman Buğra, then from Philip with elegant dribbling and entered the penalty area, hit him with his left foot, aut.

33Hanging behind the Galatasaray defence, Dicko thought of the diagonal right goal, but it was a very ineffective shot.


38‘ In the deep ball from Pulgar, Babel suddenly faced the goalkeeper, he sent the ball to the goal from the side of Abdulsamed, the Dutchman, but Philip touched the ball which went into the goal and made a very critical intervention.

44′ Kerem tried again from the left diagonal at the far post, goalkeeper Abdulsamed didn’t allow the goal.

45‘ Added +1 at the end of the first half.


45+2‘ Dicko saw star player Tetteh stab in his position against keeper Muslera, with Nelsson knocking him off the line at the last moment.

The first half is over.

46‘ The second half has started.


51‘ Kerem returned the ball from the left wing, Halil Dervişoğlu hit the ball in one, goalkeeper Abdulsamed took it out, Berkan hit the bouncing ball, the ball fell in front of Babel and the Dutch footballer sent the ball in the empty goal. Although the assistant referee raised the offside flag first, the goal decision was made after the VAR review!


53‘ Omar crosses from the right, Halil in the penalty area hits a header and clears the net. The score is now 2-0!

59‘ Kerem tried his luck again at the far post on the left wing but couldn’t find the frame.


60‘ Kerem turned inside the left wing, Taylan almost kicked the ball from the bottom of the goal into a suitable position.


64‘ Halil remained on the ground inside the penalty area as Philip intervened, match referee Kürşad Filiz pointed to the penalty spot and then the assistant referee raised the offside flag. After the VAR review, the offside decision was taken from position.

69‘ In the Y.Malatyaspor attack, Nelsson wanted to head the ball away, and the ball fell in front of Dicko. The shot from the experienced striker also hit Omar and landed in goalkeeper Muslera’s lap.

74‘ Kerem saw Cicaldau dodge his opponent and cling behind the defence. When the Romanian footballer lost his position, he turned around, narrowly kicked the ball from side to side.

75The East team felt dangerous, Tetteh put the ball he controlled in the penalty area in front of Dicko, Dicko singled it out, but the ball stayed in Muslera.


77‘ In a long ball thrown to Kerem, the youngster suddenly faced the goalkeeper, but goalkeeper Abdulsamed sensed the danger and controlled the ball.

80‘ Aanholt clung to the left line, Kerem sent the ball deep, Aanholt returned the ball inside from the ground, Berkan kicked in without waiting, but Abdulsamed drew the ball into the corner.

On which channel is the Galatasaray – Yeni Malatyaspor match broadcast, what time is it?

8:30 p.m. at the NEF StadiumThe fight will start in beIN SPORTS HD1It will be broadcast live. Live score tracking and details of the fight that will be handled by Mustafa Kürşad Filiz are at…

Galatasaray – Yeni Malatya 11s…

Galatasaray: Muslera, Elabdellaoui, Nelsson, Marcao, Van Aanholt, Pulgar, Taylan, Berkan, Kerem, Babel, Halil.

New Malatyaspor: Abdulsamed, Hafez, Philip, Campi, Bugra, Azubuike, Donsah, Mustafa, Kenan, Dicko, Tetteh.


Yeni Malatyaspor and Galatasaray have faced each other 9 times in the Super League so far. In the said competitions, the Yellow-Red teams beat their opponents 5 times, and the representative of Malatya left the field 2 times with 3 points. In 2 matches, there was no winner. Yeni Malatyaspor responded to Aslan’s 12 goals in the competition with 6 goals. The fight played in Malatya in the first half of the league ended in a 0-0 draw.


Halil Dervişoğlu, who was included in the Galatasaray staff on loan at the start of the season, and Erick Pulgar, who was included in the half-time squad, returned to the top 11. Finally, during the 28th week of Spor Toto Super League, where the yellow-red team played with İttifak Holding Konyaspor on March 5, Pulgar, who was playing in the top 11, took control again in the top 11 after a hiatus of 4 games . Halil Dervişoğlu, on the other hand, failed to make the top 11 in 6 league matches after the 26th week of the Spor Toto Super League match played against Göztepe on February 21, while Öznur Kablo became another name to reach at top 11 again. against Yeni Malatyaspor.


Galatasaray coach Domenec Torrent did not include Barış Alper Yılmaz and Olimpiu Morutan in the squad for the Yeni Malatyaspor match. On the other hand, Feghouli and Mohamed, who were injured, were other names that did not appear in the squad.


Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatyaspor Technical Director Cihat Arslan changed 2 names against Galatasaray as per the first 11 of the game his team played with GZT Giresunspor in the 32nd week of the league. Arslan assigned Abdulsamed Damlu instead of Ertaç Özbir and Buğra Çağrıran instead of Nshimirimana.

Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatyaspor’s starting 11 against Galatasaray is as follows: Abdulsamed Damlu, Kenan Özer, Awuku, Campi, Hafez, Okechukwu, Buğra Çağrıran, Dicko, Donsah, Mustafa Eskihellaç, Tetteh.

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