Minister husband: one of the most important meetings of the scientific committee will be held on Wednesday (2)

After the governor’s visit, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who performed the midday prayer at the historic Ulu Mosque, met with members of the organization at the provincial chairmanship of the AK Bursa party. After his visit there, Minister Koca visited Bursa Uludağ University (BUÜ) and met with the students of the Faculty of Medicine of the Mete Cengiz Cultural Center.
BUU Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Koca, who spoke after Ahmet Saim Guide’s speech, said that the law which will be implemented to prevent violence in healthcare will be enacted shortly. Stating that with the passage of the bill, those who attempt to inflict violence on healthcare workers will be sent to the detention center, Minister Koca said, “You should have no doubt that the bill that we have prepared in cooperation with our Minister of Justice and adopted by the Justice Committee will be enacted with the support of all parties in Parliament. Therefore, I want to say this: “You know, we doctors do referrals. Psychopaths who dare to cut off the surgeon’s hand, hit the neurologist, and sociopaths who break the rules will be sent to the center immediately. detention by the judiciary,” he said.
Highlighting the difficult aspects of medicine, Minister Koca said, “In the summary of the study, it is said that three professions have lost their dignity in recent years. Architecture, law and medicine. The loss of respect in medicine is not a matter of recent years, says the researcher. There is a main thesis in the study that I find stimulating. “Young doctors”, says this researcher. They entered medicine expecting the prestige and financial possibilities of doctors of older generations. But this projection of the past onto the present leads to disappointment. Although there is some truth in this opinion, I am an idealist on your behalf in all requests. “We know well that the love of doctors and health workers in the hearts of “These people has once again shown itself with all its nobility during the pandemic period. Our colleagues have been applauded in many European countries, but violence has also escalated in the same process. In our case, this increase was seen towards the end of the epidemic,” he said.
Stating that the new legal regulations on malpractice cases have been adopted by the Justice Commission, Minister Koca said:
“You know, for a regulation to become law, it has to pass the Justice Commission first, then Parliament, then be approved by our President and published in the Official Gazette. You have to admit that changing the law n “It’s not like prescribing aspirin to a patient, but a process like surgery. It’s not easy. But you look at the motivating testament, March 14. What is the essence of the fault law The doctor will not pay compensation for problems that may arise from the treatment, unless the medical professional acts intentionally. Of course, it is necessary to think of the case from the patient’s point of view. “State will pay. You won’t need a lot of legal knowledge, which we don’t want on anyway. Of course, I had to improve my legal knowledge. I studied well, but I continue with this minor specialization.
Making assessments on the personal rights of healthcare workers, Minister Koca continued as follows:
“I was at Sakarya Medical College last week. One of our assistants listed many issues fluently and rationally. Finally, he said in a bitter and reproving tone: ‘Mr. Minister, I receive a salary of 10,200 lire. How am I going to get married with this money? Such a sincere realization impressed me. Will this country give the helper 10,000,200 lira? You will probably ask about our preparations in this regard. And I think you will remind me of the date of December 15, 2021. I agree with you, the postponed increase has caused a loss of your vote of confidence in us. Most of our doctors He runs his business by himself. We have an insufficient number of medical secretaries. I know you’re going to come up with a long list of problems. I will listen to better understand your needs. We should deal with crises as part of the working environment. We know that I find the 36-hour shift far from being human. You are witnessing our attempts at a solution “I would like to underline that I wish to limit the working time to a maximum of 24 hours and that we aim to have a fair salary agreement for the teams. Be assured of our efforts. I will work as much as you work until your conditions improve.(DHA)Semih ŞAHİN-Nevruz İLİMDAROĞLU/BURSA, (DHA)DHA-Politics Turkey-Bursa / Head Office Semih ŞAHİN-Nevruz İLIMDAROĞLU
2022-04-18 17:31:22

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