Minister Varank: Total investment amount is TL 28 million

Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and TechnologyIn his speech at the collective opening ceremony held at the Yozgat Governor’s Conference Hall, the late, Central Anatolia Development Agency(ORAN) expressed condolences to Elif Aybike Büyükyılmaz.

Emphasizing that they are working with the ministry and its affiliated institutions for the development of Yozgat, Varank said:

“We are officially inaugurating 13 projects implemented with the support of ARSO Development Agency and Konya Plain Regional Project Development Administration (KOP). The total investment amount of these projects, which involves many areas ranging from education to agriculture, rural development to tourism, reaches TL 28 million. Each of these projects is more important than the other. will serve the youth, women, farmers and the tourism of our city, and will strengthen the economy of Yozgat.

“We are paving the way for increased revenue from tourism”

Varank is one of the projects in question. Yozgat Veterinary Hospital and Animal Exchange ProjectHe said that they have brought a valuable common use facility to the city under the project with a budget of TL 17 million. Varank said that in this way they will ensure that animal diseases are combated more effectively and that livestock trade is carried out under more modern conditions.

Emphasizing that with the project of efficient use of geothermal resources for tourism purposes, they have paved the way for increasing tourism income in Yozgat, Varank said: “Within the framework of this project, which has a budget of almost 4 million lira, we have set up an infrastructure in the districts of Sarıkaya and Sorgun where geothermal water will be collected and distributed.he informed.

Varank said that he invested nearly 2 million lira in 4 vocational high schools under the program of financial support for vocational education, and said that 147 different machines and equipment were provided to these schools through the projects, and 7 vocational training the furniture, metallurgy, machining, IT and food manufacturing workshops have been reinforced.

Wishing all the projects will be beneficial for Turkey and Yozgat, Varank thanked those who contributed to the completion and realization of the works.

Noting that these projects will continue in the future, Varank said: “With the strength we receive from our local stakeholders, together we will realize new projects that will increase Yozgat’s production, exports and employment. Together we will work harder to bring Yozgat to the position he deserves.” he said.

“Most inflation comes from global markets”

Despite the ring of fire around Turkey President Recep Tayyip ErdoganEmphasizing that the country has made progress towards its goals under the leadership of .

Stating that the 11% growth performance recorded last year is the most important proof of Turkey’s claim, Varank recalled that the country ranks first among G-20 and EU countries with this performance.

Noting that this trend continues this year, Varank said:

“Our steadily increasing industrial production, our steadily increasing exports and the momentum we have achieved in terms of employment show that we are continuing on our path where we left off this year. Of course, these good developments do not mean that we ignore the negativities of inflation. Of course, the problem of inflation hurts all of us. But rest assured that this problem is largely caused by the fluctuations of the world markets. Hopefully we will achieve the goals soon of our country for 2023 much faster by getting inflation under control.”

Varank stressed that they would build a “big and strong Turkey” with a new economic model focused on investment, production, employment and exports.

Investment of 18 million lire for the science center

Noting that Yozgat is one of the biggest supporters while heading towards big goals, Varank continued his remarks as follows:

“We, too, have made investments that will increase the possibilities and capabilities of Yozgat so as not to leave this support unrequited. While there was only one ZIO in our province in 2002, we have increased this number to 4 with an investment of 35 million lira.We have implemented the Sorgun İŞGEM and Bozok University Incubation Center projects.We have established the experimental technology workshop in our city to find young people who are interested in science and technology and reveal their abilities.

Varank said they weren’t happy with all of this and went on to say:

“Science and youth are the two important focus areas of the National Technology Move. We continue our efforts to increase the skills of our young people in science and technology. In this sense, I would like to share with you a good news for Yozgat from this podium. TÜBİTAK’s cooperation with Yozgat Municipality We have decided to establish a science center in Yozgat within the framework of the project. Today we will quickly start the establishment of the center where we will unite our young people with science and technology by signing the project “We will open the central campus in Yozgat next year. In these centers, we will train future scientists, engineers and technology entrepreneurs who will contribute to the national technology movement.”

At the opening ceremony, Yozgat Governor Ziya Polat, AK Party Yozgat Deputy Yusuf Başer, MHP Yozgat Deputy İbrahim Ethem Sedef, Yozgat Mayor Celal Köse, Chairman of the KOP Regional Development Administration Mahmut Sami Şahin and Secretary General of ORAN Development Agency Ahmet Emin Kilci delivered speeches.

After the speeches, accompanied by Minister Varank, the President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal and the mayor of Yozgat Köse signed the protocol on the establishment of a science center in the city. Later, Minister Varank and his entourage cut the ribbons and inaugurated 13 projects.

Visit of the Bozok Technopark

Minister Varank visited Bozok Technopark before the opening ceremony. During his visit, the President of TÜBİTAK, Mandal, and the Rector of Bozok University, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadağ accompanied me.

Varank, who received information about the work of the Technopark, reviewed the products developed by the companies operating here.

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