Opening of Sultanbeyli Science and Technology Center

Sultanbeyli Municipalityimplemented by Istanbul Development Agency. Science and Technology Centerwas introduced to the youth department at a ceremony attended by AK Party candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Binali Yıldırım.

Speaking at the opening, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Fatih Kacir explained that they are working together to implement the national technology movement under the guidance and leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Kacir said: “We are making intense efforts to develop essential and indispensable technologies for our independence, at the national and local level, in order to make Turkey a technology pioneer with generations researching, developing and producing with the movement. national technology. We started to achieve the most important results in the defense industry. “We have grown our defense industry to over 65% with a local rate of 20%. Hopefully, we will extend this success to all industrial sectors and bring our country together with a new approach to development,” he said.

Noting that the most important value of this success is human resources, Kacir said, “Here, this center, which we opened with our valuable participants today, will be a very important step in mobilizing this human resource.” . mentioned.

Kacir continued:

“We must make our students, young people and children individuals who dream, research, develop and produce from an early age, in the national technological movement that we can implement with social mobilization from 7 to 70 years old. Online with this goal, we are setting up technology workshops across the country and recruiting talented young people.” We identify and support them in this field. Sultanbeyli is one of the neighborhoods that prioritizes this work in Istanbul. Here is the Science and Technology Center and the Dene -Yap Technology Workshop, which is held again, I hope our young people will enter the period of production and development in this field.”

Turkey’s National Tech Movement

Sultanbeyli Mayor Hüseyin Keskin also wished the Science and Technology Center and the Battal Gazi Youth Center, which they brought to the district with the support of the Development Agency, to be beneficial.

Emphasizing that there can be no question of independence in technology as long as it remains at the consumer level, Keskin said: “When we look at the world, countries that have not taken a step forward in the field of technology have not guaranteed their freedom. With our state, it has become essential to move from a consumer society to a producer society by investing in all areas of technology. Advanced in science, culture and art. The only way to get to a level is to work hard.” made his appreciation.

Expressing that work begins with the dream, Keskin said:

“While creating a civilization for centuries, our ancestors dreamed of it more and more. We always tell our young people to follow their dreams. We undertake to multiply the number of our Scientific and Technological Centers for you and to encourage them. Our innovation If these centres, which aim to be oriented towards research and development, do not attract the attention of you young people, we will have to content ourselves with the signage. It is the old house where science and art meet, where one can produce outside of school time and even hang out at least as long as school time. We have commissioned 35 new schools in 10 years. On the other hand, we continue to work to bring our new schools to our neighborhood. We are equipping our neighborhood by building new libraries and reading houses. We want our young people to consciously benefit from all the opportunities of technology. We want them not to be behind the times. Because we give opportunities to our young people. We believe they will achieve great success when

Expressing that about 8,500 young people will benefit from the science center in 18 months, Keskin invited young people to the science center.

After the speeches, Yıldırım, Kacır and Keskin opened the center.

Science and Technology Center

The Science and Technology Center will enable children and young people to understand technology, adapt to new technologies in a quick and healthy way, and guide them towards science and technology. The center will also pave the way for young people to do technological production.

As part of the project, 45 scientific units and 1 manufacturing workshop will be created. At the same time, a STEM-based and maker-based robotic coding lab and a software and mobile application development lab were established at Sultanbeyli Anatolia Vocational and Technical High School, which is the school of development. implementation of the project.

In this context, short, medium and long-term training will be provided to 8,500 young people in scientific, scientific and technological fields according to their age group for 18 months.

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