Patent License Call 1702 for 2022 1st term open

A call has been made under the Innovation Support Program to ensure that patented technologies developed in universities, research institutes and technology development zones are transferred to industry.

In the 1702 patent-based technology transfer support call, universities, research facilities, technology development zone enterprises, and technology transfer offices are defined as technology provider organizations. The client organization is defined as a capital company established in Turkey, aiming to create economic value by licensing or transferring technologies to which the technology provider organization is entitled and protected by national or international patents. Under the call, joint applications from a client organization and at least one technology provider organization will be accepted.

In this call with code 1702-Patent License-2022-1, the client organization will make a call to the technology provider organization for the acquisition of technologies that meet the conditions specified in the call announcement and that are protected by patents or patents to which the technology provider organization is entitled, by means of licensing or transfer, and to implement these technologies. Expenses and expenses related to the purchase of services will be borne. Purchases of technology assessment services related to patents to be licensed or transferred under the project will be assessed as part of the support.

In the 1702-Patent License-2022-1 call, projects will be supported for a maximum of 60 months. The support rate cap is 60% for large-scale customer organizations and 75% for SMB-scale customer organizations. The rate of support to be applied to the transfer or licensing of patents will be determined according to the following rates for each patent:

  • The base support rate is 25%.
  • In case the client organization is an SME, 15% is added to the support rate.
  • 15% is added to support rates if the Client Organization operates in the high-tech sectors included in the appendix of the call announcement or if the licensed patent includes one of the high-tech IPC classes.
  • If the technology transfer under the project contributes to the objectives in the action areas specified in the appendix of the call announcement under the green agreement, 15% is added to the support rate.
  • 10% is added to the support rate for patents registered with the EPO, JPO, KIPO, CNIPA or USPTO.
  • If the client organization licenses or takes over two or more patents from one or more technology providers, 10% is added to the support rate.
  • For the implementation of patents licensed or transferred under the Project, Client Organization’s service procurement expenses for concept verification, prototype development, and test analysis work and patent-related technology assessment service expenses to be made by Client Organization from Technology Provider Organizations are 75% for SME-scale Client Organizations and 75% for Client Organizations in large scale. A support rate of 60% is applied. The maximum total amount of concept verification, prototype development and test analysis services that can be included in the support is 250,000 TL.

The call schedule is below:

1702-2022-1 Call schedule

Call opening date

February 28, 2022

Pre-registration deadline based on organization

May 25, 2022 at 5:30 PM

Receipt of project applications via PRODİS**

March 7, 2022

Closing date of the call***

June 2, 2022 at 11:59 PM

Filling in missing documents in project requests

As indicated in point 23.2.2., the missing documents to be submitted in the annex of the project proposal must be completed no later than 14 calendar days from the date of the request.


Support start date

July 1, 2022


1. In order to apply, the institution-based pre-registration documents must be submitted to TÜBİTAK. The specified date is the latest date by which the necessary documents should be submitted to TÜBİTAK. Applications that do not reach TÜBİTAK within the deadline of the pre-registration documents will not be processed.

2. Organizations that have already received organization-based pre-registration approval will not re-register on an organization-based basis and submit pre-registration documents.

3. This is the date when the project proposal will start to be sent by PRODİS. Organization-based pre-registration approval is required for submission.

4. This is the deadline for sending PRODİS project proposal.

5. In cases where TÜBİTAK wishes to correct the shortcomings it has identified, this is the maximum time for correction. It refers to the completion time of the revision opened in PRODİS.

You can access documents related to Call 1702-Patent License-2022-1 from the link below.

Click for call announcement

PRODIS reference guide

Project Results Implementation Plan Template
High-tech sectors and IPC classes
Green Consensus Action Areas
Summary table of patents

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