The month of Ramadan and the demons of social networks

Ramadan has arrived, welcome. Our nation, which is experiencing economic difficulties, is helping the poor, students, elderly and newlyweds in its region by increasing its budget. From the soul that gives little, from the thing that gives much…

Ramadan parcels, municipal iftars, iftar invitations from relatives and neighbors evoke the world we aspire to and fight for. The rice in the pot and the soup in the cauldron do not multiply, but sharing multiplies and suffices.

Virtuous attitudes such as cooking in a single cauldron instead of 10 pots, making tables bigger and smaller, reducing unnecessary consumption and avoiding showing off are more on the agenda during Ramadan. The person chasing the goods slows down, looking left and right. The “individual” winds surge; family, friend, neighbour, citizen, in short, “the human” is recalled.

(Our money-making politicians, who can’t hold a spoon, “remember” people too. They line up for impromptu table poses.)


There is an arrogant mob in our country that is allergic to their nation. A group of defeatists saddened by the joy of the nation, rejoicing in their sadness, not sharing their solidarity, trying to undermine our enthusiasm and excitement… These people, who work in private during Ramadan and Eid- al-Adha, descending on people like a demon. These demons, who are free from all sins and weaknesses (!), crack their whips from the top of Mount Qaf and cry out to sinners:

“Fasting is good. I can’t stand it. A reminder to those who will fast:

Lying, doing evil, accepting bribes, accepting a bribe, violence, swearing, cruelty, traffic terror, backbiting, deceit, slander, cheating, all break the fast.

Teachers used to scold students for not listening to the lesson: “I already know these things, I say them for you. Social media demons are also teaching a “lesson” to society. Even if you call yourself a teacher, not a fiqhist, not a theology professor, fasting isn’t fasting (it’s nobody’s business, it may well not do), but it gives fatwas to those who fast.

The other demon sees and increases:

“You can’t get rid of it by eating everything for 11 months and fasting for 1 month.”

Those who fast; You thought you were running away, but the demons are after you.

The other demon enters through the vein:

“We are the world leader in violence, corruption and rape against women, but fortunately we are a fasting Muslim country. (Until you understand…)”

The devil does an endoscopy:

“What a weird thing fasting is, you eat one bite it breaks, you eat the rights of millions and it doesn’t break!!!”

Oh fasters, you don’t have to go to the doctor anymore. Open Facebook, Twitter, they say what’s on your mind. Rights of millions are in your stomach, just so you know. (!)

“Fasting, mother of all evils”

In our country, the cradle of civilization, the Greek Orthodox Church Ayia Efimia congratulates Ramadan and greets its Muslim neighbors, but these demons cannot pass by saying “Happy Ramadan”. On the basis of the authority given to them by “impeccability”, they declare the nation “sinful”.

According to them, the mother of all evil on earth is fasting and fasting. The child waiting in the pita queue, Mehmet struggling in the evening sun, Nuran caring for his old mother at home, parents who have come together for Ramadan, without them he there would be no rape, bribery, trafficking or slave rights… (!) “You take care of these issues. then you fast.”

This approach is the result of the non-recognition of the nation and the alienation of the people. Just as there is “Islamophobia” in the West, there is hostility to the Third World, there are similar “phobias” in Westernist and neo-Tanzamatist circles. If people fast, it’s a crime, if they eat meat in Kurban once a year, it’s still a crime. This approach has no “use” other than to polarize and provoke the nation. Moreover, while judging the faster, he justifies the system that is causing the problems.


Ramadan and fasting are important values ​​of the Turkish nation. Dr. Doğu Perinçek, in his article “The observance of the fast and Genghis Khan and Marx”, describes the observance of the fast very well:

“It is wrong to eat in front of not only a fasting person, but also a hungry person, it is shameful according to our tradition. (…) Both the great imperial culture of our past and the secularism of the revolution of Atatürk include respect for faith and worship. What is respected here is the person himself. Whether one adopts the philosophy of democratic revolutions or workers’ revolutions, both are based on humanism, humanism in Turkish! (…)”

The social problems that fall on those who fast are the problems of all of us. As Dostoyevsky said: “Each of us is responsible for everything and everyone. Corruption, swindling, profiteering, profiteering, making money with money, injustice in the distribution of income, selfishness… A small minority who live by these means, and are declared scapegoats, are our great nation, which suffers most from these problems.


We live our country’s philosophy of coming out of economic difficulties during Ramadan, even if it’s a little. When we have an economic policy of savings, avoidance of waste, joint production and fair sharing, everything is enough for everyone in our country. Everyone has a job, gets vaccinated, poverty disappears, the gap in income distribution decreases. When resources are plentiful, when the distribution is fair, when everyone has a job, violence and killings decrease. Producing, working, sweating… These form and embellish every human being.

Such a world is possible and we will build it together.

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