The pandemic has multiplied the value of this city! There is an escape from Istanbul to this city

Home sales in Turkey increased by 20.6% in March compared to the same month of the previous year and rose to 134 thousand 170. With the sales of 3,336 homes, 2.5% of the total home sales in Turkey took place in Tekirdag, and Tekirdag ranked 8th among the provinces with the highest number of house sales. Istanbul had the highest share in house sales with 23,974 house sales and 17.9%. According to the number of sales, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 12 thousand 609 house sales and 9.4% share, and Izmir with 8 thousand 51 house sales and 6.0% share. Of the 3,336 home sales in Tekirdağ, 850 were first-time sales and 2,486 second-hand sales.


Tekirdağ, which is growing and developing rapidly according to its population ratio, continues to attract people especially since the beginning of warm months, especially in Istanbul. Home sales in Tekirdağ, whose population grew by around half a million in the last quarter, continue to rise as the months go by. Real estate agents, expressing that the real estate market in Tekirdağ is constantly alive, express that there is a big trend from Istanbul to Tekirdağ, especially with and after the pandemic. With the onset of the warmer months, upward fluctuations in housing prices continue in Tekirdağ, where people tend to go. Some citizens dealing with real estate business in the city said that although prices have increased several times, some citizens who are looking for a house worth 500,000 liras can buy up to 1 million, and those who are looking for 1 or 2 million houses can buy 3 million houses.


Real estate agent Mehmet Gül, who gave a statement on the property sales, said, “House sales in Tekirdağ never end. Because there is so much construction in Tekirdağ that houses are springing up everywhere like mushrooms. What’s going on with these growing houses? All are sold. Who in Tekirdag said: “We have problems, there is no house, no sale, no work. We can’t buy a house, we have problems, no one should believe them, that’s my personal opinion. Houses are constantly being sold in Tekirdağ. Even when they don’t come to my shop, 2-3 customers come. Every day I open the shop, I definitely catch 10-15 customers. But we cannot sell all the places we bid on. But we probably have 2-3 sales per month. Among these sales, there are high value sales. Among the customers there are those who say they have 500-600 thousand liras and are going to buy a house worth 1 million. There are those who say they have 1 million money and they are buying 2 million houses. Currently, house sales start at 1 million 200 thousand liras in the newly built area and go up to 3 million. The real estate industry never stops. “People still need it,” he said.


Following his statement, Gül said that around 10,000 title deed applications were filed last month and said, “Oh, there are some things like selling homes, selling title deeds . On this basis, if we look at the figures of TUIK, 3 thousand 336 houses were sold in March. What does it mean? In Tekirdag, 2.5% of houses have been sold. With this ranking, Tekirdağ ranked 8th across Turkey. Istanbul is in the first place. If we look at the distribution of the population of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, they exceed one million, but the other provinces are much more in terms of population. If we make a comparison with these, I think Tekirdağ is in the first place. There is a large flow to Tekirdağ, especially before and after the pandemic. There are people fleeing the pandemic, choosing more isolated settlements and preferring more comfortable places. Tekirdağ is still in first place in the list of those who prefer him,” he said.


The increase of the area where the new metropolitan municipality was established in Tekirdağ reached 100%. In the neighborhood we call Çiftlikönü, we started selling the houses we sold for 400-450, the increase here is now 50%, that is, the places we sold for 400- 450, to the 600 slice. But when we got to Atatürk district, the section we started with 600,000 liras is now sold for 1 million 200,000, 1 million 500,000 and 2 million. Those who called my last 2 phones are retirees. They are looking for a place by the sea, in the coastal part. Kumbağ, Altınova and Barbaros are the best places for citizens to escape from Istanbul.


Noting that people invest in real estate and think ahead, Gül said, “Yes, we say shortages, we say increase, but in the real estate market, people never experience shortages. I think it’s the people who raise those prices and raise those prices. If there is a demand for something, the price goes up. If there is no demand, the price drops. There is supply, there is demand, and prices go up. There is demand, make sure there is no supply right now. The number 3 plus 1 is very few in Tekirdağ right now. Rental houses are almost non-existent in Tekirdağ,” he said.

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