The suspects of the murder at the place of entertainment are before the judge

The trial of 3 defendants, prosecuted for the murder of a person with a firearm during the debate which broke out in the performance hall of Kocaeli, has started. The business owner, who was heard as a witness at the hearing, said: “I heard Birol (the deceased) say, ‘I am going to shoot Muharrem and Zekeriya in the head tonight’ as was talking on video with his cousin.”
The incident happened on August 3, 2021 at an entertainment venue in Izmit district. There was reportedly an argument between a group that went to the entertainment venue and Birol Kibar, one of the business owner’s partners. After the dispute between the two groups turned into an armed fight, Birol Kibar, Zekeriya Ş., Bahadır Y. and Ferdi F. were injured. Birol Kibar lost his life and Muharrem Ş., Zekeriya Ş., Bahadır Y., Ferdi F. and Yusuf C. who were involved in the incident were arrested. While Ferdi F. and Yusuf C. were released after their statements, Muharrem Ş., Zekeriya Ş. and Bahadır Y. were also arrested.
The trial of the defendants has started at the 3rd High Criminal Court in Kocaeli. Detained defendants Zekeriya Ş., Muharrem Ş., Bahadır Y., pending defendants SK, GK, witnesses and Birol Kibar’s family attended the hearing.

“I entered the room through a coded door”
Describing the day of the incident in his defence, detained defendant Zekeriya Ş said, “We went to the entertainment venue with Muharrem and Bahadır on the day of the incident. We had our girlfriends with us. Later, Birol Kibar came to see us. and we sat together. I know Birol through his uncle MK’s son. Birol Kibar offered us sweets and left the table. After Birol Kibar left the table, Ferdi F., the security of the establishment, came to the table and said that Birol had called me. So I went to Birol’s room. Upon entering the room, I entered through a coded door. After entering in the bedroom, the door closed. Birol was talking with his uncle MK’s son on video during this time. I greeted MK and asked him how he was. During this time, I heard a voice of argument from outside, “Why did you lock the door, what are you talking about behind closed doors”. Later, Muharrem Ş.es t came into the room and said to me, ‘We are waiting for you, we have become trees, the girls are waiting for you.’ I said ‘OK’ and went to the door. m” he said.

“Birol cursed us by shooting us and saying ‘I’m going to kill you'”
Zekeriya Ş., who said there was an argument between detained defendant Bahadır Y. and operational security Ferdi F. when he left the room, said: “The person named Ferdi was swearing at Bahadır. Bahadır couldn’t stand it and made a move towards Ferdi. After this incident, Birol shot us and said, “I will kill you. He said ‘you’ and cursed. I saw Bahadır being shot and he fell to the ground. I was surprised to what happened when Birol fired like I desperately grabbed a gun the size of my brother Muharrem and set it up In the meantime Birol fired and hit me Birol also hit me shot as I fell to the ground. As we were leaving, gunshots were heard behind us. After a while the police took us away, things went like this. I have no animosity with anyone, I don’t know why it happened,” he said.

“I just popped my head off and got arrested”
Detained defendant Bahadır Y. also said that Ferdi F. insulted him on the day of the incident, saying, “I realized that Ferdi was insulting me when Zekeriya left the room. I couldn’t stand it and kicked him. and there was a quarrel between us. Zekeriya Ş. grabbed me and he got mad at me saying, “Don’t be too long, don’t be rude.” Meanwhile, Birol Kibar said, “I’m going to kill you all, how can you hit my brother? He pointed his gun at us. He shot at us. As I was trying to run away, I got two fingers under my heart and the bullet came out from behind me. At the same time, I fell to the ground and the gunshots continued but I couldn’t look up I was hurt because I was cursed at the scene It’s just that I gave a head and I was arrested,” he said.

“I’m going to shoot Muharrem and Zekeriya in the head tonight”
As a witness in the hearing, the owner of the dinene company, Mesut K., used the following statements:
“Muharrem called me on the day of the incident and told me they would come and have fun, he made a reservation. At the time of the incident, we were going through Birol Kibar to become partners in my business. We seemed to have become more or less partners. I met Muharrem. I told him that Muharrem had made a reservation and said to him: “I am not well, you can take care of it”. Then I went to the office where the incident happened. After a while, when Birol came to see me, he was very drunk and angry. While I was lying on the couch, he called by video his uncle’s son, MK. I know MK is in prison. cousin MK, Birol said: “I will shoot Muharrem and Zekeriya on the head tonight. Zekeriya always says you are your partner. “He asked her to call him to talk. I said the answer and left the office saying I couldn’t handle the argument. I didn’t see what happened next. ”

Cousin MK will be heard as a witness
The court adjourned the hearing, deciding to maintain the detention of the defendants and to hear Birol Kibar’s cousin, MK, as a witness.

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