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Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry Lecturer Prof. Dr. Nano-coated surface technology that retains solar energy, which won Figen Kadırgan the Women Energizing Turkey award; If used in space heating, greenhouses and in the food sector, it also has the potential to be used in the defense industry.

Under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife, Emine Erdoğan, the “Academy 2020” prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. It was given to Figen Kadırgan.

Kadırgan’s invention, which received the award for the innovation it brought to green heat technology with the nano-coated surface it developed, has been used in space heating, agriculture and the food sector, while producing green and nature-friendly energy. more affordable.

After establishing the R&D company Selective Technology in 2009 and making the first application for KOSGEB support, Kadırgan, who continues to work at ITU Arıkent, received the international patent in 2011 for the nano-coated surface technology that maintains solar energy with high efficiency.

Selective technology, which gives its name to the company founded by Kadırgan, is an optical nanotechnology applied to metal surfaces.

According to data from the International Energy Agency, 501 tons of gigawatts of heat were obtained in 2020 using this method. This energy, which is obtained only with the rays of the sun, is equivalent to 44 million tons of oil and 141 million tons of carbon dioxide savings.

Areas of use

Just use one of the panels with this technology in exchange for the 3 solar panels needed to heat a house in winter.

This technology, which uses light and solar radiation whatever the air temperature, can also be used for heating greenhouses under the name selective greenhouse. In this way, it is possible to heat the greenhouses without the need for additional costs. Moreover, 1 ton of fruit can be quickly and healthily dried in 26 hours without losing their vitamin and mineral values.

Thanks to the heat transmission from the product to the metal surface below, the surface temperature remains constant at 19 degrees. This feature makes surface objects invisible to thermal cameras, paving the way for the product to be used in the defense industry.

“Our country is in a privileged position to efficiently obtain heat from the sun”

Kadırgan, who briefed the AA correspondent on his work, said, “This technology is green heat. There is a lot of talk about green energy and green transformation in our country, and there is more emphasis on generating electricity from solar energy. However, our country is in a very lucky position in terms of efficiently obtaining heat from the sun,” he said.

Kadırgan, who defines their work as “Using connections and theories between light and heat and obtaining heat independent of outside temperature when there is sunshine”, continued:

“We can use them for drying purposes in agriculture, for example to dry food at 60 degrees without losing its enzymes, to heat greenhouses and for industries that use heat up to 200 degrees in the industry. In our calculations, the energy efficiency is not very high in newly built skyscrapers. If some of them are covered with selective surfaces, these buildings can be heated in winter and cooled in summer. This material can be used, it is an optical material.”

“Optical application of heat-retaining surfaces”

Drawing attention to the importance of cost in power generation, Kadırgan said they have managed to reduce the cost of the materials they use and said they are waiting for support for widespread use.

Kadırgan concluded his remarks as follows:

“We first started with KOSGEB in Istanbul Technical University, we built a prototype with this support. Later, we established a pilot plant with the support of TUBITAK and family. I am waiting for a support because I think it is a very beneficial material for Turkey. It was used in a swimming pool in Konya, it was used in agriculture.” Farmers liked it very much because fast drying is extremely important. The application of this in the defense industry is also important because the surfaces that are not captured by thermal cameras. This technology has already come from the defense industry. I think buildings equipped with such green energy will be much more beneficial.

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