Bülent Parlak, editor of İzdiham magazine, has passed away.

Bülent Parlak, founder and editor-in-chief of the cultural, artistic and literary magazine “Izdiham”, has died following a heart attack. Bülent Parlak’s death deeply saddened his family, loved ones and the magazine’s readers.

Bülent Parlak’s funeral prayer will be held tomorrow (April 20, 2022, Wednesday) after the noon prayer at Üsküdar Yeni Valide Sultan Mosque and he will be buried at Karacaahmet Cemetery.

Who is Bulent Parlak? Why did Bulent Parlak die? How old was he?


Bülent Parlak’s last Twitter posts before his death were moving. He shared his brilliant and meaningful words: “Life begins with birth because there is a concept of time; it ends with death. Every place and everything where there is no time will meet the eternity.”


Izdiham magazine announced the death of Bülent Parlak saying “Inna Lillahi and İnna İleyhi Raciun”.


Communications director Fahrettin Altun told Bülent Parlak: “I learned with sadness the news of the death of the editor-in-chief of Izdiham magazine, writer and poet Bülent Parlak. I wish God’s mercy on him, my condolences to his family and loved ones. Condolences to our literary community.” shared it.

AK Party Group Vice President Cahit Özkan said, “It’s a story that if I told you, we would take permission halfway…” We wish God’s mercy to the founder and editor in head of “İzdiham” magazine, writer and poet Bülent Parlak, and patience and condolences to his grieving family and fans. May his place be in heaven and his rank high.”

Chairman of the Istanbul Branch of the Turkish Writers Union (TYB), Mahmut Bıyıklı, has issued a message of condolence for the death of Izdiham magazine editor Şair Bülent Parlak. In his condolence message, Bıyıklı made the following statements:

”We are deeply saddened by the loss of the poet Bülent Parlak, who rendered precious services to our literary world with the magazines he published and the books he published, following a heart attack. Through his publishing, which he produced with his brilliant personal efforts, he took the hand of many young people and led them into the literary world. He published the first books of many literature enthusiasts and published his first products in his magazine. Without the support of any holding company behind it, it kept Izdiham Magazine afloat for many years and reached thousands of genuine readers. Despite his young age, he managed to leave a mark in Turkish poetry. I wish God’s mercy to our dear friend, with whom we participated in many activities of the Writers’ Union of Turkey.

May his soul rest in peace and his place in heaven. Condolences to his family and readers.

As Kanal7 Media Group, we wish God’s mercy to the late Bülent Parlak, our condolences and patience to his fans.


He was born in Malatya as the last child in a family of eight children. The poet has four older brothers and three older sisters. Her father was the head of the Malatya branch of the workers’ union. He worked in politics for many years, first in the Communist Party of Turkey and then in the Republican People’s Party. The poet told his father at the age of 6; He lost his mother at the age of 19.

Bright attended primary, secondary and secondary school in Konak town in Malatya. The poet’s village is a city where about seven thousand people live, and everyone is related to each other. He graduated from the faculty of communication at Istanbul University and studied there for a year. During those years, he worked in the advertising department of a newspaper where he did an internship. The poet, who finished first in the schools he attended, had to leave the Faculty of Communication due to financial shortcomings. In the following years, he sat for the university exam again and won the faculty of education at Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University. But since he is married and has a child, it was very difficult to work in Istanbul and travel to Samsun. His student life at the Faculty of Education lasted 7 years and he graduated. After graduating from school, he made various attempts such as buying a hotel, operating a furniture store, and opening a classroom, but he did not successful in these jobs.

He started writing poetry in elementary school. After graduating from college, Parlak did not enjoy poetry, but years later, with encouragement and rebuke from his elementary school teacher, he started writing poetry again. He sent his poem, which he scribbled on an invoice, to the Dergah newspaper. Supported by Mustafa Kutlu, the poet’s first poem and more than one poem he has written since 2005 have been published in Dergah.

In 2007, Parlak opened a literary portal with the address izdiham.com. This portal, where texts, literary articles, stories and essays from Turkish and world literature were published, later turned into a magazine. The poet is the founder and editor of the culture-art-literature magazine called Izdiham. Izdiham magazine has been in print since 2008, “We are all of an age to die.”, “There is no subscription activity in the event of an apocalypse.” It began to be printed with many notable slogans such as The magazine, which is highly praised for its content and layout, is among the most read magazines with its original covers. On the cover of the first issue of the magazine, “Living is harmful to health”. is writing. The covers and content of the next issues contain very interesting and captivating subjects. Izdiham Publishing has given many young people the opportunity to publish their stories, essays and poems, and in this regard, it has undertaken the mission of a school of literature. The young pens, who published their first book with Izdiham editions, published their pen products thanks to the magazine and had the opportunity to collect them in a book.

In 2010, the poet collected his poems, which he had hitherto published in Dergah, in his poetry book titled Dear Huzursuzüzüm. He published his essay book titled The Invention of Solitude, which he wrote in 2012, dedicated to his father, Ricakeş in 2014, and his poetry collections titled It’s Too Late for Everything in 2018.


The International Media Information Association (UMED) released a message of condolence for Parlak’s death.

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