Kerem Aktürkoğlu lyrics by Domenec Torrent in Galatasaray


As the Yellow-Red People beat Yeni Malatyaspor 2-0 at Nef Stadium, Domenec Torrent spoke about the dialogue he had with Kerem Aktürkoğlu after the game.

Noting that they played poorly in the first half but made up for it in the second half, Torrent said: “The first half was a disappointment. It was not an acceptable game and I told my players that. They were smart players, they could understand that immediately. We started the second half strong and showed the game we wanted.” mentioned.

Speaking about his dialogue with the star of the team, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, the Spanish coach said: “Kerem Aktürkoğlu plays every game and takes care of him. I asked him how he felt. Just like in Las Vegas, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. Things like that happen from time to time, it’s part of football. I said: ‘Calm down, you played very well, keep that in mind .'” used expressions.


Domenec Torrent said: “The first half and the second half were very different games. The game we played in the first half was the worst among the games I’ve played so far. We had a chance to improve at half time but we played the opposite of what we wanted to play in that period We knew such a thing could happen because we talked during the week Why this game is so important. The thing that is constantly on TV and in the newspaper, it’s like the season is over for Galatasaray after the Fenerbahce game. If I’m in the club, I always remembered that we have to try to win the remaining 6 games for Galatasaray, for the fans. Like El Classico from Turkey, I said what could happen after such a great game that we can see. I know how difficult it is to mentally change that, we’re playing with the last of the league. Before the game they asked why the 6 young players you played in the Dinamo Kyiv game are not First of all we are Galatasaray, we have to play with the best, he constantly expelled 5 outfield players. I have to go. I am definitely a teacher who trusts young people. If I continue next season, players who will definitely start working with the A team during the summer period. I included 7 players at Flamengo, Barcelona already have this mentality. But I have to say it again, the media saw this match as if it were not important. It was an important game for me. All week I’ve been talking to the players and trying to get them to focus on the game, we couldn’t do that in the first half. We played badly because we didn’t play in position. Everyone acted on their own. When you don’t have the ball, you can’t defend quickly and you can’t get the ball back. Because you don’t know where it is. Today this team created more problems than Fenerbahce. As a teacher, of course, I cannot accept such a thing. In the second half we used the wings, played positionally and took many chances. As I have said many times before, the problem with our team is that we need several positions to score 2 goals. We are one of the teams with the most positions, but we are very inefficient. Before me and after me. But in the second half, we played a lot more in position, we put more pressure, we played our wings correctly. That’s how the goals and the opportunities emerged.”



Asked about Kerem Aktürkoğlu’s conversation with him when he left the game, Torrent said: “There is no problem. He is a player who tries hard to play every Sunday, every weekend. -ends. We thought he would play around 70 minutes because of his injury. He played a little more, but there can be misunderstandings between players sometimes, it’s related. I told him to calm down, I told him he had a good second half. He’s an amazing player and an amazing person. All players want to do everything they can, of course they want to score goals themselves. Their heart rate beats at 200. Sometimes those kinds of conversations can happen between them. It doesn’t matter. They’re teammates, things that happen on the pitch can be solved in 5 minutes when you go to the locker room. I said that’s it. It’s a very important part of the game that we won. Sometimes it’s something that can happen to training, in games. . It’s not a big deal,” he replied.



Torrent said that no matter who is elected president, he will first congratulate the elected, “They think it’s our fault with the situation we are facing here, they have the right to do what they We have a contract for another one I saw the opportunity to review our academy I was really happy with the way they were playing We wanted to see the youngsters play with the A team, we saw it The other day they asked me if you had any concerns,” I said I didn’t. Turkish football world champions They passed, European champions passed, we saw that they were not prosecuted. If prestigious coaches who have won many big trophies leave after 3 months, that is a question that Turkish football should ask, there are many examples of this in the world, they need time to create a different style, I have no worries, I know my job. Despite the things we hope for, we don’t think about it. In the end, if we manage to score more points, from then on the decision and the discretion belong to the outsiders. The reason why we came here is clear, we have an idea to focus on these. There are people who don’t even know how we work. There are people who don’t know how the players are doing, whether they are improving or not. I will congratulate whoever is elected president, I have nothing more to say than that. I can’t control what happens in the future. I work 12 hours a day at the establishment, I really have a clear conscience. If nobody understands, it’s a different year, a different situation happened, what we found coming, what can change in 9 months Sometimes you may have good players, but when you want play in the profile you want, you may need another player. “If they don’t take all this into account, I have nothing to say.”



When asked why Morutan and Barış Alper Yılmaz weren’t included in the squad, Torrent said: “I don’t understand asking Morutan specifically. There are questions about players who aren’t included in the squad. constantly. You saw the Dynamo Kyiv match. I live every day with what I see on the pitch, what I see in training. Morutan also Barış and Kaan also train. I have nothing to say it again in training. But I can feel it there, are they fit or not? training too. I said it before, I have to leave out 5 players in every game, it’s not not easy. They all deserve to play. Not tactically or otherwise I can convince them, of course they will all want to play. Let’s say Barış or Morutan played. They played in the starting XI, especially Morutan. After this point , we do not ask that Emre has not played again, for example Morutan. he was eating alone in Florya the other day, the communication with him can be difficult. it doesn’t happen in Everybody wants to help him because he’s a very good boy in addition to being a professional. I heard some very absurd things, like we left Morutan alone, without taking care of him. I answered all these questions, I have no problem with anyone. Especially young players. The tougher they are, the more we are there for them,” he said.



Expressing that he trusts the youngsters a lot, the experienced coach said: “I like them a lot. They will definitely be in the A team with us in the next pre-season episode. It’s not because they are young than they are. among the best. It is not their age that counts for me, but their performance,” he concluded.

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