Kılıçdaroğlu read the conversation between Erdoğan and Bilal Erdoğan

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu came to power saying that pensioners were suffering financial difficulties.

The titles of the statement by the leader of the CHP, who spoke at the meeting of his party’s group in Parliament, are as follows:

* I explained that the Erdogan family created a company in the Isle of Man, and that there was an exchange of millions of dollars with this company. Erdogan, the pro-media opposed it. “Fake” they said. They took it to court, the case was opened. They saw that the judges here were honest, honest judges, and then they changed those judges. They brought the judges of the palace to their places. These judges ordered him to pay compensation.

* We continued our objection. They also changed the chairman and deputies of the 4th legal department. Then we came to the Supreme Court. There are conscientious and honest judges on the Supreme Court, and they have made their decisions. “There is no detection of the falsification of these documents” said.

‘To avoid paying taxes to his own country…’

* Why would Erdogan and his family do this, set up a £1 business in tax havens? Millions of dollars come and go. To avoid paying taxes to his own country. Pensioners, workers, civil servants pay taxes by buying bread. Those who do not pay five cents in taxes are those close to the Erdogan family.

* I said that so do what is necessary, my brother. Erdogan will publish the list of tax havens. He does not publish. Why? The groom brings money outside. His son brings money from abroad, his brother from abroad. Who dares to do this? drug lords. Erdogan is behind them. He will file a complaint again.

“I’ll take the tape to court”

* These are Burak Erdogan, Mustafa Erdogan, Ziya Ilgen ‘DRINK’ they set up a company on the Isle of Man. That’s where the money comes from. I read you the conversation between Erdogan and Bilal Erdogan. Bilal Erdogan, “Yesterday, Sıtkı Ayhan came. After that, he couldn’t complete the transfer process properly, there was $10 million or something, and it’s all been accumulated until now…” said. Tayyip Erdogan interrupts his son “Don’t take it, don’t buy it” said. Bilal Erdogan, ‘I won’t take it’ said. Tayyip Erdoğan, “Everything he promised us, let him deliver. Others bring it, why not him? said. Bilal Erdogan, “Okay daddy” said.

* I will bring this tape to court. Can people who steal from the state become president? Can a man who eats have the right to become president?

‘We have proven it, what are you going to do now?’

* “If you prove it, I will leave the presidency” mentioned. We have proven it, what are you going to do now? They will make 50 blankets. Pool media writes. Whatever they write. Erdogan does not know me, if I say anything else, I will certainly say it after having his document in my hand. to the nation, “I will leave the presidency” you said. So do your thing.

* I have been the subject of unfair criticism due to rising fuel prices. You drive up the price of electricity, natural gas, fuel, and when the municipality lifts 40% of those increases, you’re going to explode. I have a hard time understanding this power. It was you who made the increase, which mayor would like to increase? They call it hypocrisy!

“They can’t bring democracy”

* Journalist İbrahim Haskoloğlu. He was taken from his home at 11:00 p.m. They had made a statement. “There will be no night raids” saying. They can not. They cannot bring democracy. It is we who will bring this, it is the alliance of the people.

‘Do not be discouraged’

* A young university student was first arrested and then imprisoned for tweeting. Alp Emec. Do not be discouraged, you are in prison today, but tomorrow you will tell your children about your fight for democracy with this example. Don’t be discouraged, I kiss your eyes. All the brilliant people in this country are behind you.

“Pensioners can’t earn a living”

*Those who live the greatest drama, the pensioners cannot get along. His grandchildren and children will come during the party. With the signature of our group so that they can at least give their grandchildren a comfortable pocket money. ‘Let’s give retirees a holiday bonus equal to the net minimum wage’ it was submitted to the General Assembly. Waiting for the General Assembly. The bonus that will be granted to you will be the net of the minimum wage. You’ll get one-thousandth of what you gave the gang of five.

* There is another person living in the palace who has a bit of a conscience. Mr. Bulent Arinc. If you don’t believe me, listen to Arinc.

* Hunger limit is 4 thousand 928 lira, minimum wage is 4 thousand 253 lira. It won’t happen, but the palace is in a different time. Saray and company are busy filling their pockets. He does not think of the pensioner or the minimum wage.

“Why do we have to take care of 3.8 million Syrians?

* I would like to mention the Syrian refugees. One morning, ‘We will go to the Umayyad Mosque in 24 hours and pray. they made a statement. They said that, after a while they realized that 3 million Syrians had come to Turkey. Do you look at this administration, the understanding of the state? Those who set a goal will leave in 24 hours. on the contrary, 3 million 800,000 Syrians arrive in Turkey. They want to go to more developed countries.

* The Europeans sat at the table with us. “Keep them in your lands. Give us money, you check ’em” they said. “Dollar” They gave up and signed the readmission agreement. 3 million 800,000 Syrians are currently in prison in Turkey. They can’t go anywhere. In accordance with the readmission agreement, they are sent back to Turkey. What state in the world is governed this way? Why do we have to take care of 3 million 800,000 Syrians?

* He made a statement yesterday. “Even if we were alone…” said. You left. Has Mr. Kemal signed the readmission agreement? “I will pray in the Umayyad Mosque” Did Mr. Kemal say it? It was you. It was Mr. Kemal who opposed it. “We will do our best for the return of our Syrian brothers” said. What type of spine is it? How to turn 180 degrees? It shows how right we are. This shows that the party that best takes the pulse of the people is the CHP.

“His job is to take pictures with the barons”

* Bahçeli also rotated 180 degrees. He also made a statement. “We have to think about our demography and our future” saying. Good morning. All will go to the party and then they will come. The person who will bring them is Süleyman Soylu. The person responsible for this work is the person you are supporting. It was he who turned our borders into a transit inn. This person has nothing to do with refugees. He spends all his time taking pictures with the drug lords. The Minister of the Interior is already in force.

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