Last minute… Minister Bilgin announced the amount of the retirement bonus and the date of payment


Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, responded to very important issues on Turkey’s agenda. Responding to questions from the NTV live broadcast, Bilgin said the amount of bonus to be given to retirees is 1100 TL and it will be credited to their accounts on April 28-29. Stating that there are no studies on AET, Bilgin said raising the minimum wage is not on the agenda.

He said 3,600 additional indicator studies are ongoing and will be enacted during this year.

Minister Bilgin’s statements are as follows:

We do not have a holiday bonus increase on our agenda. Payments will be made on April 28 and 29. The cost of the two vacations is around 25 billion lira. 1100 lire will be paid to pensioners. The payment amount can always be assessed. Maybe there are things our president can put on the agenda. There is no increase in the current agenda. Nothing adjusted for inflation. The increase in scale causes events that will reduce the inflationary spiral. While the goal of eliminating inflation is on the world’s agenda, I do not find it correct to say that there is a danger of hyperinflation.



We don’t have a plan to raise the minimum wage in July. It has increased historically. We have a disability income equal to minimum wage in all wage types. It happened this year. Minimum wage debate after 3 months, if you argue after 6 months you will argue after 1 month. Fortunately, Turkey runs its program under control. Turkey will succeed. Turkey is developing thanks to exports. Turkey is developing based on industrial production. Turkey’s growth rests on solid foundations in real terms. We must carry out our economic program. We have obtained very important collective agreements. We gave a 31 percent difference to public employees. We pursue the economic program with social foundations.


We will complete our final work for 3600 additional indicators in May, present it to our President, it will be discussed and debated, the next step is the Assembly. We will complete it during this year, I can say that whenever we put it into practice according to the work order of the Assembly, it will be out of the Assembly at the end of this year. 4 branches of service are essential, but we will also include certain groups in this perimeter in order to strengthen social justice in certain status groups. The 4 groups are the main ones, they have a status next to them. Lawyers working in the public sector, for example, their indicators are 3000. There are similar groups. 3000 depending on their status, we will give 3600 to teachers. The provincial director of national education is 3600. No, that needs to be changed. We have to change the provincial mufti. If we give 3600 to religious leaders, we have to differentiate with the mufti. We must preserve the sense of justice.


The additional indicator 3600 does not impress employees very much. This is very much reflected in their retirement positions, it is also reflected in their pensions. Annual costs of up to 25 billion lira can be found. It is not correct to pronounce it in advance. I would like to point out that this has significant costs.


We sometimes have these discussions in Parliament. It is natural for politicians to make these statements. It is not on our agenda at the moment.


There are payments made by the state for some 8,300 drugs. We are one of the countries in the world where such large payments are made. There are SMAs, anti-cancer drugs. These drugs are imported. We pay them. There are groups that exploit this problem. They go to families, families are desperate. Those who are exposed to this disease knock on all doors. What are they doing, they say there is medicine, 150,000, there is stem cell treatment. The government does not care about their money. We see if it is approved by the medical authorities. We also pay for very expensive medicines. Because of the abusers, they take drugs, they don’t help, maybe they lose their lives. Among those who do, there is a group of networks such as doctors and health professionals. There are lawyers. I want people to be sensitive to this issue. We provide all scientifically proven support to our patients.



In July, during the evaluation of the salary increase, it will be possible to give the difference in social protection and the share of the balance in addition to the difference in inflation.

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