The woman who made the first harvest of asparagus in Antalya, the farmer began to sell to European countries.Asparagus trip from 2.5 to 250 decares

Aslı Aksoy, a graduate of Business Administration Department of Middle East Technical University (METU), quit her job in marketing and sales departments and started asparagus production 7 years ago. As the largest asparagus producer in Antalya, the farmer who made her first harvest of 140 decares from an area of ​​210 decares has started selling to European countries.
Stating that her biggest dream is to unite women’s labor with the soil, Aslı Aksoy said, “I have always dreamed of creating a production model by getting closer to the soil and incorporating women’s labor into the business. . One day, when I met Asparagus, I said, ‘Can I really take a step towards my dreams?’ “Currently, we produce fresh and local asparagus in our 250 decares of production areas.”
Noting that she works with women who know the soil very well, Aslı Aksoy said: “A good education is essential to be a farmer. Because agricultural production includes lifestyle, work and passion. Good jobs can be done when a team of experiences and backgrounds, where you can develop ideas that will add serious value, come together. For this, I work with women who know the field very well.

Production of asparagus from 2.5 decares to 250 decares
Explaining the long journey of asparagus production, Aksoy said:
“In 2015, I started a small farming in Muğla with 2.5 decares and then 20 decares. I reached the production area of ​​40 acres. I have always grown asparagus. When the results here were successful, I proceeded by increasing the number of decares. We have rented 210 decares of land in Antalya. We planted an area of ​​140 decares in 2020, and planted in an area of ​​70 decares in 2021. I produce asparagus in a total area of ​​250 decares.

Strong export potential
Highlighting that asparagus is a wonderful vegetable in terms of health, Aksoy said, “There was a gap in terms of consumption and gastronomy in our country. On the other hand, we are very close to Europe, the biggest consumption center, and it has export potential. When called for a production model that we can integrate into the labor-intensive global value chain, asparagus was a great vegetable that answered these questions. I started this business with asparagus,” he said.

500,600 kilos of products harvested per decare
Aksoy also mentioned the detailed production steps they completed and conveyed their goals. Grower Aksoy, stating that the development of seedlings from seed is a 3-month process, said: “It is planted in well-prepared soil in the spring. There is no harvesting the first two years. We planted aksuda in an area of ​​210 decares. It has been maintained for two years, and there is no harvest. In the spring of our 3rd year this year, 140 Our short year of harvest in an area of decare. Our expectation is to achieve a harvest of 500,600 kilograms per decare”. The harvest will be less this year. When the product is harvested in the 4th year, we aim to harvest over a ton per decare for 10 years. Asparagus has such a gradual production pattern,” he said.

Shipping to European countries
Noting that asparagus is a newly recognized vegetable in Turkey, Aslı Aksoy said, “As its production increases, its availability increases in that direction. There is a 35% increase in consumption every year. We try to do our planting quickly. We direct half of our production to the domestic market. The other half of our shipments to Germany, Berlin, Munich and Singapore have started. We expect the land release price to be around 3.5 euros.

“Let’s protect our land, let’s produce friends”
Aksoy, who also gave the message, “Let’s produce with the right planning”, is my word to young people, “Let’s produce, my friends”. Let’s protect our land and continue to produce by adding your energy and your desire. Asparagus is a value-added product. It is the right product in terms of opportunities for our country and foreign market. With proper planning, we can produce values ​​in our fertile lands.

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