Türk Telekom 81 Cities Staff Recruitment Application Screen

Türk Telekom introduced the application screen for the recruitment of personnel in different professions to the access of candidates. Türk Telekom has announced that it will recruit staff in 22 different titles to be employed within its organization, according to the announcement it posted with applications from 81 cities.

Türk Telekom Staff Recruitment Titles

Digital Channel Management Specialist Assistant,

Data Science Specialists,

Staff specialized in IFRS consolidation and reporting,

VM infrastructure resource planning specialist staff,

Staff specialized in decision support in financial marketing,

Mobile Digital Marketing Product and Carrier Application Management Staff,

Senior IP Systems Specialist Staff,

Staff specialized in fixed billing operations,

IVR network and voice response system specialist staff,

Personnel specializing in media and content applications,

Senior CRM solution test management specialist,

Assistant specialized staff of international systems,

CRM and order management technical analyst staff,

SOC analyst staff,

Senior specialist staff in security solutions,

Senior Penetration Testing Specialist Staff,

Value Added Services Specialist and Senior Specialized Staff,

Senior specialist staff in application development,

Staff specialized in fraud solutions,

Senior specialist staff in process and transformation management,

Staff specialized in agile management,

Personnel specialized in the management of the lines of the company,

Türk Telekom Staff Recruitment Title Teaching Conditions

For the Assistant Digital Channel Management Specialist; Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Administration,

For the data scientist; Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, GIS, Engineering (Computer Science, Mathematics, Industry, Commerce),

For the IFRS consolidation and reporting specialist; Trade, economics, economics, statistics,

For the VM infrastructure resource planning specialist; Engineering,

For the recruitment of a decision support specialist in financial marketing; Industrial Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences,

For the purchase of Mobile Digital Marketing and Operator Applications Product Management; Engineering,

For the Senior IP Systems Specialist; Electronics-Electronics, Communication, Computer Engineering,

For the purchase of a Fixed Billing Operations Specialist; Graduated in Computer Engineering or similar faculties of 4 years,

For the specialist of IVR network and voice response system; Faculty of Engineering or Economics and Administrative Sciences,

For the specialist in multimedia and content applications; Computer engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, Electronic and communication engineering,
For the senior CRM solution test management specialist; Computer Science, Electrical -Electronics, Industrial, Mathematical Engineering,

For the recruitment of Assistant International Systems Specialists; Electro-electronics, Communication Engineering,

For the recruitment of CRM IT technical analysts and order management; Computer Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Industrial Engineering,

For the recruitment of SOC analysts; Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Forensic Computer Engineering,

For the recruitment of senior expert personnel in security solutions; IT, Electrical-Electronics etc. Engineering,

For the recruitment of expert staff in senior penetration testing; computer engineering etc engineering,

For the Value Added Services Specialist/Senior Specialist; Graduate of at least 4 years of undergraduate university faculties,

For the senior application development specialist; Computer Engineering, Software Engineering,

For the fraud solutions specialist; Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic and Communications Engineering or Computer Engineering,

For the Senior Process and Transformation Management Specialist; Graduated from the faculties of engineering,

For the agile management specialist; Computer engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, Electronic and communication engineering,

For the recruitment of Business Lines Management Specialist; engineering faculties,

Türk Telekom application deadline and application form

Candidates who wish to apply for the Türk Telekom Personnel Recruitment position should submit their application in April and May. Applicants can apply by logging in through Türk Telekom Career page.

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