Various matters are discussed at the General Assembly of the Assembly

Current speeches continue to be delivered at the General Assembly of the Assembly.

Turkish Republican Party MP from Nicosia, Devrim Barçın delivered a speech on “The TRNC Integration Protocol in 2022 signed between TRNC and TR”.

Barçın said that it was said yesterday that all ministers will be present at the general assembly, but there are no ministers at the general assembly.

Barçın congratulated those who contributed to the April 23 events held today.

Pointing out that the person appointed to the Provident Fund by the Council of Ministers is in debt and this is against the law, Barçın said he hopes this warning will be heeded.

Barçın, who argued that the protocol negotiations “were irrelevant” and had turned into a structure that is an indicator of economic imposition, also said that the statement “signatures are made but we are not doing not what is necessary” is also not true.

Recalling that they still do not know the contents of the protocol and that no text has reached them, he said that his hospital, which is included in the two-leg protocols as a grant and a loan, has been included in the protocol for 3 years and that it is not bound by a commitment in the TRNC.

Barçın, arguing that no steps have been taken to make road tenders in Turkey, read the information on the finance ministry’s page about it and criticized it saying that broken promises have been done.

Barçın said it was clear that the government could not provide the balance of income and expenditure.

Barçın, who argued that the policies of the Republic of Turkey had melted 61% of the money in the pockets of the people of the TRNC, and that this should be held responsible, listed the factors that caused this loss as well as the depreciation of the TL and the disruption caused by government economic policies.

Barçın, who suggested that authorities obtain information on monetary policy, also criticized Turkey’s Vice President Oktay for his rhetoric.


Dursun Oğuz, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, took the floor and said that it was wrong to consider Oktay as the second man of the Turkish Republic, as the AK party, and said that the whole world was struggling with inflation.

Stating that the loans and grants included in the protocol are for the development of the TRNC, what has not been done as well as what has been done should not be ignored, Oğuz gave examples of what the TRNC does couldn’t do about the roads.

Stating that defense expenditures are only paid by the TRNC until the budget is passed, Oğuz said that it is normal to experience disruptions and delays, and that it is useless to say: “If you can’t do it, we will” for the RTCN, which is unable to make repairs.

Stressing the importance of using resources in the right place at the right time, Oğuz stressed that economic protocols are important for the country, adding that they do not deny that the government could not do its part due to a series of confusion and a lack of political will.

Oğuz said he did not know why the protocol did not reach the deputies.

Barçın spoke again, arguing that Turkey had invested, but because the right negotiations had not been carried out, they kept it above the TRNC like a political stick.

Arguing that they have been saying for months that it is necessary to talk to Turkey for currency-protected deposit accounts and that millions of people have fled to Turkey due to the lack of a solution, Barçın said: “Turkey is taking advantage of my money, has anyone made an account of it? Was it negotiated to compensate for this loss? He asked.


Afterwards, Turkish Republican Party MP Lefke Salahi Şahiner gave an updated speech on “issues that should concern the prime minister.”

Şahiner, giving an update on the fisherman’s shelter, said that the fisherman’s shelter in Yedidalga is in a difficult situation and the roads in the Lefke region also need to be repaired, and different problems such as the courts , hospitals and CMS in the Lefke area were never on the agenda due to the intensity.

Asking why, criticizing the use of license plates assigned to ministries and not the use of civil plates, Şahiner noted that the rumors that the cost of living is around 13% are not true.

Şahiner criticized this, arguing that they constantly receive complaints about solar permits, that the units concerned grant high mw permits to certain people, and said that the issue of the sale of the land, which was obtained with a 10% permit in the Kyrenia area, is also an issue that needs to be investigated.

Stating that the domestic water producer has become unable to benefit from the water fund, Şahiner said that municipal contribution shares are deliberately kept low, which puts municipalities in a difficult situation.

Stating that e-government projects can be done with our own resources, Şahiner said that the companies commissioned by the Republic of Turkey (TÜRKSAT) have not made any progress for 10 years, and it is time to have a review of the incentives granted to tourism. and education.

Asking, “How many people have you promised but you can’t make the necessary appointments?” Şahiner said there are great losses due to pesticides that cannot be manufactured in forest land.

Defending that there is an embargo against CTP in BRTK, Şahiner gave examples of the problems encountered in different areas, especially in the citrus sector.

Şahiner criticized this, arguing that banks also provide home loans.

Responding to UBP MP Ziya Öztürkler’s question on “How is the perspective of the Lefke region towards foreign students”, Şahiner said that most of the investments made with the granting of rare loans were not interrupted and that no feedback has been provided, and that the view of the inhabitants of the region towards foreign students is positive.

UBP MP Sadık Gardiyanoğlu also explained why e-government projects cannot be halted and noted that it is not right to blame someone else when they are not. there is no law on e-government.

Şahiner also said the method should be changed if the commitments are not met and argued that the companies coming for the software are not well intentioned. Şahiner also said that they had heard that government officials had been buying rosaries worth 35,000 TL as gifts for some time.


Oğuz, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said that the claim that 35,000 TL of prayer beads were purchased and distributed fell in the press, that this is information that needs to be confirmed and that no one know of such a thing.

Oğuz noted that there is no problem in the Yedidalga fishermen’s refuge, that work on the Lefke road is continuing, that aerial spraying in the forests has been suspended for 2 years and that the facilities available to the Forestry Department are not sufficient.

Oğuz said that the citrus issues have been resolved one after another, the work on marketing is continuing, and the decision on customs employees was signed today.


Kyrenia People’s Party MP Jale R. Rogers also gave a contemporary speech on “Higher Education and Human Trafficking”.

Rogers noted that education and tourism are constantly said to be the driving force in the country, but state support and inspections are as important as the efforts of universities.

Arguing that the decrease in human trafficking in the world during the pandemic period has not been seen in the country, and claiming that human trafficking in the country has caused a loss of prestige, Rogers explained that the calls coming to the whistleblower line were made by people who entered the country as a student and fell into the hands of the wrong people.

Rogers said no human trafficking lawsuits were filed and no one was prosecuted, and he wondered why.

Emphasizing that current police forces should also be trained on this issue, Rogers said that human trafficking is reported annually as being widespread in the country, and whether or not penalties are regulated or not applied in this regard will lead to different criminal problems over the years. weather.

Rogers, who wanted to know what YODAK was doing in this regard and what type of communication there was between the police and the department, asked if there was a study on agencies that bring in foreigners.

Criticizing the lack of an official website where foreigners can get information about the country, Rogers said that if the online application opportunity is offered, these agencies will not be needed, at least figuring out how they will work will solve a number of problems.


National Education Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that there are 19 YÖK accredited universities.

Criticizing that there are different information on YODAK’s page, Çavuşoğlu said that there are active and passive students in universities, and the speeches given here are used by competitors, so universities are used for human trafficking.

Stating that words used indiscriminately cannot serve the country and that the ministry is working hard to resolve all issues, Çavuşoğlu reminded that any wrongdoing will harm all branches of higher education.

Çavuşoğlu said that all students were admitted under the examination and accreditation rules, “We have to be better with YODAK”.

Explaining that there is a new administration in YODAK, they hope that the authorities and responsibilities will be used to the maximum in the coming days with better dialogue, Çavuşoğlu said that the ministry has done its part in the issue of drug trafficking. human beings and that the criteria for admission to foreign registration are higher than those of YÖK.

Çavuşoğlu said that they are also working on the agencies and active and passive tracking of students should be done by YODAK and the police.


Rogers noted that they took the podium to solve the country’s problems, that human trafficking was already at the center of his speech and that he did not give a speech that would harm the country.

Rogers said he was also happy to hear action was being taken for agencies.

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